10 Best Fitness Apps for Android

You can do anything on your android phone nowadays. From playing games to streaming movies, android can be used for any purpose. 

With the increasing fitness trend, many people want to work out but can’t have enough time or money to hit the gym. It’s best for them to work out or maintain their fitness while staying at home on their smartphones.

So, here we have compiled the top 10 best fitness apps to help you manage and achieve fitness goals that will lead you to a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

Best Fitness Apps for Android

1. Google Fit

Google is one of the most used free fitness apps developed by Google.

  • It is free of cost and doesn’t show you any apps purchase and ads.
  • The fitness app uses its sensory technology to record fitness activities.
  • The app tracks your activities like your route, speed, pace, etc.
  • It imports and syncs your data from other fitness apps and shows you real-time data of your biking, walking, and other events.
  • Also, you can set various goals for your calories, speed, and time.
  • The app is best for home workouts. 

2. Strava GPS 

Strava GPS is one of the most amazing apps that keeps records of your workout routines and training.

  • It is a free app with zero ads and provides features like a leaderboard wherein you can challenge other users.
  • It offers you to analyze your workout, map your cycling route, and track your run.
  • It includes a GPS tracker with a premium version to access or discover new routes for cycling or jogging.

3. Adidas Runtastic

Adidas Runtastic is an excellent app for android users and fitness freaks.

  • It is free of cost but contains some ads with in-app purchases.
  • It offers live tracking, voice coaching, and setting running targets.
  • The app uses GPS to track activities like walking, jogging, running, and biking, and after tracking, it provides a detailed graph of your progress.
  • Moreover, you can share your progress on Twitter and Facebook from the app.

4. Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter is a free app that helps you lose weight by keeping track of the calories you have in a day.

  • It has a massive database of foods and global cuisines, so you can add things you eat using the barcode scanner.
  • It has over 350 exercises, food insights, calorie counters, recipe importers, etc.
  • You can set goals and create your own workouts and activities.

5. Runkeeper

Runkeeper has over 50 million users and provides various features free of cost.

  • It calculates your cycling speed, route distance, and calorie burn precisely through GPS.
  • You can create your own workout or follow a training plan with audio coaching.
  • Runkeeper provides widget support so you can track your stats.
  • Users can view a detailed record of their activities.


JEFIT is an award-winning social workout tracking platform that keeps fitness freaks motivated by analyzing their goals and progress.

  • It offers customized workout exercises made for 3,4 and 5-day breaks.
  • It has over 1300 fitness exercises, including the animation of the exercises.
  • This app can even work offline if you sync your data with the cloud.
  • It is also free but with some in-app purchases and ads.

7. Map My Fitness

MapMyFitness is a fitness app where you can map and track your workout and get feedback to enhance your performance.

  • It provides you with audio feedback on GPS-tracked exercises.
  • It has over 600 tracking activities like cycling, walking, running, yoga, cross-training, etc.
  • You can share your route info with others and find your favorite paths or places through its GPS feature.
  • You can count calories, and nutrition, track your weight and plan your diet. Moreover, you can unlock some more helpful features with a premium version.

8. Home Workout

As the name suggests, the app helps you stay fit and build muscles at home without actually hitting the gym. 

  • The workouts are designed by professionals focusing on full-body exercises, legs, abs, and chest exercises.
  • It has over 100 animation guides and videos. Moreover, you can create your workout routine too.
  • Some features also include progress reports, workout reminders, warm-up routines, etc.

9. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club encourages you to reach your fitness goals through expert-designed workouts.

  • The Nike training club offers over 160 workouts centered on endurance, mobility, and strength with three difficulty levels.
  • It has a range of exercises that focus on shoulders, triceps, abs, etc. Moreover, you can track your exercises and record them.
  • You can stream the content onto an Apple TV, HDMI cable, and Chromecast.
  • The app provides its services free of cost with no in-app purchases and ads.

10. Calm

Calm is the best app for mental fitness, like meditation, sleep, and relaxation.

  • The app helps in reducing stress and anxiety, racing thoughts, enhancing sleep quality, and increasing focus.
  • It is recommended by eminent mental health experts, therapists, and psychology professionals.
  • The app offers breathing programs, relaxing music, bedtime stories, and guided meditation to maintain mental fitness.


Smartphones or androids can guide us in many ways to keep us healthy and fit. They provide various free apps for proper guidance and training routines. Android has a wide range of sensors, making the workouts easy and insightful.

Fitness apps on android would help you manage a healthy lifestyle and would help you keep track of your progress.


1. What is the best free fitness apps for android?

  • Nike Training Club
  • Fiit
  • Sweat
  • Nike Run Club
  • Train Fitness, etc.

2. Which fitness app is better?

Here are some of the best fitness apps out there-

  • Future
  • Nike Training Club
  • Sworkit
  • MyFitnessPal, and more.

3. What is the easiest fitness app to use?

Here are our best picks from the easiest fitness apps to choose from-

  • Alo Moves
  • Strava
  • Nike Training Club
  • Sworkit
  • Future, etc.

4. What free fitness app do celebrities use?

Most of the celebrities use paid apps or personal trainers. However, some of them also go for free fitness apps like FitOn or Nike Training Club to reach their fitness goal.

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