How to Write Blog: 8 Short, Easy Steps to Start a Blog!

How to write blog: A very first question for all of them who are starters in this field. Well if you don’t know how to write a blog or you don’t how to work with it, I’m here gonna show you some simple and cool steps through which you can do this very easily.
Now you’ve probably heard about this that paramount blogging is the key success of your marketing.
First of all, keep this in mind – If you’re serious about marketing or further want to do monetization, then you have to take each and every single step very carefully and consistently.
I guess! I said hard words, Haha! but yeah its truth writing a good blog is sometimes fun when you know some important things.
And also if you’re making this blog for Google Adsense then my friend you need to care about all the things which I’m going to tell you because Google Adsense is leading company from which you can generate maximum revenue.

Now Read Below Steps to write blog

Step 1: Make sure what kind of your audience is

Before you’re on your way to write blog, you should have a clear understanding of your target audience. What do they actually want to know about?
For Example, if your readers are looking to start their own business or suppose they are milliners, you probably don’t need to provide them with information about getting started in social network because most of them already had their own.

Step 2: Choose a topic with a working title

Before you even do start writing you need to choose a well-defined topic for your blog which should be working, like fashion, food, tech etc whatever you wanted to choose but it must be working on the internet because if you choose a title which is not working enough then there must be a problem for you. Not working titles are always going to make your blog at the bottom.
One thing to keep in mind that doesn’t change your titles when you start to write blog, it’ll reduce your popularity on the internet and also among the people who are your daily readers.
following things you must not do once you are all set:

  • Changing the topic again and again.
  • Not to choose a non-working title.

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Step 3: Write an intro

An intro is an important thing which we all should know and also more to care about because an introduction to your readers make them feel good with your coming content.
Reader’s attention should be a great thing to catch. If your reader feels good with your content then its sure that it will be coming to your blog again and again.
If you lose the reader in the first few paragraphs, they will stop reading even before they’ve given your post a fair shake.
For catching their attention you can make some jokes, tell them a story, tell them with ease so that they can read properly what actually you will be going to tell them.

Step 4: Organize your content in a proper format

Sometimes blogs are having an overwhelming amount of info for the readers. The trick is to not to write too long paragraph or making stories just write what is relevant for readers because sometimes your reader doesn’t have enough time to read all the content whether it’s good or bad so just make sure that write a relevant amount of content and arrange according to proper order, keep things in a right place.
To complete this step just bold your main lines in paragraph make sure they are highlighted properly and also say thanks in the end to all your visitors.

Step 6: Use attractive Images

Most of the blogs are very much attractive you may have seen Why?
Because of their attractive images, Images play an important role in making your posts attractive as well making your blog looks beautiful and much more attractive to your users.
Just make sure that you use proper image set on your website, Say no to pornography as well because they throw a negative impact on your readers regarding you as well your personality.
Also, when you’re telling your views or some kind of guide to your readers then screenshots can help them understanding much faster.
Maintaining this consistency makes your content looks more professional, and makes it easier on the eyes.

Step 7: Add a Subscription Box

If you want every post goes to every reader when it’s published whether or not they are visiting you for some reason. Then you must add a subscription box to your site because it will help you to make newsletters and send to them through daily updates.

Step 8: Optimise your site pages with on-page SEO

Now When it comes to optimizing your pages, SEO is something called Search engine optimization which you all should care about. SEO can help you in improving your blog’s rankings as well as in making your post at the top when someone searches it for.
SEO is very important for your blog and also for your image on the internet, Trillion amount of content is available on the internet what makes your content different from others? It might be sometimes same but SEO can help you in that case.
In Last I would recommend you to make your content as much unique as possible. Well, that’s all for starting up your blog Thanks and don’t forget to subscribe us… for future posts.
Well, that’s all for How to write blog.Thanks and don’t forget to subscribe us… for future posts.

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