How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools?

Everyone who starts a blog starts with a Motto that they want to be a successful blogger. So if the dream should come true every blog needs organic traffic from Search Engines. Hence to bring lot of organic traffic to your blog you need to optimize your blog for search engines. You need to do both On-page Optimization and off-page optimization. I think everyone will be aware of google Webmaster tool which is been provided by google. OK so for those who are new to SEO world let me explain what is Google Webmaster is. As I mentioned above you need long term traffic from search engines in order to succeed in blogging for that your site has to be indexed in search engines right? So for this we make use of this Google Webmaster tool . If you submit your sitemap to Google webmaster tool it helps your site to get indexed fast in search engines.
We all know that Google is the largest search engine and number of pages it index daily is infinite.Let me explain you how to submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool. So to do this just verify your blog ownership in Google Webmaster tools and then submit a sitemap. When your blog gets updated by content these sitemap intimates Google that your site is been updated hence Google indexes your blog easily. Hence it is very necessary to submit a sitemap to Google webmaster tool.

What is a Sitemap?

A Sitemap is a simple XML file that lists out the URLs  of the site. This Sitemap helps webmasters in including more details about the site such as  its last updated date, its connection with other URLs in the website. This makes the search engines to crawl the websites more easily and wisely.

Steps To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tool

Given below are some of the steps you have to follow in order to submit a blogger sitemap to google webmaster tool
1)      Sign in to your Google Webmaster Tool account
2)      Select the title of the blog for which you need to submit a sitemap
3)      On the left hand Menu click Crawl and then click sitemap
4)      Click Add/Test Sitemap button
5)      After Clicking the above button the below box will appear
6)      Now you need to enter the below code to the provided box above and this is the XML sitemap for every blogger blog


7)      After this click submit button and then you can refresh the page
Now you have successfully submitted your sitemap to Google Webmaster tools and your webpages are awaited to be indexed. You can check the statistics by logging into your webmaster account. If you login you will be able to see the indexed pages of your website
Concluding Words:
So Now I hope you enjoyed reading the steps on how to add Blogger sitemap to google webmaster tool . Follow these steps and get your page indexed in Search engines fast. If you find this  post useful then kindly spread this by sharing it along with your social media friends and followers.

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