Top 10 Fake Twitter Followers Audit Websites

With the modernization of the digital world, it has become quite easy to express and explore oneself. Twitter offers one such platform for individuals. It not only allows users to express and explore but also serves as a platform for entrepreneurs and content creators to market their brands.

Twitter offers a reliable platform for its users where they can directly connect with potential customers and hence, increase their brand’s visibility. Along with many pros of the digital world, its cons come side by side and fake followers are one such disadvantage. Therefore, to maintain the audacity of your twitter account, it becomes crucial to identify the amount of fake followers that you are being followed by. 

Here is a list of the top 10 Fake Twitter Follower Audit Websites

1. Follower Audit

With the help of the Follower Audit, the credibility of all the Twitter accounts can be analyzed. Apart from this, the website also offers services that keep track of the number of followers lost or gained. Hence, it is useful in measuring the growth rate of all the public accounts on Twitter.

  • A follower Audit also helps you to analyze your target audience.
  • There are both paid and free versions available on the website.
  • The site also offers optimum marketing strategies that help you reach your target audience.

2. Sparktoro

Another great option that helps in the analysis of fake followers in any Twitter account is Sparktoro. Sparktoro is a great platform that will provide you with the details of any Twitter account. It will not just provide the number of followers gained or lost but also the number of audiences that the account has interacted with. 

  • The website comes with both paid and free versions.
  • Sparktoro is a great tool that will help you in the analysis of your competitors too.
  • For detailed information, you can visit the website by clicking on the link provided in the header. 

3. Twitter Audit

Twitter Audit is a well-known tool that will help you figure out the number of fake accounts that are following you on Twitter. Apart from identifying fake accounts, the Twitter audit is also known for providing true information regarding the demography of the fake accounts. You will also get access to the geographical information of the fake accounts.

  • Just like all the other fake Twitter followers audit websites, this platform is also available in both paid and free versions.
  • Twitter Audit also allows you to block fake followers from your account. 
  • Visit the link on the header to get detailed information about the website.

4. Fedica

Fedica is a Twitter follower audit tool based on artificial intelligence. This platform helps in extracting valuable data and analysis from public Twitter profiles. Moreover, the website is also helpful in tracking the engagement and growth rates of Twitter accounts. Thus, it is a great tool for getting rid of fake accounts.

  • Fedica is available in a low-cost premium version too.
  • The website is helpful in maintaining your target audience.

5. Circle Boom

Circle Boom is a user-friendly social media analytics tool designed to provide performance metrics and monitor the follower growth of publicly accessible Twitter accounts. This platform offers analytical tools and valuable information, enabling users to conduct fake follower assessments and recognize counterfeit Twitter followers associated with any account, including competitors. Moreover, the website presents reasonably priced premium options and a user-friendly interface for added convenience.

  • The website is helpful in tracking real followers.
  • The plans are affordable.
  • The search filters are advanced and powerful.

6. Emplifi

Emplifi is another powerful tool that helps regulate fake followers on Twitter. The website also allows you to keep track of the performance of your Twitter account. The website’s analysis system has undergone training using multiple neural networks. These networks allow you to examine and extract valuable information to help you manage your follower base effectively. Furthermore, the system provides data concerning fake and inactive followers in your competitor’s accounts. 

  • The website is responsible for providing elaborate reports of insights about your followers.
  • Emplifi is full of advanced AI features.

7. Tweepi

Another reliable tool that helps in detecting fake followers from Twitter accounts is Tweepi. The website serves as a platform to connect a plethora of users with one another including industry leaders and influencers. Tweepi also helps you get rid of fake followers from your accounts. 

  • The website is known to help you with the demographics of your followers.
  • It is a powerful tool to distinguish between fake and real followers.
  • You can visit the link on the header for additional details about the website.

8. Twitonomy

Twitonomy works slightly differently than all the other Twitter audit websites. Unlike all the other websites, Twitonomy provides an overview of your as well as your competitor’s Twitter account rather than providing you with an account analysis. The website also helps you to find better strategies to beat your competitors.

  • The website is reliable for providing data related to your and your competitor’s accounts.
  • Twitonomy is a great tool for analyzing fake followers.
  • It is a user-friendly platform.

9. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is a prevalent tool offered by Twitter itself and this tool is used to identify fake followers. This tool is accessible to all users. Twitter Analytics also helps users understand how Twitter works. Thus, it is a very essential tool. Initially, when you begin to use this tool, you will be presented with a comprehensive overview of your activity over the past 28 days. This summary encompasses various data including profile visits, number of tweets, impressions, follower growth, and mentions. 

  • Moreover, you have the option to further explore a detailed breakdown on a monthly basis by simply scrolling down.
  • This is a user-friendly and effective tool.

10. Social Bearing

Social Bearing is a useful application designed for analyzing Twitter profiles as well as tweets concerning particular subjects. Moreover, it facilitates the discovery of trending Twitter hashtags along with identifying popular friends on the platform.

  • The website provides amazing analytics, Twitter searches, and insights.
  • The platform is also helpful in filtering your timeline, mentions, and engagements.
  • Social Bearing can also sort tweets as per region, reach, and engagement. 


1. Are these audit websites accurate?

The reliability and accuracy of audit websites may vary from website to website. You need to do detailed research prior to relying on these websites. Some of the reliable audit websites are:

  • Tweepi
  • Emplifi
  • Social Bearing
  • Twitonomy 

2. How often should I conduct a Twitter follower audit?

The growth rate of your account is a determining factor in how often you should conduct a follower audit. It is advised that you conduct a follower audit once a month after your account reaches a certain growth rate.

3. How can I protect my account from fake followers in the future?

Keep in mind the following points:

  • Create engaging and valuable content
  • Do not choose to purchase followers
  • Choose services and apps wisely

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