5 Tips for a User-Friendly eCommerce Site

Inorder to survive in Ecommerce world you should have more user friendly ecommerce site to gain customer attraction, there are multiple ecommerce site rising day by day and the competiton is becoming heavy.
If your site is not user friendly then obviously your customers will drive out from your site and look for another site to purchase required products as your site is not the only one ecommerce site for them to make their purchase.
Given below are the five effective tips for creating more user friendly Ecommerce Site
1)Call To Action Buttons
Call To Action Buttons are importantly necessary for all ecommerce site and they should be placed in proper places. CTA’s will help in increasing your conversion rate.You should create a effective call­to­action as call­to­action is the one which encourage your visitors to your site to take a specific action.
Without a proper call to action, your website viewer will be unsure of what they need to do next so call to action is important to guide them on what to do next some of good examples of effective CTA’s of your ecommerce site are “View More”, “Browse More Products”, “More Info”, “Buy Now”, “Add to Cart” etc.,
2)Option to buy without registration
Your Ecommerce site should hold an option to buy without registration (i.e.,) guest check out option. This guest check out option allows a non-registered user to make a purchase without signing up for an account.
3)Breadcrumb Navigation
Breadcrumb Navigation or breadcrumbs is a navigation type which shows the user’s location in the website. Breadcrumbs are really needed to increase the usablity of the website.
Breadcrumb navigation will enhance the navigation experience of the user and this is why breadcrumb is a great option for ecommerce websites especially for the ecommerce sites with has logical product categories.
4)Search Functionality
Your ecommerce site should include search function for the easy search of products. Site search functionality for an ecommerce site has infinite number of benefits. People who do shopping on ecommerce websites , up to 40% of visitors will use the search box fo find the products. Below are some of the common benefits of site search functionality

  • Brand Improvement
  • Higher Number Of Sales
  • Site Usage Improvement
  • Customer Retention Improvement

5)Shopping Cart
You need to concentrate on choosing the best shopping cart for your ecommerce site as shopping cart is one of the important element of an ecommerce website.If you do not posess proper shopping cart you need to end up with lowering your sales figures.
Make a thorough research and find the shopping cart which suits your needs and requirements. Review all shopping carts and choose a shopping cart which has all the advanced features.

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