Types of Casino Bonuses players can choose from

Types of Casino Bonuses players can choose fromYou might be surprised to learn that online bonuses were not common in the past; they actually began appearing as the online casino industry started to blossom in the mid 90’s. 

Once the competition among online casinos started to heat up, casino bonuses came into being — their goal was to help casinos stand out from the crowd. Luckily, the invention of these promotions worked in favour of both the operators and the players.

Of course, over time, bonuses started to change and adapt to the needs of players. Now, there are various types of bonuses players can choose from depending on what they need. 

Players use various methods to find bonus offers that suit their preferences — including guides, reviews, or doing simple research. Responsible players always dig deep to find sites that meet their needs.

Take a look at the five most common types of bonuses offered in online casinos.

  1. Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus offer is probably the most common one and you can find it in almost every online casino. The deposit bonus is displayed as the percentage of funds the player will receive on top of their deposit. It’s best to read the site’s terms and conditions to learn about the exact amount of the bonus you’ll receive. 

Keep in mind that these bonuses are sometimes limited, so don’t forget to check all the details before you make a deposit. 

  1. First Bet Bonus

The first bet bonus is similar to the deposit bonus, except it encourages you to make your first bet in the casino. In most cases, the size of the bonus depends on the bet you make. This bet is also often called the qualifying bet as it’s the first one made by a newly registered user.

You can come across an offer similar to this one — make three bets of the same amount and only pay for one. For example, instead of paying for three bets of $25, which would equal $75, you’ll only have to spend $25.

  1. Money-Back Bonus

Another tempting offer is the money-back bonus that allows you to place one free qualifying bet. As it’s a free bet, there are typically some restrictions that come with it. The operator needs to earn money as well, so you can’t expect to win thousands of pounds with the lowest rates. 

Keep in mind that this offer comes with some wagering requirements (in most cases), so you’ll need to meet them before being able to request a withdrawal. In order to avoid casino withdrawal delays it is also important to find out which are the top paying NZ casinos.

  1. Weekly Bonus 

Weekly bonuses have become quite popular among players, earning the name cashback bonuses. These bets are designed to keep users in the casino even when they’re on a losing streak. The casino takes note of the players’ deposits and losses and offers a cashback bonus depending on their percentage loss. 

As losing is common in the world of gambling, most players are happy to take advantage of this offer whenever they can. For example, if the casino calculates that a player has lost around £100 in a certain time period and the cashback bonus is 10%, the casino will give the player £10 back to encourage them to keep playing.

  1. VIP and Loyalty Programmes

All players like to get special treatment in online casinos, which is why many operators have implemented various VIP and loyalty programmes that appeal to players. VIP programmes are typically reserved for high rollers since they spend the most in casinos. They receive special promotions and bonuses based on their VIP status.

Similarly, loyalty programmes were also created to reward customers, but they are targeted towards all players. Players collect loyalty points and exchange them for rewards. This makes them feel special and appreciated since their loyalty to the casino doesn’t go unnoticed.

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