50 Best Low-Cost Small Business Ideas For College Students

Who doesn’t love having fun at college? Although it can be hard to enjoy life as a student when you are broke. That is why you need to start implementing business ideas to manage tuition fees and meet your personal needs. The sooner you start working, the sooner you become an independent person and the more extensive your experience grows. You don’t want to depend on your parents` finances after graduating, do you?

Best Small Business ideas for College Students

Students often find it hard to juggle school assignments and part-time jobs. But with good time-management skills and flexible schedule, you can still find a few hours for a job. The few years you spend at the university are perfect to delve into entrepreneurship. While your fellow classmates waste their time clubbing and engaging in meaningless activities, you can make the most of your after-class time with the following 50 business ideas. The good news is that some of the activities won’t cost you a dime while others require only a small amount of capital. So, what are you waiting for?

Small Business Ideas for Students with Little or No Investment

1. Blogging

A blog may not give you instant cash but it is very profitable in the long run. Consider giving insightful information in your blog and mix it up with entertaining content. Once you get a good following, you may start internet marketing by hosting paid ads on your blog. Companies will start searching for you to help them with content including freelancing services such as cheap essays.

2. Tutoring

Are you particularly good in certain subjects? You can teach fellow students who are still struggling with topics like econometrics, statistics, and evolution. You can make a lot of money while still polishing on those subjects, so, it is a win-win situation.

3. YouTube videos

If you spend a lot of time on the internet, you might have come across numerous ads on YouTube videos. You too can get a share of the ad revenue. Create fascinating topics for your audience especially in the games and music fields. With sufficient subscribers, you can start streaming pay-per-view videos and run blog freebies.

4. Video Editing

Most people post amateur videos on the internet these days, but those who want to stand out hire professional video editors to help with sales. So, if you have some video editing skills, consider advertising your expertise online, and you’ll be surprised by the number of clients you get.

5. Event Organizing

There are countless events that happen in colleges like matriculation, award night, and science congress. If you offer your services to organize these events, the school administration would pay you for that. Starting event organizing might be hard at first, but with time you can handle it well and convince sponsors that you are fit for the job. For the first few events, consider giving free services and start charging when you feel that your skills have reached a more professional level.

6. Web Design

Are you a web-savvy designer? You could set up a business by doing other people’s websites. Having a website or blog can increase your credibility and you’ll be able to reach a wide clientele base.

7. Graphic Design

If you are an IT student or majors in art design, you must be good with graphics. One of the start-ups you should consider while still in the university is graphics services. A lot of people in all phases of life are looking for graphic designers. But you must be proactive in advertising your services because there is a lot of competition out there. If you are great at what you do, you might even keep permanent clients who will provide a constant flow of income during your scholar years and beyond.

8. Cleaning Services

Cleaning people’s homes and business premises can help you to earn lots of money. Nowadays, most home and office owners are too busy to clean up their environment. They are looking for competent individuals to do this job so they can focus on more important things in life. By doing their dirty work, you will be making dollars to make your life better.

9. Computers and Mobile Phones Repair

Who doesn’t have a mobile phone in college? In fact, most students have computers and once in a while, these devices stop working. With technical skills in mobile phone and computer hardware, you should be willing to give your repair services to people and generate income.

10. Stand-up Comedy

This is an interesting business idea for a talented college student. Not everyone can make great jokes and if you are gifted in it, you can capitalize on it. People love entertainment, and some can give anything just to have someone cracking their ribs. If you know that you are a great comedian, hosting shows can help you to clear your school fees and pay bills. You might even continue with the business after campus.

11. Artwork

This is one of the thriving hobbies that can give you a lot of money while at campus. You can turn your artistic skills into a campus business. Start selling your paintings, sculptures, and carvings. Occasionally, you may organize exhibitions and invite more people to check your artwork.

12. Academic Writing

To be a freelance writer, you must be good at grammar and have outstanding research skills. This job is all about doing assignments for different clients. They could be your fellow students or clients from online academic writing sites.

13. Selling eBooks

The traditional libraries are slowly losing popularity as people are turning to digital information. eBooks are simply electronic books which are not hard to compose. If you come up with good topics, there is a market ready for your content online. For instance, “How To” topics are known to generate a lot of revenue.

14. Cakes and cookies

This is a perfect business idea especially for students in the catering department. Put your culinary skills to practice and start selling them in your college. If you can bake cakes and cookies, start marketing them at school to get customers. You may also source for special events like weddings to market your business.

15. Fitness Training

The present society tries to uphold a healthy lifestyle. People are looking for good personal trainers to stay motivated without necessarily visiting the gyms. You can start training people on a door-to-door basis. This is the convenience most people seek and they will gladly pay you for saving their time. All you need is a passion for sports plus a fitness training certificate for credibility.

16. Food Delivery

If you are a good chef, why not make prepackaged meals and deliver them to fellow students. Sometimes, the college mess doesn’t always give an opportunity to cook delicious foods. So, if you can cook some delicacies, students will love you for that and will be your best customers.

17. Sewing

Not everyone in college has the luxury to replace torn clothes with new ones. You can make lots of money helping others mend their garments if you are proficient in sewing.

18. Trading currencies online

Forex trading may be a risky business but can be highly rewarding in a favorable economy. You need to have some skills in the exchange market plus great analytical skills. If you don’t know how to do it, check online tutorials on forex trading.

19. Photography and Videography

Particular hobbies and interests are money-making opportunities? Are you good at taking footage? Invest in a good camera and start capturing beautiful moments for other people. They will pay you for this service. You will also enjoy yourself in the process.

20. Online Surveys

By answering online survey questions, you can make lots of money while at school. You have to sign up at a reputable survey site that actually pays.

21. Creating Mobile Apps

If you have programming skills, building mobile apps can be a wonderful source of income. Many businesses and institutions are using apps to customize their online services and improve customer experience. Thus, building and publishing mobile applications is a hot venture today.

22. Social Media Management

If you have a substantial amount of social media expertise, your experience could be of great use to many business executives who are too busy to monitor their social pages. By managing their social media accounts, you will be helping them to attract more prospects and they will pay you in turn.

23. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping requires you to have good accounting skills. You can offer these services to both individuals and companies.

24. Cosmetics business

Campus ladies spend more money on cosmetics than guys do. A business that focuses on college girls does well in college. A wide range of skin care products and hair extensions can boost your income as a student. It is a very competitive business but it pays off.

25. Fashion Accessories

Do you have some cash and don’t know what to do with it? You can start retailing jewelry and other fashion accessories loved by college students, e.g., rings, bling, bangles, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Ladies will be your main customers so you should know how to talk to them.

26. Buying and Selling on eBay

If you really want to make extra money while studying, the internet should be your best friend. eBay allows you to sell your stuff if you sign up and follow their rules. But you must be careful when handling online clients. If you already have the stuff to sell, eBay can help you attract more clients.

27. Selling Sports Events Tickets

You can conveniently combine ticket selling for sports events with your studies. People need tickets to watch live sports such as athletics events, football matches, rugby, boxing, and so on. You will be paid on commission, i.e., your salary depends on how many tickets you sell.

28. Book Club

A book club brings people together to share ideas on various academic works. You don’t need too much capital to start the business but you have to be creative. Consider selling your books at discounts to members and let them be the first clients to get new books. You also will earn income by charging membership fees and from other strategic plans.

29. Beauty Salon

If you have good hairdressing skills, a beauty salon is a great way to explore your entrepreneurial skills. However, this job is time-consuming so you might want to hire assistants. Therefore, excellent time-management skills are critical if you want to succeed in this field of work. Make sure you have completed all assignments during weekdays so your weekends are free.

30. Retailing

Do you want to horn your entrepreneurial skills at college? Think about selling common items like clothes, shoes, belts, books, and so on. This is a flexible job you can successfully incorporate into your academic life. Like the common retailers, you don’t need to rent a shop at the university’s student center. You simply need to hawk your merchandise from one hostel to the other. Retailing is competitive, but you can be assured to get some profits.

31. Micro transport service

Do you have an unused car at home? You can offer transportation services to your fellow students or the neighborhood. While your school authorities may not provide profitable arrangements, fellow students can be your best clients since they are always on the move. Since they know you better than strangers, they will prefer your services to others around the school.

32. Selling airtime and data bundles

Another simple way to make money at college is selling data and call cards for various networks. Most college students need data bundles and airtime regularly. Depending on your geographical location, you can deal with the best telecommunication company and start distributing their call cards. The good side of this venture is that you need no skills and you can do it in any location with people.

33. Babysitting

If you are good with kids, you can offer childcare services to parents in your neighborhood. Parents are always traveling out of town or they need someone to pick up their kids from school when they are locked in traffic jams. Babysitters are in constant demand and you can make a lot of money during the semester by taking care of kids after classes. Though, of course, your payment depends on your experience.

34. Dog Walking

If you are fond of pets, you can start offering dog walking services to pet owners whenever you are free. This is a flexible job you can combine with your studies in order to stay financially stable. The job doesn’t need technical qualifications. All that’s required is a good attitude towards animals, but sometimes having a driving license is a big plus.

35. Grocery Store

A grocery store requires small start-up capital. Also, make sure you have found a strategic place within your university facilities. Then, do market research to find out what the community needs and doesn’t need. You don’t want to stock perishable items that won’t find buyers around. People always need food for survival, so it is indeed a profitable venture.

36. Pet Grooming

As well as in the dog walking service, you must like pets to do this job. Pet owners love to see their animals clean and smelling good, but they don’t always get enough time to do it themselves. As a pet groomer, you will be bathing dogs and cats as well as trimming their hairs.

37. Sports Jersey Customizing

The fan base of major sports team cuts across the entire world. With good business network and graphics skills, you can start selling the customized jersey to fans of various clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal.

38. Virtual Assistance

There are so many professionals who need extra help. If you have good typing and organizational skills and are good at synchronizing emails, you can make a good personal assistance and get paid for it.

39. Selling Perfumes

Students love to smell good. Get perfumes from various designers and move around the students’ hostel to market the products. Be sure to implement a good marketing strategy for your business to thrive.

40. Property Search

This is about finding accommodation for students and other civilians. To do this job, you have to be conversant with the campus community to know where good houses are found as well as different prices. Put your phone number on flyers, school notice boards, and your social media pages to tell as many people as possible about your property finding services.

41. Selling holiday gifts

If you can make cute gift items and post them on a website, they can sell fast during festive seasons like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Think of decorative cupcakes and other creative designs.

42. Barbing Salon

A barbing salon thrives well in a university community. If you normally have spare time during the day, you can be giving nice haircuts to fellow students and the university workers.

43. Moving services

This usually makes an incredible amount of income. By helping students on the go during the fall semester or residents moving into the house, this service can sustain you financially while you are at school. The advantage of being a mover is that you work whenever you want plus you will be getting tips from generous people.

44. Boutique

This is a venture any entrepreneur can manage without stress. But you need enough capital to rent a shop and buy stock. Start supplying different clothing styles, shoes, and fashion accessories from various designers. Trending fashion is especially lucrative in a campus setting.

45. Movie shop

The movie market is extensive and it transcends across people from different cultural backgrounds, race, and religion. Consider selling your movies in both soft and hard copies. You can also include music CDs and DVDs.

46. Landscaping Business

This is a great avenue for generating cash to a college student especially during the holidays. You have to go an extra mile to convince clients that you can deliver excellent lawn care.

47. Ice Block Making

This is a lucrative activity that doesn’t consume much of your time in school. You need a good ice-block-making machine and a sales girl to help with selling.

48. Online Nutritionist

Almost everyone is looking for nutritional tips to stay healthy and escape lifestyle disease. You start selling diet plans for weight loss to people online. These nutritional guides can give you lots of money but you need a powerful marketing campaign.

49. Organizing Webinars

Webinars are web-based seminars. You can organize these online meetings and share ideas on topics that interest people. You will earn income by charging attendance fees.

50. Dance and Music Instructor

This is another job that is based on hobbies. The best part is that you will be doing something you love to make money. There are many students who want to learn how to dance or play certain instruments and if you are good at these, you should be willing to offer your experience at a reasonable fee.
You can graduate from the university without hassling for a job like most graduates do. There are numerous lucrative start-ups that can help you make money as a student. Don’t forget to leverage internet potential as you launch your business.

For your information, most successful companies started out as small start-ups. You never know if you will be the next millionaire in 5 years after graduating. And the best thing about the 50 tip-offs is that you can manage them together with your studies so you don’t have to compromise your school grades. If you put these suggestions into practice, you will not only be able to pay for your education but also acquire other essential things. That way, you won’t have to rely on your parents or the government. Make a strategic move today and launch your venture to set yourself up for success.

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