Top 10 App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools To Get Your App Ranked

There are numerous tools available in the market, Every tool has their unique feature compared to other and providing different pricing and options.

What you need to about App Store Optimization

Here is the list of the Top App Store optimization Tools, ASO is a Mobile App Marketing, It helps to boost your app in Mobile App Store ( Apple, PlayStore, Amazon).

For every company, it is significant, startup, funded or innovative and creative company if they are developing or producing Mobile apps and the mobile game on different platforms. Here ASO will take the crucial role to stand up out of the box. These top ASO tools will help you boot up the ranking in various app stores.

Top 10 App Store Optimization Tools

Discover the best tools for ASO contributed & curated by experts in the field of ASO. We’ve compiled the best ASO tools with a wide variety of use cases.

App Annie

App Annie is an ASO platform, used for App Raking, App Market Intelligent, focused on Mobile Games & Mobile Apps. It provides detailed ranking data, Historical data, Feature placements & universal app store metrics.

  • App Analytic’s for Games & Apps
  • Keyword Tracking
  • App Market data
  • Top Charts
  • Data Available for Android, iOS, Amazon Stores

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower enables companies to dive deep into our data and analytics platforms to gain insights into mobile iOS and Google Play app stores.

  • ASO
  • Sales Metrics
  • Store Intelligence
  • App Intelligence

The Tool

The Tool helps developers & Marketers track everything related to ASO Strategies. SEO & ASO have developed it

  • APP Keywords
  • Top Charts Ranking
  • App rating & Reviews

ASO Desk

ASOdesk provides solutions for App Store Optimization for individual developers, large Companies and ASO experts

  • Keyword Analytic’s
  • Organic Report
  • Keyword Boosting
  • Keyword explorer


The TUNE delivers ASO, Mobile Marketing & performance marketing insights, expert perspective and helpful tips to help you perform at the top of your game & your App.

  • Organic Boost Discovery
  • Ad spending optimization
  • Ad Networdks powerups

Mobile Action

Mobile Action helps mobile marketing teams, developers and founders manage the app store optimization and ad campaigns of their mobile apps in an all-in-one mobile marketing platform.

  • ASO Intelligent
  • App Analytic’s
  • Market Intelligence
  • Keyword Intelligents
  • Recommended Actions


Mobile App Marketing that helps you grow your business.

  • Use Acquisition Suit
  • SDK Sales Suit
  • Free App Analytic’s
  • Product Management Suite

App Rader

ASO Tool for managing and optimizing your apps and mobile games to get more downloads.

  • Data Export
  • App Store optimizer
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis

App Follow

The best way to track app activities in the app-stores. Real-time monitor tool to stay updated with all the changes happening with apps in the app-stores: users’ reviews, versions, rankings, positions in the search result, featuring and more.

  • Slack
  • ASO Tools App reviews

Store Maven

Store Maven — A/B test your app store content. Developers can find the optimal combination of icon, description and screenshots to drive install conversion in the app stores.

  • iOS 11 Preview
  • App Store Testing
  • icon Testing
  • Screen Shot Testing


TheTool is an App Store Optimization tool for everyone to improve visibility and increase downloads. TheTool helps you Boost your Mobile Business.

Mobile Action

Mobile Action is a tool for app marketers to do App Store optimization (ASO) in the App Stores, keyword ranking, competitor analysis. Get up-to-date insights about the market’s most crucial metrics and position your app better with accurate and reliable data using MobileAction.


ASOdesk is an all-in-one solution for mobile marketing including App Store Optimization (ASO), Competitor Insights, App Monitoring, Store Analytics. Get to know how many downloads your app and its competitors will receive from certain keywords using ASOdesk. You can get your site’s Organic Report by ASOdesk.


AppTweak is a powerful App Store Optimization (ASO) Report tool that helps you with all the data and insights you need to increase organic app downloads. Boost your app’s visibility in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store using AppTweak.


Build the strongest app marketing strategy and improve your app visiability and conversion rate in the App Store and Google Play with AppFollow ASO Tools.

App Radar

App Radar is a leading App Store Optimization (ASO) tool to analyze and optimize your apps in one place.

ASO can be a time consuming task without the right tools — that’s why we are here to help! There are many ASO tools available on the market, so user often feel overwhelmed when they have to select the most appropriate tools for their needs. We have collected a big sampling of the best software for ASO tested & reviewed by experts in ASO to try in 2020.

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