How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Brand and Drive Sales

It was a long time before changes happened in the advertising sector. Before 2000, majority of the advertisements were by radio, television and displaying huge boards at popular places. But the internet came and with it the social media platforms. Facebook started on a very small scale among a group of University students, but soon spread its tentacles to all parts of the world. So do other social media platforms. As of now, they have gone from strength to strength and as industry experts say, the sector is growing at a faster pace than the internet. In this article on how to use facebook to promote your brand and drive sales, you will be given information on the valuable tips to make your business a grand success by making use of Facebook. So, pull up your socks and kindly read the article at one shot.
The internet managed to garner a cool one billion users in a decade. And one of the most popular social media platforms in case of both businesses and individuals is Facebook. Making an entry on September 26, 2006 in the internet, it has managed to have active users of two billion a month in the mid half of 2017. As of now, it is estimated that one from four humans on the globe definitely have a active Facebook profile. When compared to the geography, Facebook is in a league of its own, and its active users are bigger than any country population. The most important point, it has brought a sense of brotherhood amongst even rival country populace. Facebook was used mainly for chatting with friends or for sharing content such as videos, photos or documents. But very soon, it became a popular source for driving traffic sales and for promoting a product as a brand. To sustain in the market, every business has to adapt to the changing needs of technology. Before a decade, the trend started and now it has become mandatory that if you have a business, you need a online presence in the form of a website. So, why not use Facebook to promote your brand? Interested? On top of the world? But how, read the article to find out.

Business To Promote On Facebook

Do you have products or services which can be sold online? Have you created a excellent website with products or images which entices a vistor to share to their friends of relatives? Then embed Facebook and other media icons on the home page or header.
There is one reason which the experts agree is responsible for the popularity of Facebook and other social platforms. The growth in number of mobile users. In fact, the addiction to mobile phones have led medical experts to coin a new term – nomophobia (the feat of being away from your mobile). You can take a picture of the party and directly upload on Facebook. Now did you get the brainwave?
Enough. Now let us settle down to some serious business and focus on promoting the brand via Facebook.

1. Target Specific Populations

For promoting a business, you need to have a fan page. The ads of Facebook can be best connected with businesses.
Facebook may be one of the bigger social media platforms, but it also offers the best data on targeting specific population with regards to demographics, interests, age, device and other characteristics.In fact, you can pin point the customer’s likes and dislikes. For example, you can target only college students who stay in a particular area between the ages of 18 to 25. You can get precise data on the ages of students wanting to buy a product.

2. Video Content

In this era of fast paced life, you seldom get time to read content. You find time travelling in bus, train but can you read content with all the disturbances? Difficult. But how about watching a video with the ear plugs? And in Facebook, every option of advertising works to its high potential. You name the content – videos, images and text posts. You sure can attract the populace. Try the best – videos.

3. Business Manager

Want to advertise on Facebook? Then how about gaining knowledge about the Facebook Business Manager Tool? You can easily manage the pages, people and advertisements. Its simple features are easy-to-use. You can make specific Facebook campaigns to promote your brand.

4. Email Blast

Informing people you have a active Facebook account is the first goal. It is better to send a email blast to your existing loyal and to-be loyal customers. You can use the tools such as MailChimp or Aweber. If you are sending one, ensure that you get proper information on the timings to send mail. Because as per digital marketing experts, a email blast sent in the afternoon on Monday and mornings on Wednesday can give you more conversions.
5. Promote Your Facebook Account
Do the customers come to your online store? So you have promoted your Facebook and other social media platforms by email. So, is that all? Nope, other than promotions online, be prepared to do it offline. So, now comes the offer to print attractive design words in your social media accounts such as –
⦁ Business cards
⦁ Office mirrors or doors
⦁ Packaging
⦁ Walls
⦁ and many more? Subscribe to our website to know of the other methods.

6. Best Day To Post Relevant Content

Make the best use of the Insights option in Facebook. You can see the time your customers are online. When you want announce an event for your brand, you can schedule the posts as per the timings many of your fans are online. By making use of other tools such as HootSuite, Sprout Social you can find the data as well metrics for determining the type of post required for the social media platforms. As mentioned before, the number of active users per month for Facebook is two billion. Who knows? Some of them might become your potential customers. But you need to post relevant content such as images, texts and videos for the audience with consistency. The goal should be to entertain, educate or put them in the call-to-action mode.
Usage of emoticons will increase the comments and sharing of posts by more than 33 percent. Ask attractive questions to make visitors to your website post answers and in the process become your loyal customers.

7. Plug-ins

By embedding the Facebook plugins on the website, you will get more benefits on the branding part. Your followers will definitely increase. If you have a website with the option of sidebars, then use the Facebook Like Box or the Like Button.

8. Facebook Ads

Are you a online business start-up? Then the next sentence is for you. Invest in Facebook Ads to boost your website. There is a myth that the ads are expensive, but in reality they are not. Get the best information from an expert to work on the ads and reap the benefits.
Facebook ads can give you the perfect result based on your goals –
Engagement of Facebook page – You can boost the content posts and enhance the number of likes, shares, photoviews in the page
Page Likes – Ads To build the audience (loyal customers) for your brand via Facebook
Clicks To Website – Ads for encouraging people to visit the website
Conversions – Ads to Initiate a call-of-action for visitors. Ensure you have a conversion tracking tool to measure the positive results
Installation of apps – Ads to encourage people download and install the app
Engagement in Apps – Ads to popularize your app
Event Responses – Ads for promoting the event.
Offer Claims – Ads for promoting the offers or discounts for your brand product. Ensure you use the offer created for Facebook or create a new one.
But there are a few prerequisites in question before setting the ads. Shall we take a look one by one?
Ensure you make use of a image or picture that conveys the goal if you plan to use ads for the page or external pages. Make use of simple words to generate likes for your Page such as – If you have a product ready for Mother’s day, let the words be such,” If you love the Divine human being who brought you to this world, put a LIKE to the image. Ensure that the words contain only 90 characters because the Facebook ads text and description can only avail of this quantity.

9. Contests

Participating in contests will always give people a high. In fact, many of the likes generated in many of the facebook pages are because of contents and winning a prize. You can put a funny picture and ask the visitors to give a best caption. The winner can get a prize of your product. In case of services, you can ensure the visitors get a free one hour consultation, or a part of the servcie for the prize.

10. @Feature in Facebook

By making use of this feature, the visitor will feel important and he/she may become a loyal fan of your page. In fact, the best way for showing gratitude and making many persons become a part of an event is by making use of the @ feature.

11. Facebook Community

Maintaining regular touch with a specific community concerned with your business or brand on Facebook can result in building a strong loyal customer base. Once you build trust within the community, many of the participants can become the loyal customers or generate leads.

12. Other Pages Of A Similar Nature

Why don’t you make time and engage with similar Facebook pages? It is better to find the pages where many of your customers spend time. Make a comment that gives a link to your page. Then, in due course of time, they can be converted to “fans’ or “conversions.”
Posts with photos receive more engagement (equal to 120 percent) than a average post. A post with albums will receive even more engagement (up to 180 percent).

13. Facebook Groups

There are three types of groups – open, closed as well secret. These serve different functions.
Open Groups – In this type, it is possible for anyone to view the members of the group and the postings of every member. And this type is mainly used to build authority, awareness as well interest. One of the best ways in Facebook to network with businesses of a similar nature in the industry. However, ensure that you do not focus on sales but on interaction and participation in the group. When you become more acquainted with the members, then you can build on the brand.
Closed Group – Any member from Facebook can view the members in the group. But for posts you have to be a member. This type of group is vital for customer support reasons. You can also share ideas and give solutions for a problem.
Secret Group – Only if you are a member, you can see the group members and the postings. In fact, this type suits the businesses which have confidential information. So Facebook closed group is a great way for networking with customers or clients.

14. Include Customer Testimonials

If you want the customer to take a call-of-action, inclusion of customer testimonials is a must. Include in the top one, the benefits the customer received from a product or service.

15. Take Off People Who Have Already Been Converted

Are you simply wasting money via ads for people who have already been converted? In case, if it is a YES, then you are wasting time and money. For the specific process, create a likable audience for the Facebook Ad account.


Promoting your brand on Facebook is not rocket science. If you follow the simple tips given in this article, you are bound to reach greater sales.
2015 and 2016 can be called as the years of “Start-ups” in India. In every metropolitan city such as Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad, you have start-up companies mushrooming by the dozen. Let us imagine, you too started a company offering the services of qualified handyman professionals all over Bangalore in the field of plumbing, electricals, washing machine, microwave oven and fridge repair in Bangalore. You have gained quite a name for yourself, but still you wanted to earn more customers. You sought the service of a digital marketing expert and he told you based on the budget, Facebook is the easy option to reach more customers. You opted for the same, and now your business revenues have gone up by 50 percent. Kudos!
Note –
Please note that promoting the brand and driving sales in Facebook as part of a social media campaign does not give you instant results. In fact, you have to follow step-by-step consistently till you build a loyal populace. There is no need to tell you the effectiveness of social media platforms. There were numerous rumors doing the rounds that Facebook has ceased to exist, it has become lame and many more. But cut to the balance sheet, its revenues are only growing every year. How is it possible? The main reason, that not many know how to make the best use of Facebook. When you try by yourself, you are bound to fail. There are many people who try the DIY method, fail and point at the algorithm policies of Facebook.
We hope that by reading this article, you have gained knowledge of how to make the best use of Facebook for generating sales and promoting your product or brand. Have we missed a valuable point? Then, a kind request to put a review in the Comments section so that we can take the point further in the future by another article.

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