An Interview with LinkedIn Expert – Viveka von Rosen, founder of Vengreso

Viveka von Rosen is founder of Vengreso, the largest provider of full spectrum digital sales transformation solutions.
Known as the LinkedIn Marketing Expert, she’s also the author of the best-selling book, LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day and LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand!
She has been featured at and on some of the world’s leading business and social media marketing conferences, podcasts and websites such as Inbound, Social Media Marketing World, the New York Times, Entrepreneur on Fire and Social Media Examiner.
We asked her for a few LinkedIn tips for small businesses. Look for our LinkedIn Q&A at the end of the post to see what Viveka considers “need to know” social media skills for small business owners.

Find Your Passion and Build It Up

Viveka found her passion somewhat by accident, when a speaker she had brought in to educate her clients introduced her to LinkedIn, then a brand new social media network. She immediately saw the potential of LinkedIn to expand her network beyond local contacts, and decided to learn all she could about it.
She continued working her other job for almost a year, while doing research on LinkedIn and gradually building a name for herself as a LinkedIn expert. Finally, she was able to quit her job and start doing social media training full time, founding her own company called Linked Into Business.

The Start of Vengreso

A group of LinkedIn experts and social selling experts thought about creating an online membership community to teach and train. But no one wanted to step up and take the lead. In the desire to come together as opposed to work against, five competitors (including Viveka) decided to start a social selling company, now known as Vengreso.
Digital sales transformation is about the entire ecosphere of digital sales, strategies and marketing. Having these partners has made it easier for Viveka to provide a true value proposition as opposed to just competing and coming down to price.

LinkedIn Q&A

We also asked Viveka a few questions about how small business owners can make the best use of LinkedIn, and we wanted to share what she had to say with you.
If you’d like to learn more about Viveka and the awesome training she has to offer, check out and sign up for free LinkedIn tips and tricks! There are all kinds of free resources you can access from her website.

What makes LinkedIn such a valuable resource for small business owners

With the free account, you can still create a really professional, nice presence. You can create the branding, the positioning, the credentials that you need on your personal profile and your company page. They also tell you who and how you can interact with. So pretty much anyone you need to connect with, there is a way of extending a conversation.

What’s the number one LinkedIn faux pas or mistake that makes you cringe

I have three, actually, and they’re all right up there. One thing is when people create a personal profile as if it were a company page. So they’ve got the logo instead of their photo, they’ve got a company name instead of their own name. And the reason this is such a faux pas is it goes against LinkedIn’s user agreement. The personal profile is about personal communication.
Another pet peeve is putting anything other than you last name in the last name field. It gets you found on Google, but if it’s reported, LinkedIn makes your profile unfindable.
My third pet peeve is when you connect with someone on LinkedIn, and they just plug you into their newsletter channel. I agreed to connect, I didn’t agree to get your spam. Harvesting emails from LinkedIn is a major no no.

How often do you recommend giving your profile a bit of a facelift

LinkedIn is always changing stuff. So anytime LinkedIn makes a big change, like they introduce media, or they introduce publisher, or they make a big user interface change, that’s a good time to go in and change your profile.
Obviously, if you’re changing a job, or if you changed your company name, you want to go in and change that on LinkedIn.
If you’ve got a new product or service, LinkedIn has fields where you can add those. You can even pull those sections up a little higher in your profile so they’re a little more visible.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to making connections and building relationships on social media

Always be of value. Don’t always be selling, always be giving. I’m always trying to give helpful, useful information.
Stay human. You want to get people to not only like your product, but to like you. That’s where the loyalty lies. Where my success lies is, I’ve created a strong relationship with my tribe. They like me, so they’re willing to listen to me and share my stuff for me, which amplifies my voice. Be Likeable, be helpful, be useful.
LinkedIn tells you to only connect to people you know. But that restricts your visibility and ability to engage! I say, connect to people you should know.
To learn more about Viveka von Rosen and to access her many online trainings, visit the web site, or follow her on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

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