Top 10 Best Bloggers In India + Their Blogging Earnings

There are many blogs out there on Internet. Not all blog gets equal success. Some blogs get very good success while some not. To start a blog, one should have sound knowledge on blogging. There are blogs on different niches. But to start a blog and to achieve the desired success, you should know how to blog. There are many popular blogs in India which teaches you blogging. You should learn blogging from such blogs. There are only two things in blogging: reading and implementing. To implement something, you should read a lot and gain a proper knowledge about it.

Nowadays, I read lots of blog. These blogs may be Indian blog or international blog. But I personally like Indian blogs more because with Indian blogs, I can relate myself more. We are also learning lot from the best Indian blogs which are listed below. These are my favourite list of blog which I read every day and learn from them. I strongly recommend you to read and follow this blogs to learn blogging.

Top 10 Indian Bloggers Must Follow To Learn Blogging

1. ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud is my best choice to learn blogging. Harsh Agrawal is the CEO and Founder of ShoutMeLoud. Harsh Agrawal is the Blog Scientist by mind and passionate blogger by heart. Harsh Agrawal is Delhi based blogger. Harsh mainly writes about Blogging, WordPress, SEO and How to make money on ShoutMeLoud. There are various categories on ShoutMeLoud. This is the blog for all kind of readers whether they are beginners or advanced.

Details about

Founder: Harsh Agrawal

Main Topics: Blogging, WordPress, SEO, How to Make Money, Social Media and Marketing

2. Blogging Ideas

Here is the perfect bonus for you. Yes, RahulDigital is also a very good place to learn blogging. Rahul Yadav is the Mind behind this blog. Rahul Yadav is newbie blogger. Rahul Yadav is having great interest in blogging. Due to his interest in blogging, he has started this blog. He is very active in blogging. He is eager to learn each and every thing in blogging.

Details about

Founder: Rahul Digital

Main Topics: Blogging, WordPress, SEO, How to Make Money, Social Media and Marketing

Read More about Rahul Yadav from here.

3. HellBoundBloggers

Pradeep Kumar is the man behind HellBoundBloggers. HellBoundBloggers is another best blog to learn blogging, SEO, WordPress. Apart from this, there are many other categories like eCommerce, Security, Web Hosting etc. Pradeep Kumar is a very humble and nice man. These two qualities stand him out from the rest of the best bloggers. Pradeep Kumar likes to help newbie bloggers in blogging. Pradeep Kumar is also running other blogs like MoviesDrop and DeviceBar under his Slashsquare network.

Details about

Founder: Pradeep Kumar

Main Topics: Blogging, WordPress, SEO, How to Make Money, Social Media and Marketing, Security, Web Hosting

4. Bloggersideas

Jitendra Vaswani is the man behind Bloggersideas. Jitendra Vaswani is the best internet marketer, blogger and hustler. Jitendra is having vast experience in many feild including SEO, Digital Marketing, SEM, Blogging, eCommerce. He is used to take seminars on blogging. The recent thing about him is he is making Schemaninja plugin. This plugin helps its user to get the exact output of his content. The launch date of this plugin is 9th June 2016.

Details about

Founder: Jitendra Vaswani

Main Topics: Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Social Media, Affiliate marketing

5. BloggersPassion

Anil Agarwal is the mind behind BloggerPassion. He has started this blog in 2010 with the aim to teach how to make money to their audience. Anil Agarwal shares proven blogging tips and affiliate marketing tips which are working for them. He believes that blogging is an art. To make money from blogs is not easy. For that you need a good guidance. BloggersPassion is the best blog to get a proper guidance on how to make money.

Details about

Founder: Anil Agarwal

Main Topics: Blogging, WordPress, SEO, How to Make Money

6. BloggingCage

Kulwant Nagi is the person behind the success of BloggingCage.  On BloggingCage, you will find the articles related to blogging tools and tips, SEO, WordPress and Social media. Kulwant Nagi is very helpful person. He likes to help newbie in blogging. Sometimes he arranges hangouts where he give all the answers related to blogging.

Details about

Founder: Kulwant Nagi

Main Topics: Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Social Media

7. Master Blogging

Master Blogging is the blog created by Ankit Singla. The main aim of this blog is to provide every possible guide related to blogging to newbie. Ankit Singla is Internet Marketer and full time blogger. He provides well written article on his Blog. He is always eager to learn new things in blogging.

Details about

Founder: Ankit Singla

Main Topics: Blogging, SEO, How to Make Money, Traffic tips


DigitalDeepak is another famous bloggers

Deepak Kanakaraju is a proud owner of this famous blog.

He is Bangalore based guy and runs his own Digital Marketing Agency named Pixel Track.

He also has a great group on facebook called Learn Digital Marketing.
He covers blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and many other articles on his blogging site.

You can join the facebook group where many other bloggers update new trends in Digital Marketing regularly. At A Glance

Founder/Owner – Deepak Kanakaraju

Topics Covered – Blogging, Make Money Online, SEO, WordPress, Social Media Marketing, Business Tips, E-commerce, Web Hosting, WordPress and many more


Chennai based this guy has his own Digital Marketing Agency.
You usually find about Digital trends and case studies related articles on his blog.

You can also read his first book free just clicking here. At A Glance 

Founder/Owner – Sorav Jain

Topics Covered – Digital Trends, About new trends in Digital Marketing and many other interesting articles.


So there are many blogs in India on blogging niche. It is totally up to you which blog you like and read. The above mention blogs are best blogs according to me. I have learned blogging from this blogs. The best thing you can do to learn blogging is to read these blogs and learn from them. The more you read, the more you learn. I am not saying you to copy the above blogs and make your blog. I am recommending you to learn the strategies which above mention blogs are applying. You can also get in touch with above bloggers and share your ideas and get help from them. Remember one thing: If your question is valid then any of the above blogger will help you. You just need to be polite and have some passion in your heart. Blogging is very interesting if you learn it properly. I hope you will follow the above mention blogs and learn blogging.

It may happen that I forgot to mention some good blog. So let me know if you know some good blog on blogging which is not listed above. I would like to hear your favourite blogs on blogging. So feel free to comment. If you like this list of blogs then shares it with your friends and helps them to learn blogging.


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