Adsense Money Calculator: Calculate How Much You Can Make

How to calculate Adsense earning? Every new blogger wonder about this question who just got Adsense approved and are searching in search engines about it desperately. But they don’t get to see the apt and satisfying asnwers for the . If you are also new to Adsense and want to know about it, so don’t worry I am all here to help u .here are some tips and explanations of the Adsense in this post including all the necessary information related to your adsense , so Let’s start.

An online advertisement program that is led by Google is  known as Google Adsense . . Most of the people nowadays build their own blog or website to earn money from Google Ads.  This Adsense  can read the texts and displays similar ads to your website what you do search and read the texts of the popular searches that you do or when you visit that. Then the owner of the blog or that website gets money for the displayed ads on thst website for every click. Now a days, making money online is considered probably the most intellectual way of earning money. the web traffic will be higher , if the numbers of visitors are high.That means the more you beautifully you write, the visitors you attract for your website. You just have to write unique and valuable contents to attract more and more visitors to your website. That depends totally on your skills.
Ad impressions: Ad impressions are the ads that are being displayed on your website on your webpages. One single page consists 2-3 or more ad impressions.
CTR : It stands for Click Through Rate. It is an important term in the field of Adsense. It says about the number of ad clicks per 100 individual ad impressions. It is expressed in percentage.
CPM : It stands for Cost Per 1000 Impressions. It is also an important term in the field of adsense.  Because It shows the approximate cost of displaying 1000 ads on a website that decides the estimate earnings.
CPC : It stands for Cost Per Click. Each time a visitor clicks on your ad, you get the revenue for that and you earn for that . CPC is mostly determined by the advertisers.
CPA : It is known as Cost Per Acquisition. We can understand it as the cost divided by the number of acquisitions, an impression, click or form submit.
Google adsense Home Page : it looks like this that we all are aware of.
Estimated Earnings  : to understand the procedure , let us take an example with some digits.
Calculate Adsense Earning
Home Page:
In this page you will can see estimated earnings such as today so far, yesterday, last 7 days, this month and balance. In yesterday field you can see “vs same day last week” small writing, and last 7 days fields another small field let’s you know about the “vs previous 7 days” and also “vs same period last year” is visible at the bottom of this month field.
Adsense Earning
If you scroll down in home page you may see a view more button, just click it to explore more stats. Now you can see classification of different sections like performance, Ad units, sites, countries, bid types platforms and much more. I will explore one by one for your better understanding.
In your performance section, you can see your own day to day performance and estimated earnings. It includes the counts of date, impressions, page views, clicks, impression rpm, page rpm, Active view-able, estimated earnings. The all data shows the page views and clicks that you got in your website although in an organized manner that is very easy to understand though.
Impressions section is used to calculate different values. Let’s discuss in brief.
Page RPM:
This field has a specific meaning, mean “page revenue per thousand impressions”. You can calculate this field as follows.
Page RPM
As an example from the above table we see that on a particular  date, at 28 feb 2019 ,we find page views are 55, impressions 101, clicks 0, page rpm $0.16, impression rpm $0.09 and estimated earnings is $0.01.
How only 1 cent is estimated earning, the formula is very simple just multiply value of page views with page rpm and divide the answer with 1000.
Result = (page rpm x page views) / 1000
Result = (0.16 x 55 ) / 1000
Result = 0.0088
The result will be $0.0088 now according to the rule of rounding of data it will be count as $0.01.
Impression RPM:
The same way as page RPM, we can calculate impression RPM. With the help of the formula given below we can calculate this accurately.
Result = (Impressions x impression RPM) / 1000
Result = (100 x 0.09) / 1000
Result = 0.00909
According to rounding of data the result will be 0.01
CPC Bids:
Cost Per Click (CPC), as the name itself says , it is the cost of a single click on your website. Whenever  a visitor visits your site and visit some pages and also clicks to some ads that has been running on your website. If the visitor clicks to it then they have given a click and Adsense will calculate it as 1 click. Google has given the right of determining the rate of CPC to the advertiser. In other words advertisers can decide how much they want to pay for a single click.

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