Social media management is a great way to increase social engagement with your brand. We will post content on your social media platforms as well as interact with your followers. The goal of our posts will be to engage your followers on a consistent basis and create more visibility and loyalty to your brand. In a nutshell, rather than you taking the time to manage your brand’s social media or hiring a full-time employee to do this, we do it for you!

Let us take care of growing your social presence!

Types of Things Included:

  • Posting on all platforms including customized imagery specific to your brand.
  • Run contests/ promotions through Facebook to increase engagement, as approved by you.
  • Monitoring of all platforms to respond to comments, messages and posts.
  • Connect with other pages, communities and users to promote increased visibility.

Get Results!

  • Create visibility and brand loyalty
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Engage your followers
  • Connect with other brands

Included With Plan

Includes Included
Posting: Includes at least 1 post per day (in some cases we’ll do 2-3 posts per day for things like holidays, events, motivational/industry quotes, etc.)
Distribution: We can distribute posts to any number of social network platforms (not all posts will make sense to post on each platform, so we’ll only post content that makes sense for each social platform’s users)
Engagement: We’ll work daily to increase followers, post engagement, commenting, social organic reach, etc.
Boosting: Up to 150 Ad Credits per month will be included with the plan for boosting posts to increase reach and/or social RET® or STA® ads. (more Ad Credits can always be added on-demand)
Dedicated Team: Work directly with two dedicated Social Media Managers. One person will specialize in engagement (Engagement Manager) and the other will specialize in content creation (Content Manager).

What Is Social Media Management (SMM)?

What do we do?

Design and create content for a business’ social media platform(s).
Post all content in a consistent way and format for the benefit of Google, other search engines, and users.
Follow, like, and interact with other pages and communities.
Communicate with business owners to best and most effectively articulate the branding, messaging, and goals of that business, all while building a community.
Track all analytics to show clients how we are doing across their social media platforms.
    • Facebook

      All e-commerce, B2C, franchise, home-based, and service-based businesses need to be utilizing Facebook as an integral piece of their marketing!
      Facebook not only helps build top-of-mind awareness, trust, and engagement among your target audience, it also helps to establish and enhance your business’ organic listing placement.
    • Google+

      Every business should utilize Google+ as part of their SEO strategy. Utilizing the platform properly enhances a business’ organic listing placement and can even help lead potential consumers to the information they need to convert into loyal customers.
    • Twitter

      Twitter is the ideal platform for connecting with your fan-base in real time for flash promotions, important updates, product releases, and much more. It can also be a great avenue for customer service, providing your followers another avenue for communicating directly with your brand. In addition, Twitter offers your business the unique opportunity to tap into viral sensations as they emerge. For ecommerce businesses, promotion-based companies, and high-profile individuals, utilizing this platform can be exponentially beneficial.
    • Linkedin

      Are you a budding business looking to connect with young entrepreneurs or a vendor-based business looking for new suppliers? If so, Linkedin is the place you need to be! Linkedin is the ideal platform for connecting with other business professional and creating trusted relationship that can help you further your business and career.
    • Pinterest

      If you are an e-commerce business looking to tap into a strong female audience, Pinterest is the place to start. Pinterest has quickly become one of the fastest growing search engines used among women, making it the perfect place for you to tap into the market and connect with those women.
    • Instagram

      Is what your business has to offer visually appealing? If so, Instagram wants to help you grow! As an image-based social platform that is designed to be utilized in real-time, Instagram is perfect for creating a significant branding campaign around what your company has to offer. From creative sports wear to one-of-a-kind art and baked goods, Instagram users want to see it!

What Do We Need From You?


Connecting people with your purpose will guide what we create, curate, and communicate.