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The Warrior Forum is an online forum designed specifically for internet marketers. There are two types of people who use this forum…

  • People who create products for the internet marketing niche
  • People who buy internet marketing products

Warrior Forum has a few great reviews, but there are also some comments warning people to stay away and not waste their money. So is it a legit way to make money online, or will they just take all of your money? Below is my personal experience with Warrior Forum and what I have learned about it.

How Does Warrior Forum Work

The Warrior Forum is a business, and what is the objective for all businesses? To make money! But what exactly is their business?
The Warrior Forum is a platform that allows internet marketers to promote their latest products. The internet marketers place banner ads on the Warrior Forum for a fee, and in order to purchase a banner to promote your products you have to have access to the War Room.
You can also use Warrior Forum for email marketing. For another fee, you can promote your products to Warrior Forum’s mailing list. This way you will not have to build a list to promote your products to. However, this list consists of people who have already ordered a product through Warrior Forum and they get email offers every single day (sometimes twice in one day).

Are Their Products Legit

The fact of the matter is, most of the positive reviews come from people who have agreed to write a good review in exchange for a free copy of the product. They really have no idea if it is a good product or a scam.
However, this does not mean that all of the products on the Warrior Forum are a scam. But MOST of them are! It is very hard to find the products that can really help you succeed online without running into a scam that will take all of your money.

Pros and Cons of Warrior Forum

  • There are SOME legit products on the forum
  • There are SOME good people there trying to help others out
  • Too many sellers trying to sell garbage products (they try to sell you information, not actual products)
  • A lot of con artists hang out at the forum (they private message you often to try and get a sell)
  • The site is run by terrible owners (any thread that criticizes something or warns other members about scams are deleted)

How Much Does Warrior Forum Cost

You can join the Warrior Forum for free if you just want to join the discussions. But if you want to be an actual member and join the War Room to sell products you will have to pay $97/year. They also have a free 30 day trail so you can see if you like it.
There are lots of “products” you can purchase through the Warrior Forum (mostly just information), and they all have a different cost depending on who is selling it. Most of what I have tried to purchase is PPC (Pay Per Click) to try to get traffic to one of my links. One person completely ripped me off because they promised good traffic, but instead just sent me a little traffic from other countries (like Pakistan). Total waste of money!
Everything depends on the type of person you purchase from, so you may purchase something good or you may purchase something bad.

The Warrior Forum Education and Training

There are many things you can learn about on the Warrior Forum (such as PPC, email marketing, SEO, Drop Shipping, etc.). There are educational articles about creating websites, having the right mindset, choosing the right niche, etc. They have a lot of good information on there, which is something I like about the Warrior Forum. I just hate some of the scammers on there.
When you join the War Room you will also get some education on building a list, creating sales funnels and landing pages, growth hacking, etc. You learn all these things from other successful internet marketers.
If you use the Warrior Forum for strictly education, it wouldn’t be a bad investment. Just watch out for what you purchase!

Warrior Forum Support

The Warrior Forum has absolutely TERRIBLE support! When I contacted them about the person that scammed me they wouldn’t do anything because they said the seller hadn’t posted an offer, which makes NO sense. It seems to me that the owners at the Warrior Forum are trying to keep the scammers there, because they deleted my post warning people about the person that took my money!
There are some people on there that genuinely want to help people, and they will help you through chat. It is just the toss of coin to find the good ones.

Final Thought

I personally do NOT think you should use the Warrior Forum, but if you are going to use it you need to BE VERY CAREFUL! I know a lot of businesses still use it and there are some good people on there, however MOST of the products and PPC’s on there are just trying to take all of your money. The education and training isn’t bad, but I know a better place to learn all of the things they teach you!
If you have any questions or have had experience with the Warrior Forum, please leave a comment below!

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