An Interview with Tanveer Nandla, Top Pakistani Blogger

We got the opportunity to talk with Tanveer Nandla, a Pakistani blogger now living in Karachi. During our interview, He shined some light on the digital world for people with tricky and proved insights. Let’s have a look at them.

Tanveer Nandla: Success Story of Pakistani Blogger

Please Tell Us About Yourself and How You Got into Digital Marketing

My name is M Tanveer Nandla, CEO of Wexine and Maha Webs IT solutions. I am a webpreneur and an IT professional with 15 years of experience currently working with Pakistan’s biggest web portal as a Search Engine Optimization Analyst. Previously I have also worked with e-Roozgar which is a PIT Board initiative to make the youth of Pakistan self-employed through freelancing, blogging and e-commerce to empower the Pakistani youth.

What Are Your 5 Tips to Get Success as an Internet marketer?

  • Consistency
  • Focus
  • Hard work
  • Self-belief 
  • Passion

Which Digital Marketing Tools Do You Use Most of the Time?

Here are a few tools that I always use in a regular basis:

  • Ahrefs (for On-site Analysis)
  • Moz
  • Google Trends (for predictions and KWs history)
  • SEMRush

I also love Google Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions.

What are some tips you have used for building up the traffic.

SEO is a vast field and it would be hard to conclude it in few tips. Well, I think that providing Google with the needed information in a brief way and before any other blog (just like news breaking) is my little secret behind building tons of traffic.

Here are the strategies that I think will still be effective in the coming years/decade:

On site optimization. This can be done by creating a good site architecture, target keywords with the site’s internal pages, installing useful plugins to integrate social accounts, schemas, markups and other elements on your blog that will not only help the website rank on search results but will build a solid branding for the website.

Design and user experience. First impression lasts. And design can help visitors pass through another customer journey since they are able to catch their interests through well-designed pages/posts. Whereas user experience is about catering to the needs of a specific group or audience to help them take specific actions for your brand (and your benefit).

Creating content that gets searched. Using keywords that are relevant and can help the site reach its target goals is one thing that must be considered when creating a page/post on the blog/site. Targeting the right personas should always be part of the content creation process of the brand to be able to maximize the budget and time spent for every content piece that will be published.

What do you say as your great achievement in your online journey?

My biggest achievement is SEBT (SEO and Event Blogging Training) which has helped 400+ students to generate a collective revenue of approximately 4.5M$ in less than 3 years.

Which Influencers and Thought Leaders You Look up to When It Comes to Digital Marketing?

To be honest, I am more of a self-learner. I use Google whenever I feel stuck at some point. So, I don’t have a specific mentor but hundreds of mentors.

Other than digital marketing, I am inspired a lot by the feats and lives of Muslims leaders and companions of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).

Which 5 Marketing/SEO Blogs Do You like Most of All?

There is no specific resource that I personally follow but I follow blogs of all biggies like.

  • Backlinko
  • SearchEngineLand
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Ahrefs’ Blog
  • Moz Blog

What’s Your Favorite Social Network Resources?

I love Facebook, Youtube. I also use a service called Slack which helps me to manage follow up communications with people in my network, and it’s excellent.

Secret Question: How Much Do You Make Every Month From Digital Marketing?

I promised my father that I would start earning above 1000$ monthly before my graduation and thankfully I was earning that in 2010 when I graduated. Let us keep current earning a little secret 

Thanks again Tanveer for sharing your insights with the readers. In case you want to know any other blogging tips from him, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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