Top 10 Mobile App Development Company in India

Mobile app development is currently in demand as the internet world has grown a lot in recent times. Various sectors are integrating mobile apps for various purposes. Whether it is the business sector or education sector, or anything else, many different sectors need mobile apps, so they are searching for a firm to develop apps . 

In India, mobile app development increased a lot due to the advancement in the internet and technologies. Many of us may have a dilemma about choosing the right organization for creating an app as there is an endless list of companies. Hence, we will talk over the top developer firms for creating an app and enlist them so that you can choose the right one. 

Demand Of Mobile Apps Increasing

Revealing 10 Best App Development Companies In India

1. SPEC India

SPEC India is a popular and accomplished app development company in India. They have a high-quality team that is super motivated and delivers excellence. They have collaborated with many MNCs across the world and have created a good reputation in creating app solutions for the business and industrial sectors. 

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Clients: Adani, Colgate, Pepsico, Hitachi, Totsa, etc.  

2. Openxcell

Openxcell is an app development company that has been active for quite some time and has gained a good reputation in the IT sector. Their mobile app development work has been applauded by the industries they serve, and they are growing rapidly to be at the number one spot. 

Establishment: 2008

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

3. Steelkiwi

Steelkiwi is a Pune-based app development firm with expertise in developing outstanding mobile app solutions for different sectors. Primarily they offer business app solutions and also healthcare and remote working IT solutions. 

Clients: Vodafone, AKBANK, Meddy, etc.

Industry Focus: On-demand, Video and voice, ERP, CRM

4. App Emporio

App Emporio is another budding app development firm providing excellent app solutions to different sectors. They have expertise in preparing a wide range of business applications and meet all your requirements. They work on on-demand technology, IoT applications, etc., meeting the requirements of different business models. 

Businesses Serve: Taxi, Transportation, Marketplace and Custom Development

Products: E-delivery, Eber, E-services

5. Mobulous

Mobulous is a well-known app development company that has diversified expertise in various app solutions. The people applaud the performance and solutions, and they have good reviews given by people who have chosen their services. They have been serving multiple industries and sectors, and that is why they are at the top of the list. 

Location: Noida

6. Simform

Simform is one of the notable app development companies that has fulfilled some of the outstanding projects and has gained a good reputation in the market. Their rapid and agile solutions make them stand on this list. 

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Industries Served: Small business startups, Fortune 500, WHO NGOs, etc. 

Noteworthy Clients: Sony Music, RedBull, Hilton, etc.

7. Daffodil Software

Daffodil Software is one of the veterans in the app development field who have done some noteworthy work and projects. They serve medical services, financial services, retail and business app solutions, etc. They have a large team that has expertise in app development and in delivering high-quality works. 

Location And Establishment: Gurgaon; 1999

Noteworthy Customers: Medidoc, Lenskart, Nokia, etc. 

8. Algoworks

Algoworks is a mobile app solutions provider with projects undertaken on business service, retails, education, and other such IT solutions in different sectors. They have tech-stack technologies and a talented team of developers, which names them a reputable name in the app development market. 

Location: Noida

Founding Year: 2006

Serving: Transportation, eCommerce, Healthcare, Gaming, etc. 

9. Space – O Technologies

Space-o technologies is a mobile app development firm serving multiple sectors through its qualified teams of developers. They proudly use technological concepts like AI and ML for providing app solutions. The premium brands like Nike, Ferrari, and Mcafee are their noteworthy customers. 

Establishment Year: 2010

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

10. Cognitive Clouds

Cognitive clouds offer app solutions for MSMEs and have helped many businesses to elevate their business in the internet world. They have also worked with industry giants like Mahindra, Yahoo, Volkswagen, SAP, Aditya Birls, etc. The list goes on and on as they have served many industries with excellent solutions. 

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Founding Year: 2012


The app development trends are increasing day by day, and these mentioned companies are listed on their abilities, expertise, and, most importantly, their passion. The use of technologies and maximizing efficiency are very important, and these are the firms that will have the capability to do that for you. However, there are many more IT firms in India and to shortlist only a few of them is difficult, so no offense to the others. 

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