11 Amazon Affiliate Website Examples Making Money in a Niche

Looking to create an Amazon affiliate website? Then you need to take a look at these examples of Amazon Affiliate websites. I’ve gathered a total of 10+ websites for you to look at.
A lot of online marketers or people who want to start their own business online look to create an affiliate website. Amazon is usually their first choice.
Check out their themes and what they have in common. Any plugins you may need and what you should be looking for

    1. TheSpruce.com

    2. Thewirecutter.com

    3. Thisiswhyimbroke.com

    4. Toptenreviews.com

    5. Gearpatrol.com

    6. MoneySavingExpert.com

    7. Outdoorgearlab.com

    8. BabyGearLab.com

    9. BestReviews.com

    10. 10Beasts.com

    11. RahulDigital.ORG

    12. RunnerClick.com

What Can You Learn From Amazon Affiliate Site Examples

  • You need proper keyword research. A lot of the above sites have used structures like “Best [Product Name]” or “[Product Name] Review”. But also “Best [Product Category or Niche]”.
  • Make sure you do some in-depth research of your niche before venturing into it.
  • Many sites use a PBN to rank.
  • The “Google Sandbox” is usually around 6 months and you should be patient with your rankings. Remember to build quality links over quantity. 1-5 juice links are way more powerful than 100s of poor quality links. Remember that the Sandbox is not 100%, you can rank faster.
  • Make your affiliate links no-follow.
  • Use an SEO plugin for WordPress so you can do some proper on-page and on-site SEO. Website structure is highly important to rank a site and using a tool takes less effort.
  • Write high-quality content that is around at least 2,000+ words for the reviews. Point out benefits rather than features.
  • Use images and links to Amazon as often as possible, but don’t make it spammy. Remember site structure.
  • Use some sort of interactive Theme for best results.
  • A rank plugin (to give a 1-5 star ranking) can be very useful to create more interaction and build trust.
  • Remember; your reputation in the niche is on the line, don’t mess around with it.

Alternatives to Amazon Affiliates

If you don’t want to use Amazon Affiliates for whatever reason, there are some other reputable affiliate sites you can use on your sites. Here is a quick overview of some:

  1. ClickBank

  2. CJ Affiliate

  3. EBay Enterprise

  4. VigLink

  5. Itunes Affiliate

  6. ShareASale

  7. Rakuten Linkshare

  8. Affiliate Window

  9. Shopify

  10. Finair


We hope you’ve been inspired by these example Amazon affiliate websites. These websites were built carefully and gradually refined into the conversion machines they are today. Don’t be discouraged if your site doesn’t contain long-form articles like some of these sites.
You can find little improvements to make to your own Amazon affiliate website today – and then continue to improve your site until your traffic and conversion rates increase.
Please comment below if you’d like to see more articles like this one.

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