Sorav Jain from echoVME – An Interview on Digital Marketing

Today we will talk with SEO, Social Media and Branding Expert “Sorav Jain” he is the man behind Echovme, Digital Scholar  and running a well know blog He helps some of the biggest companies on the planet drive traffic and revenue.

Sorav, welcome to our blog and thank you for giving us your precious time. I would like to ask you some question for our new and upcoming SEO and Social Media Professionals.

1. Hi Sorav, Please introduce yourself to our audience?

Hello all, I’m Sorav Jain. I’m an entrepreneur and an avid digital marketing connoisseur. In my 15-odd years in the field, I’ve consistently pushed the envelope in furthering the reach of digital marketing and applying its potential to conventional branding. Through my agency (echoVME) and institute (Digital Scholar), I am on a mission to make the benefits of digital marketing available to the widest possible audience.

2. Can you please talk about echoVME’s journey?

EchoVME’s journey began in 2011 as a digital marketing agency with a vision to focus on boosting clients’ brand presence through social media. Since then, there has been no looking back, as the team has constantly evolved, scaling new heights and winning accolades in the process. Among the laurels, being awarded the Best Social Media Agency of 2013 by ABP News is a memorable one. Over the years, we’ve garnered a clientele of over 50 clients, bringing them the full benefit of social media.

3. How does one find their niche in the online world?

Like the law of the jungle, the online world also has one major law: quality content is king. People are always hungry for new and exciting content, but the flipside to this is that their attention spans are slowly dwindling. To capture a niche and call it your own, you need to find a field that is relatively unexplored but has potential. Alternatively, you can take on an existing field and do something captivatingly unique with it. It all boils down to being unique, however.

4. What is your unique growth marketing approach for building sustainable, consistent traffic?

My formula for maintaining a constant stream of engagement with an audience is to keep the effort consistent over an extended period. Know how to space out your content, know when to engage with your audience and know which trends can be leveraged for your brand. Most importantly, set goals for yourself and achieve them on that basis.

5. How important is a name? Could you explain how to find the right name for an online business?

Names are important in the online world because they are integral to cementing your niche even further. When you hear of certain names, you can instantly picture their products and quality. A name that is catchy enough can help with your brand’s SEO monumentally, furthering your reach across platforms. The name should have a strong brand connect as well as have a hook to it, easily registering in the minds of your audience.

6. How can one build quality relationships with influencers and increase brand exposure?

Influencer marketing is on a meteoric rise of late, with even big brands realising the benefits it brings for their digital presence. Choosing the right influencers is a matter of knowing what kind of brands they endorse, their follower count and their content quality. Once you get in touch with them, make sure that their viewpoints align with yours when it comes to promotions, and stipulate clear cut terms in the partnership with regards to the logistics. If the partnership is successful, it’s a win-win for both parties.

7. What are the secrets behind effective content marketing and how can it improve the business?

Content marketing is the art of putting your content out there in the digital world, in such a way that it garners maximum positive/profitable response. It’s important to recognize that promoting one’s content plays a major role in ensuring that the content itself is a success. For example, if you’re selling a book, make sure that you create interesting contests and offers for your audience to engage with the book and potentially boost its sales.

8. How can one understand who their reader is and what kind of content they’re looking for? 

Ideally, your audience and your niche are going to be from the same field. That being said, while drafting your content, consider the fact that you are also speaking to people who are new to your page/niche. Your readers are either people who are knowledgeable about the matter and want to learn more, or people who are looking to discover the topic. So keep your content informative, and most importantly, interesting.

9. In your opinion, what are some of the biggest challenges the digital advertising industry faces today?  

Despite its rapid growth, digital marketing is still underrated among the more mainstream brands and is often dismissed as a gimmick or a publicity stunt. This lack of general awareness has led to brands not being aware in the slightest of how digital marketing works once they’re on board, which leads to complications. There’s also the ever-increasing competition to stay relevant in the digital sphere. If you’re looking to get into digital marketing from scratch and on your own, you may find it an uphill climb.

10. What are the main problems entrepreneurs face as they scale their businesses?

In my opinion, one common problem that entrepreneurs face (but do not realize) is that they cannot manage the increase in cost upon scaling up their operations, so they cut a few corners here and there in terms of quality. Also, as a business scales up, it tends to become a little more mechanical and becomes more of an assembly line as opposed to a creative machine.

11. If you could share one best practice about using social media to grow a business, what would it be?

The best advice I could give you is to not rush into your social media business plans expecting instant success. Social media marketing is a journey, one of constant learning and adapting your strategies. Learn what works with your audience, draft a content plan and consistently engage with your audience, and the rest is in the digital world’s hands.

12. In your opinion, what type of content keeps your community engaged with your brand?

In my niche in digital marketing, I usually find that my informative content tends to garner a lot of engagement. Posts like #NewThingsInDigital and my in-depth guides seem to pull most of my audience, along with a few of my quirky posts.
Thanks to Sorav for the interview! As Sorav indicated in the interview, having a good appearance can certainly help in business and your career.

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