9 Best Apps to Learn Chess Online

Chess originated in India but spread quickly around the world because of the amount of wit it requires. In recent years, the popularity of chess gained momentum after the release of the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. 

The sales of chess boards and chess apps skyrocketed after the popularization of chess by Anya Taylor Joy who played the role of Beth Harmon in the Queen’s Gambit. If you are also crazy about chess but don’t know how to play like a pro, this is the right article for you. Here, you will find the 9 best apps to learn chess online, without anyone’s help.

Top 9 apps to learn chess online

Here is a curated list of the best 9 apps to learn chess online. It is a convenient choice for all types of people. Use your free time and learn how to chisel your chess tactics with these 9 apps.

1. Chess- Play and Learn

Chess Play and Learn is a great app if you want to compete with real players. What’s better than playing with a real person and learning more about chess at the same time?

Just download the app and play a basic game within a time limit set by you. 

For beginners, there are several options. For example, you can play with the computer, compete in puzzles, and participate in chess tournaments as well. 

If you are looking for a free app to start with, this is a great choice for you. 

2. Dr. Wolf (Learn Chess With Dr. Wolf)

Dr. Wolf is a popular choice for people who want to take chess seriously. The app has bite-sized lessons on chess along with the tactics and latest moves. 

The lessons are divided into three levels– beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

The app has an AI feature that plays as your opponent. With AI, you can learn the basics of chess and strategies you can use to defeat your opponents in real time. 

Apart from the lessons on chess, you can also play chess whenever you want on this app. 

3. Chess Tactics and Lessons

If you are looking forward to honing your chess strategies, this is a great option for you. Here, the app teaches various aspects of chess in the form of puzzles and interactive tasks. 

You can learn the latest tactics, openings, endgame, defense, and so on.

Most of the basic features of the app are free of cost. If you want to unlock the premium features, you have to pay around $4 per month or $30 annually. 

This is a great option for those who already know the basics and want to level up their game. 

4. Magnus Trainer- Learn and Train Chess

Magnus Trainer is the official app by the World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen. This is a great app for learning chess from the start. Here, you can learn the foundations of chess, and the various tactics, and strategies as well. The app takes you through the journey from the start and makes you a pro in no time. 

One great thing about this app is that it tracks your performance and gives insights into where you can improve.

Several lessons in this app are free of cost but you can get all the lessons at $7.99 per month or $74.99 per year.

5. Chess Tiger

If you are a slow learner and are more comfortable with learning by doing, Chess Tiger is the right app for you. While playing the game, you will get real-time suggestions related to the threats and the best moves to make.

If you want to see the opponent’s perspective, you can do it as well. You can take notes and strategize your game better with Chess tiger’s suggestions. 

6. Lichess

Lichess is an open and free source for chess players around the world. There are absolutely no ads. Here, you can play live games with your favorite opponents. Even top-rated players use this source to play chess. 

This is an underrated website but popular in the chess world nonetheless. If you are a chess enthusiast, you should try it out at least once. 

7. Chess: Learn and Play Chess

This is another great app that allows you to play and strategize your game at the same time. You can play a game on your own and the app will rate your strategy. 

Later, you can take a look at the best possible moves. Using that, you can significantly improve your game and defeat your opponents. 

8. Real Chess 3D

If you want to take your online chess game to the next and more realistic level, you should try Real Chess 3D and level up your game. Here, you will get a more realistic experience of how to play chess in front of an opponent. 

This is totally free of cost and if you are a total beginner, you can also use some of the free basic video lessons to chisel your chess moves.

9. Social Chess

Social Chess is based on the philosophy that we learn best by playing with our peers. Here, you get the opportunity to play with human opponents. The app matches you with a player randomly and lets you play with them. 

It is possible to see your opponent’s level and their past opponents in the app itself. 

If you are quite busy and can’t take out time to learn new tactics, this is the right place for you.


1. What is the best chess learning app?

Here are some of the best apps for learning chess online-

  • Chess.com
  • Chess Clock
  • ChessKid
  • Dr. Wolf
  • Twitch, etc.

2. Is there an app that teaches chess?

Yes, there are several apps that teach you how to play chess and several classic moves of chess. Some of them are-

  • Dr. Wolf
  • Chess.com
  • ChessKid
  • YouTube
  • Chess Clock

3. What is the strongest chess app?

Here are some of the best apps for learning chess-

  • Chess.com
  • Lichess
  • Chess24
  • Play Magnus 
  • Chess Clock

4. What app do pro chess players use?

One of the apps that pro chess players use is called Play Magnus. It has some of the best collections of pro moves and tactics that will help you defeat your competitor. 

The app lets you play against Magnus Carlsen– the world chess champion, at different ages. 

5. How can I learn chess on my own?

Learning chess is pretty easy if you do the following-

  • Play chess almost daily 
  • Study the intricacies of chess
  • Participate in chess tournaments
  • Learn from your losses and victories. 

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