Top 10 Best Paying Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners in 2023

One of the most common opinions about becoming a Virtual Assitant is that it requires experience, which is untrue. There are many job platforms offering virtual assistant jobs for beginners. 

If you are looking for a side hustle or even want to build a new career, becoming a virtual assistant is a great choice. You will find many opportunities to make money through the job. 

Ever since the pandemic, work-from-home has become the new normal, and it is a great option, particularly for moms who want to make money. 

Here is a list of the top 10 paying virtual assistant jobs for beginners

1. Fiverr 

Fiverr offers the best virtual assistant jobs for beginners. It is a freelancing platform that has proven to be the easiest space to earn money. Fiverr saves you from working with the same client over and over again by offering one-time jobs.

  • It is an amazing platform to learn and brush up your skills.
  • Fiverr provides you with job opportunities where you can work for as long as you want. There are no commitment limitations. 

2. FlexJobs

Another great option for finding virtual assistant jobs is FlexJobs. Moreover, you will only find legitimate career opportunities with Flexjobs. Therefore, you will save both your time and energy as there are no scams promoted. 

  • With FlexJobs it becomes very easy to find beginner-friendly virtual assistant jobs. 
  • You can find both part-time as well as full-time virtual assistant jobs for beginners. 

3. Belay

Are you planning to build your own enterprise featuring virtual assistant jobs? If this is the case, then Belay is something you are looking for. A website that works solely for VA jobs. Therefore, it will never leave you disappointed with the job offers. 

  • There are many virtual assistant jobs for beginners available on the website.
  • Bealy not just offers great experience virtual assistant jobs but also provides high-income jobs.

4. Vicky Virtual

If you are a US resident, then you must check out Vicky Virtual as the website is entirely focused on hiring US residents. Vicky Virtual provides job opportunities paying at least 10 dollars per hour. Therefore, it is a great career option to begin with. 

  • Vicky Virtual can help you find your dream job if you have good communication skills. 
  • You will find massive Virtual Assistant jobs with Vicky Virtual.

5. Upwork

People searching for freelance virtual assistant jobs for beginners can definitely rely on Upwork for great virtual assistant job options. You will come across a large variety of job options that you can choose from. Therefore, you can easily select those jobs that suit your schedule and thus make money easily. 

  • Initially, you might have to begin with low bidding rates but with experience, the prices will rise eventually. 
  • On average, Upworks virtual assistants earn up to $40 each hour.

6. Time Etc.

Yet another great company that offers amazing virtual assistant job options for beginners. The website has many freelance opportunities that can help you boost your career as a Virtual Assistant. Time Etc has set a convenient starting rate at $13 each hour but you will be offered many opportunities to increase these rates.

  • With Time Etc you no longer need to go in search of your clients, the website lets you connect with suitable enterprises.
  • The website has many other job opportunities for specialized skills. 

7. VaVa Virtual Assistant

The website is known for providing telecommuting opportunities that help Virtual Assistants boost their experience. Hence, it is recommended for beginners. There is a diversified work for virtual assistants that are easily available on the website, ranging from data entry, executive assisting, etc. 

  • VaVa helps you make a convenient amount of money as a beginner. You can make $15- $25 each hour, which is quite reasonable.
  • You can also visit VaVa’s careers page which will give you a glimpse of the type of employees they are looking for. 

8. 99 Dollar Social

Yet another great option to rely on for virtual assistant beginner-level jobs. The website will be the best option for you in case you love to spend time on various social media platforms. 99 Dollar Social offers you many job options that let you manage social media accounts.  Moreover, you can also visit some emerging job-providing websites like Bloggingjobs for many other interesting job opportunities. 

  • The money you make depends on the number of accounts you handle. Therefore, you do not get paid on per hour basis.
  • Moreover, the website offers compulsory 8 hours of training that needs to be completed before beginning the job.
  • It is a great option to learn new skills along with making money.

9. Zirtual

Zirtual is one of the best options that offers virtual assistant jobs. The website is famous for the quality of candidates they work with. Therefore, working with Zirtual will always make your resume impressive. Moreover, it is a user-friendly website that offers great customer service.

  • Zirtual is a little less flexible than other companies, as it requires your availability at certain fixed hours.
  • The website pays you a good amount of money. 
  • For a virtual assistant beginner with no experience, an equivalent college degree is mandatory.

10. Zip Recruiter

The website is a reliable platform that helps you widen your network by connecting you with a number of job opportunities. You will find a variety of jobs offered on Zip Recruiter that are suitable for virtual assistant beginners. There are per-hour jobs available too. Therefore, you will get enough options to choose from.

  • Moreover, beginner-level jobs for virtual assistants can further be refined on the basis of types. Hence, your suitability is considered.
  • The payment is done on a per-hour basis and on average a Zip Recruiter’s virtual assistant earns $21 each hour.


The above-mentioned list of the best-paying virtual assistant jobs will help you start your career and enhance your experiences. You can go on with learning new skills by working with a wide variety of companies.


1. What are my top 2 qualifications as a virtual assistant?

  • Communication
  • Time-management

2. Can you make 10k a month as a virtual assistant?

Yes, but it requires the following abilities:

  • Great skills
  • Efficient work
  • Consistency
  • experience

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