Yoola YouTube MCN

Yoola, an official YouTube multi-channel network that offers YouTube channels growth, monetization protection and FinTech solutions.

Yoola helps YouTube creators in different ways: 

  1. Building detailed strategy, data-driven YouTube SEO optimization and music library solutions, monetization boost via managing ads timing tool.
  2. Unfair monetization restrictions and copyright strikes appeal. Content protection of being stolen with Content ID .
  3. Global market expanse by localizing and adapting content to new audiences, as well as by licensing the content.
  4. Musicians and producers can get a full-fledged release of the tracks to all existing digital platforms like iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, and 190+ more.
  5. Detailed easy-to-understand reports from all the platforms are available. 
  6. FinTech solutions, crypto payments, multiple payment methods for the creators and businesses. 

Since its inception Yoola has worked with remarkable YouTubers: Like Nastya(102M subscribers), Slivki Show(20.1M subscribers), World of Tanks(346K subscribers), Sublimator(2.36M subscribers), Dimash Qudaibergen(2.1M subscribers) and many more. Yoola has a large and varied portfolio with more than 3000 creators onboard. 

Yoola analyzed the Indian market and provides a business-savvy perspective on how to approach YouTube in terms of enhancing revenue and formulating growth strategy.

Some of the difficulties that YouTube Creators faces are:

1. Restrictions on unfair monetization

2. Only one AdSense payment option; no cryptocurrency

3. The channel isn’t growing

4. Localization of the channel and gaining new audience

5. Desire to get the Content ID

To counter these problems, Yoola has a set of solutions for YouTube creators. Yoola’s data ensures that the channels’ earnings are growing by 20% to 135% annually. The team were analyzing mistakes channels made and helped creators to find new growth opportunities. For the 10 years Yoola operated, more than 5000 copyright strikes were overturned, 7500+ videos had their green monetization symbols restored. Every year more than 20000 chat questions are resolved by the support team.

Apart from monetization, the company also provides an audit, and Q&A consultation builds a strategy or manages a channel on a subscription basis.

For more details, visit: yoola.com

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