Affiliate Marketing Made Simple – How to Start & Succeed

Affiliate marketing is one of the main tools in Internet marketing. Its meaning is to promote certain goods or services of other companies and receive a percentage of sales for it. Affiliate marketing provides companies new ways to market their products and increase sales. Companies are willing to pay for this to those who help promote their products. This kind of cooperation is beneficial for the company, whose products are promoted, and for those who contribute to this promotion. In general, this type of cooperation is beneficial to both parties. With the growth of the Internet, it is becoming increasingly relevant, because to produce a product is only half the battle, the main thing is to be able to sell it! Believe me; the authors of this site are well versed in this topic because they earn it.

Affiliate Marketing – How to start and how to succeed

Unlike many other types of business outside the Internet, to start using affiliate marketing, you do not need to have some severe start-up capital. One of the reasons why many people fail to succeed in this type of business is that they do not want to follow anyone proven method and try to do everything at once. If you want to achieve high results in affiliate marketing, you should find and choose the process that is tested and practiced by someone. In this article, we have prepared some tips and recommendations that will help you with this.

Success requires patience

Initially, you need to understand that this kind of business will not bring you millions in one night. Yes, and for this, you need to have the basic knowledge that we will pass on to you in this article. If you are ready for this, then dare, but it is essential to understand that it takes time to master this knowledge in practice. It took us more than a year from the start of the site before the first income from affiliate sales went.

Your audience is more important than the percentage of sales.

Everyone wants to get a high income immediately, but you should not forget that those customers whom you lure to buy affiliate products can potentially become your customers. Your visitors are the source of vitality for your business, so do not pay attention only to a high percentage of sales. However, this idea is most understandable to those who are going to provide services or sell their products without being limited to affiliates.

You need a website

You do not seriously think that you will be able to achieve something if you merely place affiliate links in all social networks? Even if you create a quality group on Facebook or VK with a well-organized structure, you will not have complete control over your business. Your content can be removed at any time for various reasons. That is why you should create your own website, which you yourself will manage, and create your customer base on it. To create a website, we recommend using WordPress, the optimal CMS platform in many respects.

Selection of a market segment

Choosing a field of activity in which you want to work is not an easy task. There is a chance that you choose an area that can not bring you a penny, and as a result, you waste time and effort. You don’t want that. So, before choosing the market segment in which you want to work, you should ask yourself a few questions.
  • Are people looking for content related to this field?
  • Can I somehow solve the problems of my potential customers?
  • How many can other serious companies be found in Google for your search queries? Can you compete with them and make money?
  • Do I understand this area so well to become the best at it?
  • The latter is very important: it is hardly worth starting your own business without the desire to succeed in it, i.e., become the best Success is achieved by those who set one goal – leadership, and continuously think about how to make it.

Study well and love your business.

Some people create websites on topics they don’t have a clue about. But sometimes knowledge is not enough – we are convinced that we need not only to know what you are saying, but also to love it with all our soul. Again, most successful people become so precisely because they live their own business. If you do not wake up every day, thinking about what exciting work you have and do not enjoy everything you do, you are unlikely to achieve serious results. If you recognize yourself in this, we advise you to rethink seriously and, perhaps, change the subject to one that would be more interesting for you. After all, even if you succeed in this field, you will get tired of it sooner or later. For this reason, when choosing a subject for a site, you should consider both its thorough research and your passion for it.

Affiliate Marketing: What to Sell?

If you have already decided on the scope of activities in which you want to do, it’s time to decide what to promote and sell? This is a fundamental question because not everything of sale immediately makes sense. Here are a few questions that you need to answer, and tips that you need to listen to understand what kind of partner products and services you should promote. The finest way to sell a product is to use it yourself. Are you ready to buy it yourself before you start selling it?
  • Does the advertised product fit your content?
  • When advertising other people’s products and companies, do not forget about your reputation. Ask yourself if this product is of high quality and whether it can satisfy the needs of the client.
  • Does the seller/manufacturer of the product you are promoting provide after-sales services?
  • Does the seller’s page look to attract visitors and encourage them to buy goods?
  • Where to find affiliate


This is perhaps the most tedious, but the essential part of the whole process. Both individual companies offer affiliate programs and special networks for finding such programs. Let’s start with the last. Affiliate networks are sites that control affiliate programs of each vendor. On such sites, you can find hundreds of sellers who want to find partners to participate in their programs. Most of them work on the principle of “pay per sale” or “pay per lead.” Some networks, such as Google AdSense, pay for a certain action (pay per action) and some platforms offer coupons code. Here are some popular partner networks: Clickbank, Shareasale, Linkshare and Commission Junction. We should also note an excellent set of resources for searching patterns, plug-ins and tools for designers and much more from the Australian company Envato. Some sellers offer affiliate programs on their website. If you see that someone’s product is being sold on a website, try contacting the seller directly. It is more profitable and more convenient to work this way, but you should only trust trusted and authoritative sellers. You can also explore the sites of your competitors and find affiliate programs for the products they sell. AdSense banners work on the proven principle of contextual advertising. They know well which ads and with which content become more successful. Why not use their example? Post an AdSense unit on your blog and see what kind of ads appear on your pages. Once you determine which pages generate more revenue, you can remove this block from these pages.

Affiliate Marketing – How to start and how to succeed

1. Where to Place Affiliate Links and Banners?

Affiliate banners on the sidebar are placed only for beauty. The banner will give real results only if it is placed inside the container. This is exactly how Google AdSense recommends. Google prefers to place such ads that are truly related to the content so that they blend in harmoniously with the text and are an integral part of your site. But the most important thing is that the product that you are promoting and promoting is closely related to what the text is about. If a visitor spends time reading it, he is very interested in the information provided, and it would be logical to tell him about the product that will interest him. This undoubtedly increases the likelihood of buying it.

2. Use only quality content.

If no information in your content would interest a potential client, such content will not bring you any good. Every article you write carefully provides an opportunity to make a profit, so take it seriously. The text should not just be unique; he should attract the client with valuable information and make him want to buy goods. You have to write selling texts to sell both your products and your partners’ products.

3. Reach targeted traffic

To find out whether your content and affiliate links bring results, you need to attract a certain circle of visitors to your site. Here are few short tips on how to attract the target audience to your site:
  • write guest articles on third-party sites where you can find potential customers;
  • Share your content on social networks;
  • create a free PDF file (for example, a short report) that leads back to your content;
  • work with subscribers via e-mail, notifying them about new articles on the site.

4. Use Fast & Trustworthy Host

If you want to use affiliate marketing on your website successfully, you should not use free hosting or blogger platforms. When choosing a web host, you need to evaluate it regarding business. Will, your site receive quality services and work without interruption? Hardly free hosting can guarantee you this. We already spoke about the disadvantages of free hosting in more detail earlier. Therefore we recommend not to waste time on such a decision and choose a truly worthy hosting company.


Remember, you don’t have to change your business model until you feel sufficiently experienced in using a particular work method. If you follow this opinion, you will succeed. Visitors are not very concerned about how many affiliate links are placed on your site. Your main task is that you should help them in finding a product, providing a convenient opportunity to purchase it by setting the required number of affiliate links in the right places. This will help you achieve success in affiliate marketing. If you have already felt affiliate marketing and are participating in an affiliate program, share your experience with our readers and us.

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