How To Create a Tumblr Account – Start Free Blog

How to create a new Tumblr account – Start free Blog” will provide step by step information to create and start your own new free blog using Tumblr.

How to create a new Tumblr account – Start free Blog

Tumblr is an exclusive online experience, integrating social networking and blogging in a single website.
Blogs are great to share your thoughts and favorite things with the world, but most blogging systems can be awkward and tricky to manage. Tumblris a fresh new start, it is built around the concept of sharing what is most essential to you, and makes it very easy to post pictures, videos, quotes, links and even traditional blog posts.
There are almost countless ways to create a free blog these days. Bloggerand WordPress are the big players and if you want to create free blog on Blogger then do check the below article:
However, if you want to create a blog which contains rich media and if you don’t know or do not want to know much about the technology then it’s hard to beat the simplicity and potential of Tumblr.

Create Tumblr Account – Step By Step Picture Guide

  1. Visit Tumblr’s Homepage

Click the link to visit the homepage :
Click on “Sign Up” button to continue.

  1. Getting Started with Tumblr

Click on “Get Started” button to continue.

  1. Login Credentials and Username for Tumblr Account

Provide and select the following setting for your Tumblr account

  • Provide your Email Address
  • Set Password for your Tumblr account
  • Select Username for your Tumblr account

Click in “Sign Up” button to continue

  1. Age and Tumblr’s Terms of Services

  • Provide your age
  • Read and agree to the Tumblr’s Terms of Services

Click “Next” button to continue

  1. Tumblr’s Human Confirmation Test

You need to perform Tumblr’s small test to prove that you are not a Robot. Click on the check box to continue with the human confirmation test.
Click on “Amost Done” button to continue.

  1. Select your interest area

You need to select 5 interest areas of your choice, which will be use by Tumblr to update you with latest post across Tumblr account.

  1. Verify your Email account

One last thing you need to do in order to activate your Tumblr Account, log into your email account (which you had provided in step 3) and click on the link send by Tumblr to verify your email address.
Congrats you have successfully created your new Tumblr account and now your Tumblr Blog is live and ready.
You can start posting text, photos, quotes, links, audios and videos. You need to play around with the different features to get hold of your newly created Tumblr Blog.


Tumblr is extremely popular among Internet users with interesting features like the ability to post and share video, GIF picture and audio file.
Whether you want to share your thoughts or want to practice your writing skills, Tumblr is a great option for blogging. Tumblr blog has high authority within search engines and can easily make your posts more visible with right keywords.
Since Tumblr is mix of social network and blogging it’s very popular among free blog users but it lacks many of the features which professional bloggers may want. If you care to make money online and want to take blogging as your profession then you should start your self-hosted blog.

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