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Singaporeans absolutely love to eat and we are willing to travel far and wide to satisfy those cravings.
So what exactly is the criterion for a great food blog? Here are our picks of famous food bloggers who scour the country bringing us the best dishes, eating spots and food trends.
Singapore is a country well-known for its wonderful range of delicious food items. When it comes to Singaporean food, it is a vital cultural attraction for both visitors and tourists. The Singaporean cuisine includes a variety of unique dishes loved by food lovers. Choosing the best food is not a difficult task now, because Food bloggers in Singapore make it simpler by offering excellent food blogs. It brings you a fantastic chance to know about the best Singaporean eateries. Here is the list of Singapore food bloggers as follow:

1. Crystal Wee

She is a food blogger who names her blog as Foodography. It is a nicely and tastefully designed platform where she uploads the eye-catching images of restaurants she actually visits. Also, she shares her own thoughts regarding the good. As a simple-to-read blog, it can be considered an ideal choice for food lovers who look for a perfect place for enjoying their evenings.

2. Brad Lau

If you are looking for an ideal trove of travel destinations and food, you can opt for Ladyironchef offered by Brad Lau. The blogger is interested in letting people know about the delicious and mouth-watering food dishes in Singapore. He also reviews an array of wonderful restaurants in this country. There are many people visiting this site regularly to learn about the top Singaporean foods.

3. Seth Lui

This blogger let the reader access the unbiased, personal dining accounts at both the best restaurants and local hawker locations. The project of this blogger is started as the local food blog. Now, it is expanded into online-based food publication. It is dedicated to keeping you fully updated with the new trends both in Singapore as well as around the globe.

4. Alexis Cheong

As a lifestyle blogger, Alexis Cheong writes about everything which interests her most like food. The blog posts of this blogger are personal, injected and engaging with the considerable number of images to make the stomach of reader growl. The blogger never minces the words about food. Instead, she gives only what readers need from the food blog.

5. Melissa

If you look for the best source for genuine and updated food reviews, you can simply opt for Hungry Bird offered by Melissa. The blogger gives a precise rating for every place or location she visits entirely based on overall value, ambiance and food quality. It ensures that the readers can gauge if they pay or not. Many people enjoy reading the entries as well as browsing through the beautiful images of food.

6. Maureen Ow

As a food writer and owner of Miss Tam Chiak, Maureen Ow brings you a Singaporean spin. The impressive images of food grab the attraction of many food lovers towards the food blog.

7. Joyce

She offers the food blog named Eat What to Night. It is the platform where she posts for cooking passion. The index of recipes makes it simple to find when she features that dish.  There is a specialty section available on the site that features the entrees. Also, she features lots of recipes which are whipped out quickly at home.

8. Daniel

He stated the food blog because he thinks that food is a global necessity of getting people together. When you read his blog named Daniel Food Diary, you can learn the ways for saving at the Singaporean restaurants.

9. Aun and Su-Lyn

CHUBBYHUBBY.NET is a blog site where Aun and also his wife named Su-Lyn covers restaurant news along with a better emphasis on certain news affecting the parents. It is clear that the bloggers love to share more information about food.

10. Dr. Leslie Tay

He is not only an excellent photographer but also an authority in the world of the hawker food culture of Singapore. He manages IEATISHOOTPOST.SG, where he shares the best locations to eat and food to prepare at home includes wonderful photography. Also, she shares the details regarding the right place to acquire quality ingredients to make the favorite dishes.

Our Top Singapore Food Bloggers

Singapore Food Blogs SimilarWeb Ranking in Singapore Est. unique visitors/ month
1 446 Above 1m
2  561 Above 800k
3 606 Above 800k
4 1644 Above 180k
5 1927 Above 140k
6 3733 Above 220k
7 4141 Above 90k
8 5973 Above 30k
9 8131 Above 40k
10 9711 Above 30k
11 11139 Above 25k
12 12568 Above 25k
13 13503 Above 20k
14 16014 Above 30k
15 16585 Above 15k
16 20014 Above 15k
17 21785 Above 25k
18 31259 Above 15k
19 32131 Above 10k
20 33954 Above 10k

These Singaporean food bloggers in my opinion,  all have a unique style of writing and presentation. Ultimately with the goal of sharing amazing food, travel destinations, and even recipes!

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