An Interview with Victor Blasco, CEO Yum Yum Videos

In this interview, we not only discuss Victor’s background and how he got to be where he is today, but we also dig into the power of video blogging and becoming a video blogging rockstar (or “vlogstar”). It’s something a lot of people overlook, but something that could really be a valuable tool for growing your business.

Please introduce yourself to our audience

Hi! My name is Victor Blasco, CEO of Yum Yum Videos. I’m a video marketing pro, a lifelong student of Chinese philosophy, and passionate for all things geek.

Where did the idea for Yum Yum Videos come from

We wanted a quick and fun way to describe our approach to video marketing and originality. 
Ideas are food for your mind, and we wanted to convey that our content was delicious and unique! So… “Yum Yum Videos,” videos that taste different.

Can You Explain About the Services of Yum Yum Videos

We create high-quality animated marketing videos for brands all across the globe, specializing in explainer videos and educational content.

Tell Us Something About Your Upcoming Online Video Production Trends

For one, social video content will only get bigger, and “weirder”… but you probably knew that already!
What I actually mean is that you can’t really accurately predict what shape video content will predominantly take over the next couple of years in the social media realm – Few could have predicted what’s happening right now with new styles of video content coming out of platforms like Tik Tok, for example.
But, as I said, it will only get bigger and more interesting moving forward.
Artificial Intelligence and VR are two other techs with HUGE potential for video production once the tech gets a bit more approachable. But that’s still a bit further down the road.

What Are Yum Yum Videos Success Model

Honestly? A combination of quality of service and product. We work really hard to go the extra mile with our content and make sure the experience is as fun and fulfilling for our clients as it is for us!

What’s your favorite social network – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

That’d be Linkedin. But as part of a B2B company, that shouldn’t come as a surprise! On a more personal level, I love the creativity and beauty you can find on Instagram.

Which Marketing experts influenced you the most? Who do you follow

I draw a lot of creative inspiration from the whole team at HubSpot, and get a lot of drive from dynamic digital marketers like Neil Patel.

What Tools Do You Use To Help You Run Your Business

    • Wistia – Amazing hosting service with a wealth of valuable analytics.
    • HubSpot – Fantastic software platform that helps marketing efforts.
    • Slack – Great for effective internal communication.
    • SEMrush – One of the best SEO solutions I’ve found.
    • BOX – You can never be too careful with your data. Backup everything!

What Is the Main Reason Behind the Good Reputation of Yum Yum Videos

Like I mentioned before, I believe the main reason behind that is the quality of our work!
We are always striving to meet and exceed the industry’s highest standards, and we apply the same philosophy in every single project we work on. Even though we do offer different tiers of products, we never settle! And I think that has nurtured our relationships with our clients over the years.
However, in a more traditional sense, I’d say having a carefully developed and polished production process allows us to deliver great service to our clients. Incorporating their feedback at all stages of the process and ensuring the end result is something they love as much as we do.

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