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As a blogger, we are very eager to know someone else’s website traffic to estimate their popularity and reputation by looking at their traffic stats, apart from this we are even curious to know their organic traffic to evaluate ourselves with them.
It’s a human tendency which makes us curious on other people’s information.
When it comes web site traffic information, only the administrators know exact stats of his traffic through Google analytics or other analytics software he is using.
As of now there is no such tool available which gives us accurate traffic information about our competitors, but we can roughly estimate their traffic using some tools.
Today I am going to share some of the tools which are available online to estimate their traffic, do remember these tools will not provide you accurate results.

Free Website Analysis and Traffic Estimator Tool

1. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is the only tool which gives traffic information about our desired website based on various parameters, we can check its accuracy by entering our own URL to crosscheck the results it displays.
It started its service for finding similar sites related to our niche, later on people are started using this service to estimate the traffic.
SimilarWeb provides information in percentage about how much traffic is coming from social media, referrals, display ads, Email list and organic traffic, it even provides information about visits per month, time on site, pageviews and bounce rate.
The best thing about this tool is it provides in-depth information about who are those referral sites sending traffic to that website and where people are going from that site.
It even provides information about organic keywords that are sending search engine traffic to that site and in percentage it tells about the social media platforms traffic information.
One drawback with this site is it only provides information about well-established sites and the sites which older than six months if you want to check about new sites information then we have to choose another tool.

2. Semrush

SEMrush is the best tool to know the site traffic information particularly for organic traffic, this tool provides limited information if you are using it for free, we can register with SEMrush for Free to get additional 10 reports per day.
We can see top organic keywords which are sending traffic to that site and their keyword position, search volume, the keyword trend in search engines and those keywords CPC.
Most of the professional bloggers are using this tool to estimate and evaluate the competitor’s information from traffic to keyword rankings.
The only drawback with this tool is we can’t see new websites information and it provides limited functionality to the free users, I wrote an in-depth article about SEMrush review read that article to get the complete details.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is getting very popular these days, we can do complete analysis about our competitors like organic traffic, backlinks, top pages, social signals, top ranking keywords and their positions.
This tool is mainly used to find out the backlinks, but we can use this tool to find out our competitors organic traffic and their keywords.
Ahrefs is continuously upgrading its features day by day, I am using this service from last six months my day will not end without using this tool.
To check your competitors traffic just open the Ahrefs website>  Position explorer and enter the URL of your desired website.
It gives top ranking keywords, their position, search volume, article URL,  and traffic.
For Example, here I checked ShoutMeLoud website information in positions explorer.
check out the screenshot about the results.
The only drawback with this tool is it only provides information about US and UK traffic and it is a premium tool, so a free user will get limited information.

4. Alexa

I think everybody knows about this service and everyone is concerned about their Alexa rank, it monitors all the websites around the world and ranks websites comparing their traffic.
Alexa is known for its traffic estimation, paid membership will give us a lot more flexibility to get traffic estimation of our competitors.
Webmasters and advertisers prefer Alexa ranking to estimate traffic and its popularity.
Free service of Alexa gives information about World rank and local country ranking.
It even tells us organic keywords, linking sites, visitors analysis and the countries information where that site is getting traffic.

5. Quantcast

Quantcast is one of the popular websites to estimate the traffic of our competitors, I never used it before but to write this article I tested so many websites in this tool but I didn’t get information about them finally I received information about Labnol website by Amit Agarwal.
As per my research about this tool we get only Quantcast rank and unique visitors information for popular websites only.
Here is the screenshot of Quantcast results for Labnol website

6. Compete

Compete interface is very user-friendly and gives information about unique visitors in the US, they use ISP’s data to retrieve the traffic information, they even have their own toolbar and other sources to get accurate data.
Free users only get unique visitor’s information of last month only, if we want to get more data then we have to choose premium service to get the data.
Most webmasters are preferring this service to get the accurate data for US traffic.


I hope this Website traffic estimator tools will help you to find your desired websites traffic stats, as I said before these tools data is not accurate, but we can roughly get an idea about those sites.
I request you to kindly share your known tools you use to estimate competitors traffic in the comments section so that we can add value to this post.

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