4 Ways to Build Authentic and Organic Blog Growth

There are smart, savvy and strategic ways to build a blossoming and loyal tribe of followers who adore your work and direct more traffic to your website than the congestion of cars on a freeway in peak hour.
Here are four ways to build authentic and organic blog growth:

1 Be Generous

I recently heard someone ask the question, ‘how do I know if I’m giving too much content away for free?’
Generosity is like raw cheesecake; there’s no such thing as ‘too much’.
In a dog-eat-dog world, it is incredibly refreshing (and memorable) when we receive something from someone else purely out of the love and kindness in their heart.
When it comes to blogging and building a business, the same principle applies: give, then give some more.
When you deliver valuable content or advice – be it through blog posts, your newsletters, webinars, YouTube videos et.al – out of the kindness of your heart and truly give from that humble and heart-centered space without expecting anything in return and with no ulterior motives, your work – and ultimately you and your brand – will leave an imprint on people’s hearts and no doubt a bookmarked tab on their computers.

2 Get offline to grow online

In a technology driven and information centric society, it’s safe to say we are spending far more time online than we were five years ago.
Events are typically organised through Facebook or Eventbrite, online, creative collaborations are done through the likes of Google Hangout, and storytelling and sharing is done through a click of the mouse.
It’s undeniable that technology has many advantages and makes things incredibly easy and accessible at the click of a button, however, authenticity and credibility doesn’t transcend through cyberspace in the same way face-to-face connections do.

What happened to hanging out in person, creating memories and eventful experiences? What could be more ‘instant’ than speaking to someone face-to-face and bouncing ideas back and forth then and there?
Instead of ‘talking’ to someone through instant messenger on Facebook, why not invite them out for a pot of tea and chitchat to get those authentic connections brewing.
Looking for a new burst of inspiration or creativity? Grab some fellow bloggers and organise a ‘strategy’ day. You’ll bounce off each other’s energy, form new friendships and no doubt be each other’s blogging champions and cheerleaders moving forward.

3 Strategically guest post

I remember when I first started blogging I was eager to write guest posts for anyone and everyone. I was often writing for fellow coaches who of course shared similar values and passions to mine, however they were also ultimately the competition.
I was also fortunate enough to have my work featured on many global websites such as MindBodyGreen, Tiny Buddha and Elephant Journal, which I am incredibly grateful for, however, in hindsight, such websites may not have been the wisest investment of my time and energy as their readers weren’t tailored to my specific niche or target market.
Think about who your ideal reader and client/customer is, and look at channels where you know you will be reaching those people specifically and directly.
For example, let’s say your ideal reader and customer is a female in her early twenties who values and loves beautiful accessories, perhaps you could seek out blogs and business owners who run a successful fashion or style blog where you know you’ll be promoting your work directly to your ideal target market.
Or maybe your ideal reader is a corporate woman in her thirties or forties. Think about what websites might they be visiting (e.g. Leaders in Heels) on a frequent basis and submit guest posts for the likes of those websites.
Guest posting is a wonderful way to promote your work and build your blog and brand profile, just think of where you’ll yield the best results.

4 Chivalry isn’t reserved only for dates

Think about building your blog like dating: you want there to be mutual respect, doors to be opened and, passion and ideas to be shared.
Read a great article of another blogger’s that you loved? Why not write a meaningful comment under the post then share the article with your tribe or on your personal facebook page to spread the love?
Find and follow a few fellow bloggers whose work you love and become a genuine champion for them.
Helping fellow blog hearts promote their work will pay off in spades and it’s inevitable that some of the love and kindness you show to others will return tenfold.
Think about how you can help others grow theirs too, and I guarantee you will find yourself in a loving and lasting (blog) relationship where growth is inevitable.
When it comes to building authentic and organic blog growth, there’s no one right or wrong way – the options are plentiful and endless – however, with some careful plotting and planning, those statistics in your Google Analytics will soon be shooting through the roof.

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