Do Web and Graphic Design Impact Search Engine Rankings

Do you really think that your web and graphic design can impact on your page rank? Yes!
Well, there are certain things that can improve your Google ranking on search engines but here we discuss two impressive factors which are needed to know everyone with regards to beginning an online business, web design, and site improvement SEO.
Web Design affects SEO, but many people imagine that SEO is about page importance, catchphrases, third-party referencing, etc. People forget that your overall graphics and Web Design has a major part to play in SEO; then they end up disregarding it.
Graphic design creates the excellent experience for the users. A good website design should make it easier for both end users and search engine bots to navigate your website. From a basic three-page brochure site to a corporate site with hundreds of dynamically generated pages, every website needs to have stunning web design aspects in order to achieve the full effects of an SEO campaign.
These are following things to take consideration when creating a website to boost your search engine ranking.

1. The Role Of Web Design in SEO

  • Web design is the starting point of SEO:

If you want to remain competitive, you must have to introduce the various features of your web design that will effectively improve your search engine ranking. Thus, SEO starts with your design.

  • Focused on the long-term when implementing Web Design and SEO:

There are several designers have lost in the latest trendy design at the cost of their online branding and visibility. If you want your website is looking to be attractive, don’t forget to equally focus on website elements that will help the website to rank higher in the search results.

  • Keywords are important to web designs:

Keywords are used to present, what your business is all about. You have to integrate the keywords by using strategically on the website. Remember there are no technical aspects of your website design that will interfere with your content clarity.

  • Designer should know the site can be crawled quickly and easily by search engine:

Keep in mind, search engine invest a lot of resources and bandwidth to crawl websites. Sites are easier to crawl and don’t have errors will enable the highest visibility of the websites in search engines.
There are various designers have seen the need to include SEO in the web design process. It becomes easier to get traffic on your website. If a designed with SEO in mind, a website may be stunning and attractive, but if this doesn’t, your restrict the website from being visible in the search engines. The integrating SEO in your website design includes several aspects such as navigation, technology, linking among others.

2. Size of the website matters

The size of your website can have a big impact on your website in the search results. Search engines love content, the more relevant content you have, the more related keywords can be included, and then you have a chance to rank in search engine.
So you may need to think about adding free resources for visitors. According to the search engine, if you’ve more pages, it’ll allow you in a website to use more SEO techniques and rank in more keywords than you would with thinner content.
It means the max web pages that are well optimized gives you a better chance of higher ranking than you have a similar number of pages. A smaller website with higher quality content would rank higher than a large website with copied or irrelevant and not well optimized.

3. Navigation is important

Your best website design attracts the audience that visits your site, so if your website will well-responsive, then this is good enough for you but if it doesn’t then the users will exit your site immediately. This will impact on your website ranking because the search engine takes into consideration the bounce rates of the website when it’s ranking.
So your website should be pleasant and simple and easy to navigate for both end users. Because your customers want to find out something that they’re looking for without facing any difficulties. If your website content to be a consistent flow and site is looking more attractive then there is a chance that the visitors can stay on your site for longer.
If the visitors satisfy your content and impressive looking design then, they are most likely to return in future. Your website navigation not only the visitor’s view, it also important for the search engines as well. Lack of navigation can have an adverse effect on your search engine rankings.
So, make sure if your website is SEO-friendly navigation then it’s easier for the user to find what they’re searching for. So a good navigation site will help both, users and search engines to see your website in a positive light and to rank it respectively.

4. Overall design

When any of visitor see your site, they have a couple of seconds to stay to gain an impression on your website. Your homepage must have the attractive and well designed then it’ll leave a lasting and positive impression on your visitors. Similarly, if your site isn’t properly managed, not using good colors and visuals then maybe people are more likely to exit the page as soon as possible.

5. Keywords, Content and Links

Content is very important to every website. Well during the process of building your website, it’s necessary that affordable web designer understands what the website is all about. As we previously said keywords must be relevant to your website and your web pages as well because keywords will increase the chances of ranking.
Link building is another important element of custom web design services. This enables you to gain links from other websites to boost your search engine ranking. You must have the need for other websites to link back to your website easy to get best results.

6. Responsive Design

Well responsive websites does a huge impact on your website. If you’ve a website that is optimized for the desktop computers then what is displayed on smaller and larger screens and mobile devices; it can be poorly unusable. You can lose many visitors because of the majority of internet users are now using mobile devices to access everything.

7. Website Speed

If a website is loading period is more than three seconds then you’ve in trouble, it is performing poorly in search engines. There is various website’s performance is determined at the design stage.

Here are few things that could slow down a website’s speed.

Issues with visuals on site: Images and graphics take time to load your website. You should concern about the format, size, and number of images you’re using throughout the website.
Coding can affect your page load: keep in mind your HTML code should be a minimum and don’t forget to unify your CSS files into one using CSS compressor tools.
More HTTP request increases load times: The experienced web designers agree that HTTP request occupies the major share of overall page loading speed. You have to need to keep the number of elements quality on your site should be minimum.

8.  Dynamic Web Pages

If your website generates a large number of database, you may find that some of your pages don’t get indexed by major search engines. If you want your website to become the search engine friendly, all your static pages just to let them know that you do have permanent content on your site. If search engines see these links on from dynamic pages of your website then may have carried more weight in this case as well. Therefore, if you can’t offer as much static content as your competition. Keep in mind you must have an aggressive link campaign on the go.  In these days your websites should be in dynamic web pages and create a chance to rank on search engines.

In Conclusion:

Nowadays web designers may have more access to the additional technology, tools, and options than they did even only a few years ago. Therefore, sometimes the designers include various needless elements in the websites that they’re constructing. This may hinder the usability and the search engine performance of those websites. Well when it comes to the designing websites, the general guideline is to always prioritize the end user and search engines during each stage of the procedure. The aim of the website should be to provide businesses opportunities by reaching the most number of people. So you should fix the images that take more load time on your website. If your website load time under two to three seconds then this is highly appreciable and your web design must be highly attractive to convert visitors to your target audience. This will help your website may become more stable in front of the competitors and in this digital world.

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