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I know creating a blog is simple and easy for you, me and who already have an own blog and also everyone knows about it but let me tell you creating a successful blog that ranks on Google search is hard.
For those who don’t know about what is a blog first thing you should be remember, There is no need to learn programing & prior online working experience to build a blog. You just need to write and understand English or your regional language to post content.
Almost Internet blogs are based on textual content. But some blogs are based on photo, video and multimedia. Webpage is easy to create and organize but difficult to creating regular post.
It is not necessary to have knowledge of deliver the message through blog. Of course, you need to add quality content and unique topics blog.
Great content will keep visitors returning and personal blog such as online community is a good idea too. To get traffic to your blog, you need to develop a smart marketing plan. It will make your blog stand out from competition.
There are a lot of blogging tools and blogging services on the Internet. Plenty of free online learning tools for blogging. They can create your blog to easily.
Basic factors to build a blog is domain name, web hosting and CMS platform.
Domain Name: Here is the online blog, You can get your own domain name by registering the domain registration. Or you can get free domain name with some service website blogging, blogger and wordpress.
Get Web Hosting: This is storage for your blog. You communicate with web hosting, when you upload images, edit and post more. There are free web hosting for your blog but they are not recommended. Becouse they limit some features of the service, such as bandwidth, data storage space, database function and some scripts (PHP, e-mail, cron jobs, etc …). If your blog have a lot of traffics should pay for web hosting service to get more benefits.
Get Platform: Software program which is the main control program and organize your blog such as Blogger and WordPress. There are many features that should do like write posts, update blog, blog theme, font style (CSS style) and more.
Web Designing: A successful business primarily involves the perfect functionality of the site. In addition, a site must have an attractive design and easy to use by visitors. Company logo is an essential element in a company image. A well-designed logo is a reflection of the company in an image simple and easy to remember.
Start Blogging: After getting a domain name and web hosting start blogging. Create unique and information rich content that brings traffics from search engine.
RSS Feed and Email Subscription: Feedburner is best subscription tools from Google for newbie blogger. It is a free of cost and easy to setup. Make your loyal readers list building to deliver your content direct to their inbox and promote blog subscription in between blog post by hyper linking or after adding a email subscription box after every blog post.
How to promote a blog and build successful blog business.
Promote your blog in internet environment is required for it to spell disaster. A promotion can grade your site high in the search engines, thus leading to increased numbers of visitors
Involve with Community: Reach the people to deliver your knowledge. Involve with them, discuss the current online topics. Help to other bloggers what you learn and share your experience with them.
Social Networking: People want to follow you and your blog, give them options. Create fan page on Facebook and Google plus. Create a sepreate account on twitter. Add social sharing button to your blog. Encourage them to share your content to the world.
Keywords Research: Online market research is based on keywords. Internet marketers regularly watch the most used keywords searched on search engine with keyword research tools. Google adwords provides free external keyword research tool.
Google analytical is common tool to know the flow of visitors. It will track the number of visitors, keywords on your blog and more statistics about visitors. You can try search engine to find free online visitor counters.
Search Engine Optimization: Learn SEO, an important factor and a path to make your small blog to successful online business.
Most Internet users use search engines to reach the desired information. Therefore, it is imperative that your website be optimized for desired keywords.
The process of optimizing a website is a complex process of analyzing it (on-page and off-page) in order to both better positioning in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) which will bring itself important benefits business they develop: visitors, customers, or business partners.
These are the basic steps to starting and building a successful blog site business.
Other tools such as media player, flash effects and should be used if you assessment tools that will help you to achieve search and traffic growth. But you should know that free tools can be used long term.

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