How to Get Google Adsense Approval (10 Tips & Tricks)

Getting Google Adsense approval for Blog or Website is a Big Headache for people these days because Google now have changed its Policies for Asian Countries to more strict ones Because People started Fraudulent activities to earn money using Google Adsense Accounts.
I live in Asia, too, and Faced lots of difficulties to get my Adsense account approved for my very first website. But After Understanding the system of Google Adsense it’s not much difficult for me to get Google Adsense Approval for my Websites.

I thought to Share the legitimate way to get Google Adsense Approved on Your Blog or website. It’s Very easy, Bloggers just have to Understand that one cannot get away after doing any kind of Fraudulent activity with Google Adsense Because they have Much Smarter Algorithm to Track all fake clicks. 

People use many Illegal tips & tricks to get Approval from Google Adsense but at the end they lose money and account too. I am going to Share 10 Tips for Getting Approval from Google Adsense. The Method I am going to share is Totally Legal and Working as I have tested it many times.
These are 10 Things You Need to implement on your Website. Actually You need to Modify your Website or Blog According to the TOS of Google Adsense and here are all of those things you need to do to get your Approval from Adsense for your website.

10 Tips And Tricks to Get Google Adsense approved on your Blog

1. Genuine and Quality Content

First Thing first, You need a Quality Website and for that you need Genuine and Quality Content, Whether Textual Content, Images or Videos. Don’t Use Pirated content, don’t embed Videos on your website or Blog, you can Only Embed videos if necessary, few times in your posts, but if you will make a Video site and Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo etc than you are going to be in BIG Problem because according to Google Adsense TOS they do not accept sites with embedded or simply – copied videos.

If you want to make a Website for Sharing Pictures, like some Humor sites than Better don’t go for Adsense. The Logic behind this Point is that Google Adsense needs Quality Content (Preferably in Text) so that their system could detect the keywords of web pages and provide highly related advertisement for better earnings and conversions.
Mostly picture websites do not have text content or we call the content of these kind of websites as Thin Content. If you want to apply for such websites (Picture humor Sites), here are few tips which can help you:

  • Use Keyword Rich Alt Tags in Pictures.
  • Use Highly Related Captions for Images and try to use more text in them.
  • Write At least 50-100 Words text content with each picture to tell the Bots that the Site contains Text Content, note that Content should be unique and not copy Pasted.

If you are Applying for a Blog where you share Text Content like Articles, Tutorials and Guides than Better Write and Publish at least 15-20 Quality Articles before applying for Adsense, Make Sure that those articles are Indexed in Google and other search Engines properly, Use proper Images with Alt Text in posts for better Visibility.

2. Google Analytics and Webmaster Accounts

Your site should be having Quality Content indexed in search engines, Google Preferably. So make sure to create Google Webmaster Tools and Submit Your website to Webmaster tools and Make a Proper Sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster tools and Make sure that you are having Enough Content Indexed before Applying for Google Adsense.

For Tracking the traffic of your Blog and source of that traffic you need to create a Google analytics account, so sign up for one using your Gmail account.

3. Proper Navigation

Google loves user-friendly websites. Your Website should be easy to Navigate, Proper Categories, Menus, etc. The better they look and work more is the Chance to get Adsense approved for your Site.
Think this way…
You visit a site and see poor or even NO Navigation, would you ever visit that site again?
Try to Create Menus, in 70% cases I observed that you should have at least 1 Menu to add the top priority pages of your site which you think that people will want to look for. This way you can put About page, or contact page there, or if you are privacy conscious, you can put Privacy Policy page in that menu to show to the visitors how you protect their privacy.

4. About Us, Contact Us Pages

You own a Website and don’t have an About Us, Privacy Policy and Contact us page? Well, That’s rude, to your visitors and to yourself too. You should have a Contact Us Page so that people could Contact you for any specific reason, like reporting some problem in your website, or offering you Direct advertisement for your site, got it?
Making an About us page and Privacy Policy is a Must thing to get your Google Adsense application Approved. Write at least 300-350 words about yourself or your company, or at least about the goals of Your website or blog (whatever it is). Create a privacy policy page to tell your Visitors that how much you care about their Privacy, how you use cookies on your website and for what purpose you use those cookies (Advertising or Analytics), tell them you care about their Privacy and will never misuse it.
There are dozens of websites to create Content for your Website’s Privacy Policy (obviously Spunned) page but I don’t think that you should Compromise your website’s Image for just 500 Words. Write it Yourself, it will hardly take 20-30 Minutes to write an Awesome Privacy Policy Page for your Website, just check out some websites and their Privacy policy Pages to get an idea how your Website’s Privacy Policy page should look like and Write your own Master-Piece.

5. Proper Footer and Header:

You own a proper Well Functioning website right? Create a Footer and add few widgets to it, Write a Bit about your site in footer and link TOP pages of your websites in footer, like About Us, Contact Us, etc. Proper Header like Company’s Logo, Search bar, Menus etc should be covering Header to make your Website Look better.

6. Remove Ads of other Companies:

This is the Most Important thing you have to do to your website right Before Applying for Google Adsense. If you don’t have Google Adsense on your website than you might be using some other Advertisement for generating revenue for your website, maybe Bidvertiser or Infolinks, just remove all advertisements from your website before applying for Google Adsense.

7. Optimize your Website:

Google Likes Fast loading Websites, site that loads quickly are the sites Google Love. Google also loves Mobile Friendly websites to show advertisements to Mobile Audience. Optimize Your Website for faster loading and Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

8. User Friendly Website:

All the points I explained above are Focusing on Creating a user-friendly website, Obviously Google loves User-friendly websites that’s why they have included all that in their TOS. Observe other websites and try to judge your own website, is it looking all good? Will it Work Better? Will User love Your Site? You will get your Answer.
Well when I have Covered all on page factors, here are other factors you should keep in mind while Applying for Adsense.

9. Provide Proper Information (While Applying):

While Applying for Google Adsense, Filling the form, keep these things in Mind for getting your Application approved. Make sure the person whose payee name you are entering in the form is having a National Identity card as it is the same person who would be able to receive money only (I guess now you can change it), your Main focus should be Providing perfect Information in the form.
Now this Point affects a lot on overall image of your website and Application, Try to enter Address which is easy, Like starting with House number, Street Address, Block, Area, Postal Code, City, etc. If you don’t have proper Address you can Apply from your friend’s address. Be sure to fill right Address because it’s the address where they will send you verification PIN via mail.

10. Branded Email Address:

While Applying Make sure to enter your Branded email address, just like [email protected]. It increases the chance of getting your application approved by Google Adsense. Some people try without it and get success but they own the Most Perfect websites and Blogs, if you own one of the BEST, go and try it.

Extra TIP:

Remove Any kind of visible Traffic counter from your website, remove any kind of back-links you are giving to other websites (bad ones) this will reduce the risk for getting rejected. If your application gets rejected than don’t panic, add some more Awesome Content and apply after at least 2 weeks. Good Luck from my side for getting Adsense Approved for your Website, If you get into any problem or want to ask anything you are not able to understand, Just feel free to throw a Comment, I’ll try my best to solve your Problem.

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