10 Proven Strategies to Double Your Website Traffic

Traffic is everything for a webmaster  and a website, if you are not getting any traffic, all the effort you put on your website, go in vain. Most of the newbies, who do not know much about SEO, create a website and hope they are going to have 100 visitors on day 1. This is not going to happen unless you are working for a big brand or getting traffic from social media or advertise your blogs before the actual launch of it.
If you think, putting so much content and articles are going to lead more traffic that theory does not work now. There was the time when no competition was, and putting contents bring more traffic and lead. In these days, you have to take care of dozens of stuff before actual writing of content or launch of a website.
I think you also had been spending time on the internet for searching a way to increase your website traffic. But, eventually found this is not going to happen with you. As every website has its own strategy, it depends both you are creating an information blog, drop shipping store or providing services, and you have to go accordingly.
It is clear, it got more traffic, and you will be able to earn more. If you are earning $300 from 8000 traffic if you double the traffic the amount will be doubled. Actually, it starts when you got an idea of creating a blog and decide a niche, on which you are going to work. Now, I am going to tell you each and every step, how one can double the traffic by following these tips. Read the entire article to get complete knowledge, hope you will stick in here.

10 Powerful Tips To Double Your Website Traffic

Though increasing traffic for a website will be time-consuming, our focus should be search engine optimization, providing a great experience to the users on our website. Google and another search engines want you to put lots of your time in developing a website, creating a unique and genuine content, which can engage users.

1. Keyword Research

As I said, it starts even before we develop a website or create actual content for our website, the primary key and the actual thing which can lead you to the right path of getting huge traffic, Keyword research.
You should find the low competition and long tail keyword, those phrases or topics which either are not available on internet or quality is not up to the level.
You should list down all those keywords, should properly use Keyword Planner, and find the exact keywords, and have a close eye on your competitors; you can use Alexa to have a deep eye on the content of your competitors. And note down all the weak bonds which require more attention and focus, which you can provide.
So, the idea should be to find those keywords which got high searches and low competition. If you need any help finding out keywords for your website, you can use google keyword planner tool.

2. Write Unique and Quality Content

The second most important thing to lead great amount of traffic to your website is, writing unique and quality content.
You should believe in yourself, should write down your experience, or what you want is great to write down and share.
Do not be so much expressive, try to be focused and targeted.
If you are running an online store, the priority should be services and products, because no one is going to read what you wrote on your blog. Everyone sees the product, services, and response time. So every time use some Ati-plagiarism software to make your website content 100% Original.

3. Try to Put High-Resolution Images and YouTube Videos

I found this technique very useful for my blog. If you want instant indexing of your content or post on Google, you should try this thing at least once. Put YouTube video, and give the social signal, it does not matter how much viral is your content, it is enough to share it on social media.
You will see the content has been indexed very fast, plus will get more engagement.
If you are running an informative blog, putting lots of images, which describe every inch of your topic, is impressively helpful to get more traffic.
Because, people love to get information by seeing videos and Images describe stuff by taking few moments and explain the entire things beautifully.
Do not forget to put ALT tags on your images, because when Google crawls, it does not know what the content in images is, only ALT tags describe or brief what is an actual thing in images.

4. Do Not Forget to Share Your Content on Social Media

If you are feeling that you got the unique content which can impress the audience, you should necessarily share your most viewed or search post on Social media.
Though social signal got not so much importance, when there is competition involved, every little thing counts.
By sharing your content on social media help you in indexing your content fast on Google plus can lead more traffic to your website, which you were not expecting that time.

5. Creating Backlinks

Now, after doing all the on-page SEO, you step ahead and start making backlinks for your valuable website.
Most of the newbies do this mistake, on day first of their blogs, they do start creating backlinks, and commenting on blogs. This can lead you to spam the website domain or at least Google will not send you link juice by the way or can de-index your website.
The actual meaning of backlink is some other websites or blog point your website, and putting confidence what has been described on your blog is impressive, and they guarantee it.
You should distribute your backlinks profile into blog commenting, web 2.0, guest posting, and profile bookmarking.
Plus, should distribute this list into a percentage of profile backlinks, image backlink, and text backlink

6. Blog Commenting

You should make a list of all high metrics blog of your niche, and start making genuine comments on those blogs.
Do not just put your URL on a blog and runoff; you should remember that, you are not going to get benefits of any backlink until the users from that backlinks are not visiting your website.
Your style of blog commenting should be impressive, you should write the solution of discussed problems, in your words, plus put the URL of your website to read more.
Do not put comments on a blog where every second blogger or kid is putting URL, that page will spoil your backlink profile.

7. Discussion Forums

You actually can get a high authority backlink from discussion forums. There is a long list of discussion forums which you can use, and participate in the discussion.
You should search on forums your blog related question, and then write down the solution of the problem in your words, plus point your website URL on that page. You are going to have a good amount of traffic if you did what actually I am trying to describe in here.
There are thousands of discussion forums you can use Like Blokube, Biz Sugar, Indi blogger, Quora and much more.

8. Guest Post

The best and most loved way to create a backlink is to writing guests post.
You should search the top blogs on your niche, should write down the list, and contact each blog separately by offering them to write a guest post for you.
Most of the experienced blogger usually allow writing a guest post, as blog needs fresh and unique content which you are going to provide them free.
Once your guest post is accepted, you should share that post on social media, and another website, so that your backlink could index very soon.
You can submit the URL of that Guest post to tell Google about that URL to index.

9. Create Hub Pages

You surely can get a good amount of traffic by creating Hub pages. I found this step very useful and helpful. As, these hub pages got good metrics, and Google prefer the post from these blogs and give good authority, if you are successful to get a backlink from those hub pages, it will be easier for you to rank your website.
Mostly hub pages accept everyone to put the content, the content should be valuable, Copy scape passed, plus you can put your website link on those hub pages.

10. Yahoo Answers

I have seen many bloggers using Yahoo Answers to drive targeted traffic to their blogs.
Many of them are getting about 1000 plus visitors in a day from Yahoo answers.
This is a great platform to get lots of referral traffic, if you use this, effectively and smartly.
First, you should search your niche question, then if you have a grip on that niche or topic, should post answers, try to pick easy words, do not be like a journalist to drag the user, you should give a detailed answer, and at the end of the answer, should put the URL of your website, plus the URL should also hold the related post of that question.
Your aim should be to solve the problem, not to get a backlink from that answer.
There are other ways also; by using you can earn lots of money by driving lots of traffic to your website.
But, I found these ways very helpful in driving traffic to my website.
You should properly create backlink profile; your page load speed should match the level, and should create a Facebook fan page, Twitter profile, and Google plus profile.
Plus create directory profiles, put your website in Alexa ranking, and submit your website to Google searches.

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