How to Write an Effective Meta Description for SEO

One of the important factor to rank high in search engines for a particular keywords and bring in lot of visitors to a webpage also depends on good Meta Description. But unfortunately some webmasters fail to write good meta description for search engines. In case if you do not emphasis on writing a good meta description then obviously you fail to receive most of the traffic from search engines. So, in this post I have mentioned some of the effective tips to write a good meta description for search engines

What is Meta Description?

Meta descriptions are a short description about a webpage or a blog post . In other words, meta description is the snippet of information about the webpage to the user so that the user can understand what the webpage is about. A good written meta description will help to increase the click through rate and hence it increases the visitors and thereby you cannot convert your visitors into customers later on
Tag will generally be in the below format
<META NAME=”Description” CONTENT=”your description goes here”>

Steps To Write A Good Meta Description For Search Engines

1 Your Character Count should not Exceed 150 characters

As per guidelines search engines measure only 150 characters and it does not count any more character more than that. So it is good to maintain 150-160 characters when writing a good meta description. If you write long meta description then search engines will cuts off the length of the description after 150 character so it will not appear in search results so that its wise to keep characters not more than 150.

2 Write User Oriented Descriptions

Should make a practice of writing a user oriented meta descriptions. (i.e) you must let the viewers know their advantages of clicking the link. You can use terms like “Grab”, “Learn” etc because it makes the viewers to click the link. As these terms are eye catching so that there is a lot of chance that users might click the link. Always think in the user’s perception while writing a meta description.

3 Create compelling marketing copy

If you are selling a product or services then you should write a compelling meta description such that your description should be the marketing message and make sure it communicates the value or bemefit that the user will get coming to you

4 Do not cheat search engines

Do not ever try to the cheat the search engines by stuffing the description with too many keywords and do not mismatch it with irrelevant keywords.

5 Write Unique Meta description

Always try to write a unique meta description for every page highlighting unique benefit of that particular page.

6 Use Clear Call To Action

Try to incorporate clear Call To Action in the description. A clear Call To Action is likely to get the necessary response what you need from the users.

7 Incorporate Keywords

Do not forget to add your important keywords in the description this is because when a user type a query in the search box then search engines will highlight the search term so if your description has the necessary keyword what the user is searching for then the search term in your description will be highlighted this make the user to click your link so always make sure to include your keywords.


Above are some of the effective tips to write a good meta description for search engines.  Kindly feel free to share the post in your social media networks if you like the article. Also if you follow any other tips for writing a good meta description then kindly drop the tips through comments so that everyone

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