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In this era of globalization, translation services hold a pivotal part in the economies of developing countries. Developing countries are trying hard to reach a global customer base and to increase their outreach. For this purpose, it is required to understand the local native languages, people and culture. Let’s talk about Delhi. Delhi is the capital of India and is the largest metropolitan area in the country. It is the hub of international politics, trade, culture, and literature. Delhi is considered the fastest-growing state of the country. To cope with this fast growth in India translation companies are playing their significant role. We can’t learn all the global languages. Language barriers hamper the growth of the country. This is the reason global companies reach out to translation companies in Delhi. Here is the list of 7 best translation companies in Delhi.
Earth Lingua
Earth Lingua came into existence in 2006 in India. It is a well-known translation company in India and provides excellent translation services. At Earth Lingua they provide you with high-quality translation solutions whether it is a one-page birth certificate or multi-venue simultaneous interpretation services for government delegates. They have a cadre of professional translators who are native speakers in their native language. Their competency in both source and target language ensures the accuracy of their translation. Earth Lingua is providing precise and accurate translation services cost-effectively. In the professional world, time is money so professional translators of Earth Lingua provide high-quality translation solutions in time. All the translation services of Earth Lingua are tailored according to the needs and demands of the Delhi audience. Regular feedback of customers is taken to improve the translation services further. High-quality translation with cost-effective and timely solutions has made Earth Lingua a renowned name in the Delhi translation industry. 
CHL Localization
CHL Localization is providing translation services for over 30 years and they are competent in handling projects in more than 70 languages in multiple fields of array-like medical, engineering, IT, marketing and finance, etc. Translation by CHL Localization is designed in such a way that they adhere to and comply with international standards. They had a very streamlined translation process which helps to deliver the translation process on time. With the proliferation of the internet, content consumption in other languages has become easier. Team of native professional translators at CHL Localization are competent in industry-specific terminologies and are competent in website localization regardless of the type, CMS or the language or the culture or religion that you are targeting. At CHL localization, the translation goes beyond words when it comes to website localization. Whether it is technical or non-technical, all sorts of demands and requirements are catered by CHL Localization. If you want to take your local business at a global level than CHL localization is the best option for you. Quality control techniques are followed to ensure accuracy in all global projects. You can opportunely and confidently communicate outside the Delhi audience and expand your business globally by high-quality translation and localization services.
Lisan India
Lisan India is an evolving translation service provider in Delhi. Due to its sheer dedication, it has gained great popularity in translation and other linguistic services. It is considered as one of the best translation agencies in India for proving state of the art translation services and because of its potential clients spread across the globe. Competencies of Lisan India include the translation of the website, technical, legal, medical, financial and document translations. Some other services provided are provided Interpretation services, content development services, creative designing and transcription services. After having the name in Translation Company Lisan is now putting its efforts into the medical tourism industry which is its sole area of interest. There is a separate team of medical facilitation and coordination services. The medical Tourism team of Lisan India is devoted to global patients which are from different regions and cultures of the world. Lisan India is working for ten years in India. They have worked on such translation projects which are marvelous. Dealing with different obstacles and limitations, Lisan India has made its name in the translation industry. With the expertise in Journalism, translation, feature writing, technical & computer education to desktop publishing, our cadre of translators are assets that we have discovered during the exploration of languages. Lisan India has a special identity in the translation industry due to its state of the art translation services and timely and cost-effective solutions.
Translation Work Zone
Translation Work Zone is a renowned translation companies in Delhi. They are the wholesaler of translation services, they have expertise in bringing global transition in language translations. They provide you state of the art translation at maximum cost and swift turnaround time. Our potential clients are globally spread. Translation Work Zone is in the translation industry intending to tailor the requirements of translation and content-related services most efficiently. As we all know that price is directly proportional to the quality and standard of services so Translation Work Zone doesn’t promise you the lowest price every time. At Translation Work Zone process of translation is very simple. You just need to submit your translation documents at the customer-friendly web application. Here you can also find instant quotes for different levels of services and work with competent language translators. You can also view your translation project progress and ask for any additional services and make online payment without any problem of writing so many emails or make unnecessary phone calls. You can also send your translation documents via email or contact us 24 by 7.Translation Work Zone only provides human translations. They have a team of native linguists who have expertise in diverse areas of industries like marketing, media, advertising, finance, IT engineering, electronics and many more. These translators have a wide range of competencies so that they can handle the translation documents of diverse nature.  
 Ideal Lingua Translations
Ideal Lingua Translation is a prestigious translation services provider who is providing supreme quality translation language solutions at a reasonable price and fast turnaround time. Head Office of Ideal Lingua Translation is in New Delhi India. Ideal Lingua Translation provides services like language translation, transcription, subtitling and DTP services in over 80 languages. It is providing these services in different fields of life since 2011. Language Translation Services by Ideal Lingua Translations are available 24/7 despite the country and time you are in. The global audience relies on Ideal Lingua Translations because of its accurate and precise translation, confidentiality and speed. This has made Ideal lingua an ideal translation provider for top-notch global companies. It also provides supplying translation services to small and medium enterprises and top-notch companies both at home and abroad. Ideal Lingua Translations is ranked as top Indian Translation Company in India which is focusing on dedicated Project Management and excellent customer service. It is also ISO 9001-2015 accredited company. Competency of professional translators and project managers are combined to provide expert translation solutions according to the client’s requirement. With the use of state of the art technology and strong focus on quality, Ideal lingua has a strong bonding with its potential clients which are from different backgrounds like an automobile, marketing, e-learning, law or pharmaceuticals, the life sciences, IT and telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, and travel & tourism.
 Global Multilingual Services
Global multilingual services is based in New Delhi India. It is well established customer-orientated Translation Company. At Global Multilingual services we have a team of qualified translators and interpreters. We also have a team of project managers, who can guide you regarding your translation project in a better way through telephone and in person. Professionalism and quality are shown in translations by Global Multilingua Services that’s why Indian and global clients especially Japanese clients rely on Global Multilingua Services. In today’s world of competition, any error in translation will cost you loss of productivity, time, money, business and even reputation. This is true in the case of Japan where the first impression is very important for developing the business relationship. At Global Multi lingua, we have a team of competent professional translators who can provide a fully transcribed, grammatically correct and resonate with culture translations. Testimonials of satisfied clients can be viewed from its website to know the credibility of Global Multilingua Services.
 Mars Translation
Mars Translation is a renowned global translation company. It is an online translation portal. It provides you with state of the art translation in fast turnaround time and competitive rates. At Mars Translation, they have a cadre of native linguists who are also subject matter experts of their fields and know the industry-specific terminologies. Our Online Portal render services to those customers who need their dofcuments/web/video contents translated with high-quality and speed solutions. Top-Notch companies of the world are the potential clients of Mars Translation. Our Delhi audience can select Mars Translation because of certified linguists, excellent quality, affordable rates, fast turnaround, and translation memory and multilingual support.
Anan Translations 
Anan Translation is a proficient translation service provider in New Delhi which provides a range of services like language translation, website localization, editing, and typing and voice-over services. They also provide certified and notarized legal translation services which are highly demanded in legal documentations. Moreover, their services are available around the clock. No matter in which part of the world you are and how lengthy your project is, they deliver quality results always in time. Their translation services cover more than 100 global languages. The high professional standards and top-class quality control measures make them a credible service provider and both the small and medium enterprises rely on it for quality translations. Anan translation is considered a one-stop translation service provider in India which give importance to time and quality. The competent team of Anan translation is striving hard to provide supreme quality services to its clients. They know the worth of security accuracy and reliability towards their clients and you can depend on them for affordable and fast translation solutions.
 Winsome Translation 
Winsome Translation is a reputed translation company in India that offers impeccable translation services at fair rates. They offer professional language translation services to businesses, individuals and other organizations. Proficient experts in the company are capable of delivering error-free results for different languages including French, German, English, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and many more. The native linguists at Winsome Translators are available for certified quality translation and interpreting services which include technical translation, legal translation, medical translation, general translation and a lot more. The team of specialized personnel is proud to provide tailored solutions according to the needs of potential clients. After the completion of translation projects, it goes through editing, proof-reading and quality assurance measures.  Simply put, Winsome Translation is a quality conscious translation company that provides flawless language translation to global clients. 
Chinese Translation Services
Chinese Translation Services is an emerging online platform that provides excellent translation services for all types of content. They cover Mandarin Chinese and southern and northern Chinese which is spoken by 920 million native speakers. Moreover, the company covers all widely spoken languages. At Chinese Translation Services, they have a network of skilled and qualified translators having rich industry-knowledge of different domains. They provide top-class and customized translation solutions as per the clients’ requirements. Furthermore, they encompass a wide range of industries like legal, medical, technology, IT, business and many more. Accurate and fast translations, and integration of industry-specific terminologies has made CTS a credible name in the translation industry.  
In such a competition among translation companies, the selection of translation companies becomes difficult but you need not fret. Just write down your translation requirements and select such a translation company that provides you accurate translation according to your country’s culture.

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