7 Tips for Writing a Great Press Release

Press Release if done properly those can be one of the important sources in driving traffic to your business. When you write good SEO optimized Press release and submit that to high Page Rank sites you not only get good reputation but also you can rank well on search engines for your products and services. In this article let me share some of the great tips for writing a press release for your business. Press Release is one of the remarkable technique to promote your business and it also helps in improving your pagerank.
The Websites that accept Press Releases are a great source of links when they accept links included in them.  You can definitely gain more attention for your company with the help of Press Releases. When Press Releases are done effectively you are sure to get more leads later you can convert those to business sales.

Effective Tips for writing a Catchy Press Release

Tip 1

First step is to compose your press release in any of the word document and make sure that you follow all the guidelines of a standard Press release format. Also make sure that you specify the basic part – Who, What, Where, When , Why. Always start a Press Release specifying the name of the city and the date. Generally adding the city name will help you to target the local market.

Tip 2

Give importance to the press release title and use one of your target keywords in the title. Also perform a keyword research and use one or more keyword phrases in the summary. You should also try to include atleast 3 keyword phrases in the body of the press release. Insert your URL in the press release body.

Tip 3

Be sure to include an image in the press release. The Image might be a photo which was taken on any of the events, or logo, your website screenshot, director of your company. Make sure to resize the size of the image as per the required size of the image given in the particular site you wish to post your Press Release.

Tip 4

For submission you can use free PR submission sites or you can also utilize PR sites which are very affordable at a low cost. When you opt for paid PR services just look out for some of the factors such as Does the Press Release be permanent always? Does that site allow links to our site/product? Will your press release get distributed through major news sites? If the paid site has all the above facilities mentioned you can simply sign up with them .Also when evaluating press release submission sites select the sites that offer live link in particular anchor text links.

Tip 5

Also just try to convert your keyword phrases into anchor text which help you to increase the search engine value of your press release. In addition try to include few links to your website, your facebook page, your twitter link etc.,

Tip 6

It is mandatory to bookmark your press release with your favourite bookmarking website in order to get more visibility to your press release.

Tip 7

It is good to maintain the frequency of the press release submission. It is advisable to submit less than 5 per month to avoid PR Fatigue.

Final Words

Using the above given tips for writing a Press Release you can really promote your local business . If you are unable to write a well written Press Release you can also hire a professional to write that for you. You can use sites like fiverr where you can find lot of professionals who that for $5. Hope you like my post . Kindly help me in spreading it with the help of your social networks. Also let me know your thoughts through comments.

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