Blogging: Here's How To Do It in Right Way?

Every person want to do blogging but actually the main thing is that you have to follow some rules so that your blog will be a very Good and Interesting.
You need to do a lot of work to do daily if you want to do more and more traffic.
There are many articles on the internet who will tell you:
How to Do SEO, How to increase traffic to your blogand How to get Higher PR in the Google Search Engines.
But they do not actually tell you How To Do Blogging and
if you are doing Blogging in the right way than you are able to achieve all that I have mentioned earlier.
If you have a very Good Idea and you have very Good writing skills than you can be a very good blogger.

1. Firstly, Blogging Takes A Lot Of Time:

The main thing that I really want to tell you is that it takes a lot of time in doing blogging.
It need almost need 50-60 original post that can make you money
and can bring to you a lot of organic traffic.
If you think you are able to earn money in 1 year than you are wrong. You have to work regularly up to 2 years and than  you can earn a lot of money.
You can also see that all the blogger who are on the top of search engines are writing post from more than 5 years.
They are not fool.
In the starting they work for almost 10 hours a day daily on their blog.

2. Write On Topic In which You are Passionate:

Just write on the topic in which you have a very deep knowledge.
If you do not have a deep knowledge than you are not able to survive in any blogging field,
it may be many field of blogging.
As people want to read those blog in which
they are able to find their question.
So, You have to write deeply.

3. Do not Write About Single Aspect:

I mean to say that do blogging  about a single aspect.
There should be more than two or three aspect or topic while doing blogging.
If any person made search,
he can read  about more than two aspect.
Also, Google love to show such types of post on the top of their pages. Its better to write long post.

4. Write New Thinking Posts While Blogging:

Most of the blogger Just read a post from the other blogger and  rewrite it again,
if you are new blogger that it’s okay as you want to increase the article on to your website.
If you are a old blogger than think yourself and than write post.
As you blog is too old and it have traffic and
they want to know and read new things.
If you have written the same data by rewriting and
re framing it than they will get bored in sometimes
as they already have a knowledge about that topic.
So, I recommend to write new and organic materials.

5. Write Long Post:

I mean to say that If you search on the web about blogging tips or
blogging tricks and analyze the top pages on the search engines than
you will shocked to know that they have written articles more than 2500 words.
That’s why they on the top of the Search Engines
as they have a very deep knowledge about that topic.
The post size also matters and please make sure that do not write any post below than 350 words at any cost as it will create a negative impact on to your blog.

6. Use Simple Language:

Use simple language while doing blogging so that a  13 year old children can also read your article.
Do not use very highly English enrich words as many person unable to read that article.
So write post so that everyone can read your blog posts.

7. Do not do spelling and Grammatical Mistakes while writing:

Do not use spelling and Grammatical mistakes while writing things
as most of the Search Engines
love post that have zero or less grammatical and spelling mistakes.

8. Use H1, H2 and other Heading Titles:

Use these heading Titles as these are the
main words that are crawled by most of the search engines.
They use these words to send the traffic to your website. So it is advisable to use Heading Titles.

9. Use best plugins and themes:

There are many plugins and themes
that you can find on the internet but some plugin and themes are evergreen
and I have written a post that is about best plugins
and in the theme option you can use my theme also.

10. Comments and relation to other blogger:

It is highly recommended that comment on other blogger which are already popular. It is better that you comment on the blogs that have the same topic as yours.
Google also rank your website according
to you links and back links and I have also written a post that about Do follow and No follow links.

11. Use images and videos:

Use images and videos in proper manner.
It will increase your page views time.
It is recommended that to embed videos from the Youtube videos and any other platform as they increase your page views time.

12. Do not Read Success Stories:

It is the best point to be noted and followed by me.
Please do not read any success story. A
ll the blogger that you wanted to become are successful
and they are enjoying their life.
By reading their success stories we
are just wasting your important time that we can give to write a post and a part of any article. We can easily understand any topic in that time.
So, please do not waste your time. Write original.

13. Write original post

There are many blog which have high ranking in the Alexa and Google but still they are not on the top of the web as they are copying all the articles.
Any search engines can easily
detect from where you have copied that post very easily.
They are really very smart.
We think we can fool them,
it’s not possible that we can fool them.
Google is the king of internet so they easily detect your copied content.
I have also written a post about How to check copied content.

From the author desk:

I have described everything and now it’s your turn to follow these points if you are new and if you are an older blogger than suggest me something new in the comment list.
If you have still any queries and suggestions than you can contact or comment on the below post anytime. Thanks for reading this article.

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