11 Tips to Get More Followers on Twitter

I hope Nowadays everyone of us use twitter. We can hardly see anyone who doesn’t want more twitter followers. Actually the reason behind why we need more followers on twitter is we can expand our exposure and influence. In this post I have tried explaining about the Effective Tips to attract more followers on twitter. It would be great if you Implement  these  necessary steps in your work to attract more followers on twitter.
I heard most of the people saying that if we follow more people in turn they will follow you back. But now “follow you and follow me method” has worn out. If you follow more people in bulk then it will look like a spam and you will loose your creditability and finally you will not get any fruitful result. Lets say for example you are following 200 people and you find no one among that 200 is following you back.  Now your second step will be adding again more following list . So in this case only following numbers will increase and not the followers. Remember one thing if some people want to follow you they will also look at the people whom you follow. If they find your following list consists of junk people then they will think it is not worthy to follow you and will leave you. So always try to add real people who are interested in your niche and add you back. In addition do not even try to buy followers as the followers who you buy will not be a targeted one and it will be worthless.

Tips to attract more followers on twitter

1) Twitter Presence Visibility

Always Link to your twitter account from all your social network profiles such as Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, your website or your blog  and also your Email Signatures. Make sure that you have created a hyperlink from all the above said Social Networks. So that your friends in other network can easily follow you through your Twitter Link. It sounds meaningful Isn’t?

2) Make Sure To Show Your Face

You should definitely make sure that you have uploaded a real photo of yours  in your twitter profile. Most of then will never follow a profile which does not have user’s photo in it. Because they will think that the user might be a spammer.

3) Make an Interesting Bio of Yourself

If you urge to get more followers on twitter then do not leave this blank. Because every potential followers will look at your Bio to check your area of expertise. Make sure you use Eye catching Tagline and fill out all the necessary fields including your city name so that you will get maximum exposure.

4) Try to Use an Custom About Page

If you have a blog create an About Page on your blog and try to link it to your twitter profile. Because Twitter Bio allows only limited characters so that you cannot add more characters above 160.So Make sure to link about page from your blog or website to your twitter account. Hence all people who visits your blog can connect with you in Twitter and also people who follow you on twitter can have a clear Idea about you and your services.

5) Try to share Killer content

Another great way to get more twitter followers is that you should try to share valuable content. Try to create a content what people is frequently searching for so that you can get lots of retweets thus it helps you in increasing twitter followers. This  is one of the Effective tips to attract more followers on twitter

6) Post Frequently

Just make a time for yourself and go through many stuffs . Try sharing the important stuffs you have gone through . Remember do not over do it. You can tweet up to 10 to 15 posts a day.

7) Make your Post short so that its easy to retweet

Its only through retweets you will be get noticed by people who do not follow you. So you should make sure your posts are short so that your followers can retweet you. Through that you will be also notified by other people who do not follow you .This is also one of the Effective tips to attract more followers on twitter.

8) Make a practice to reply public

As Twitter is a social Media tool you need to be very social in replying queries too. If you get queries do not reply the follower through personal message. In turn make sure to reply public so that it will be sociable.

9) Try To Retweet others

If you really need to increase Twitter Followers then you should try to link more to others. In turn others will link you back. Try posting valuable content which are worth retweeting.

10) Don’t SPAM

If you over promote anything then you will completely look like a spammer and you will not get any new followers. So be careful in promoting the stuffs.

11) Do not use Auto-responder

Auto-responders are always annoying. So do not try to use it.


The above are some of the Effective tips to attract more followers on twitter which I follow to gain more twitter followers. If you have any other ideas please feel free to share through comments.

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