An Interview of Shalini Chopra, founder of Stylish By Nature

Shalini Chopra, the founder of the fashion blog, (SBN), started off as a hobby blogger in 2011 while transitioning from Delhi to Bengaluru. Now, at 30 product reviews per month, 40,000 followers on Instagram, close to 200,000 likes on Facebook and 6,000 Twitter followers, she has indeed made a name for herself in the world of fashion blogging and is considered one of the top fashion bloggers in India!!

Hi Shalini, thanks for taking the time to chat with SIW. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

Shalini : I am Shalini Chopra, a fashion, style and beauty blogger, from Bangalore, India. I buy in luxury boutiques but also in casual stores. My goal is to show you how we can be beautiful, trendy, stylish in every sense, pondering the purchase according to the latest trends of the moment! I hope to be a source of inspiration for everyone who likes fashion and those who want to embrace this world.
Stylish By Nature is Indian fashion blog, street style and beauty blog for all like-minded people who believe that style runs in their blood and is as important as breathing. Here you will find lifestyle, street style, vintage, designer couture collections, affordable fashion, product reviews; everything that can be useful to your image. Look forward to more on fashion, food, fitness, fun, friends and flavors of life.

What inspired you to start “Stylish by nature Blog”

Shalini : I always loved wearing stylish outfits since my childhood. I inherited that from my parents. I was posting my outfits on various online portals for the past few years and was getting requests to start blogging. Initially, I ignored the requests due to time crunch. However, eventually I gave it a serious thought and started pursuing my passion for fashion with my blog.

What is your fitness routine

Shalini : I am quite disciplined about my fitness routine. I make sure to workout 5 days a week.
I have hired a Personal Trainer and he pushes me to put in my best.

Which products do you use and any tips for readers

Shalini : My makeup routine is quite basic. I use a good foundation for light coverage, a compact powder, Blush, lipstick, kajal, eye liner, mascara and eyeshadow.
Every girl should know how to apply basic makeup and how to enhance their features. Important part is to make sure you remove your makeup properly as well.

Any challenge you face in blogging and how you overcome that

Shalini : Main challenge is Plagiarism. I have started ignoring the people who copy me to my bones. People can copy your style but not your soul.

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