Getting Quality Backlinks Even When A You're Asleep

Link building for a website is never easy. It may have been there since the birth of search engine optimization, but it has never been an easy task to gather high-quality backlinks.
Through the years, as various updates have been rolled out, the way to gain quality backlinks from multiple resources has become more and more difficult.
However, anyone from the digital marketing industry would agree that it is considered to be one of the essential factors in SEO. This is why we cannot just ignore link building as a strong component in achieving high website rankings. If you are one of the many marketers who struggle in gathering hard-earned backlinks from highly authoritative websites, you may want to take a look at these tips.

Answer Questions In Form Of Guides

How do you get your target readers to read your content?  It is when you provide them with the answers to their questions.
Users search the web with intent to find what they are looking for.  You have to pinpoint what exactly are they looking and address their needs. Then, when you have finally identified their needs and figure out their questions, make a useful guide which is worth sharing.
Creating guides can be time-consuming. But when you get it right, useful guides can get 10x more backlinks than just usual post. That is why famous websites like Kissmetrics regularly creates guides for their readers.
No need for email marketing, you don’t need to beg for people to link to your content. They will intuit themselves in linking to your content because it is helpful and it answers their needs.

Focus On New Perspective

As a marketer, you may have encountered topics that are already in-demand. Find an angle on that trending topic and create a new perspective. This is your angle in creating high-quality content that is worth linking to.
This type of contents could be a valuable resource for people within your niche. Contents like this can come in a different form; you can create infographics, case studies, e-book or a simple blog post. It doesn’t matter for as long as you offer your users with a fresh perspective which are valuable and relevant to them.
Quick Tip: If you want to amplify your content distribution and extend your reach beyond organic search, you can send email to people within your niche.

Create “The Best Of” Type Of Content

Listicles have been one of the most effective types of content which can help you gain backlinks. And when your listicles feature companies, businesses or famous personalities, it gets even better.
“The best of” type of content which features certain businesses, things or people can bring you massive backlinks. Here are some examples;

  • Top 5 SEO Experts You Need To Follow On Twitter
  • 10 Social Media Tools To Boost Your Network
  • 7 Marketing Blogs To Subscribe On

What’s good about this post is that you can ask the people or businesses included in your post to link to your post without giving them the impression that you are asking for backlinks. You are helping them, and they will be likely to link to your blog since it is a great boost for their business.

Do An Original Research

Original research is another type of content that can give you a massive number of quality backlinks.  One of the things that make content authoritative is data. Websites like Hubspot and Ahrefs regularly provides research and useful data to readers, that is one reason why they generate a lot of backlinks.
Conducting original research just like guides can be time-consuming. Often, it requires you some monetary expenses. But when you nailed it, it could give you backlinks even if you are no longer doing the link building yourself.
Quick Tip: If you are not yet ready to create your research, try to tap into companies that conduct research and offer them your service of publishing the research on your website. In return, you link to their page where users can download their report.

Build A Strong Network

High-quality contents need a solid channel for distribution. While you are constructing your content, don’t forget to allot time on your social media channels.
Make some time for your followers. Interact with them or participate in discussions and comments. Your followers need to be nurtured, so they will feel that you value them. You need to build a strong relationship with them, so when you share your content, you don’t have to ask them to share it on their network as well.

Stick To Quality Contents

As the SEO landscape keeps on improving, link building will become even more challenging. But it is not for nothing. Google guidelines change and algorithm updates to provide users with better and quality search results.
While there is no concrete way on how we can future-proof link building, one thing is for sure; content is one of the key drivers in earning backlinks from authoritative websites.
For now, you need to double your effort and work on creating high-quality contents before you can gain those backlinks. Don’t quit, keep on trying and keep on writing link-worthy content. For sure, sooner or later, all your efforts will pay off, and you’ll be earning those backlinks even when you are sleeping.

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