Your Search Engine Optimization Professionals for New York

Remember you only found us because of our top ranking! If you want to be at the top too, let us put our success to work for you as well! Today, companies worldwide, such as ours for New York, utilize website and internet marketing to improve their business. For four out of five website operators, a good positioning by search engines like Google is of utmost importance. Therefore, search engine optimization has become the most important tool for reaching potential customers via the internet.

A Position in the top is a must

Despite being displayed on the first page of a search engine result, a top place position is often not enough to obtain the desired number of visits from potential customers to a website. Over 80% of Google users make their decision from among the top 10 results on a search page or they start a new, more detailed search.

A Top ranking – an invaluable competitive advantage

An increase from 2nd to 1st page usually means more than double the number of visitors. There are a lot of effective steps that can be taken to achieve a permanent top ranking in order to get a website better ratings by search engines and thus improve its positioning. The intelligent combination and consistent use of these possibilities is what we call a “SEO campaign”.

Custom Made SEO by My Favourite SEO for New York

Every search engine optimization campaign is developed individually by our team. After an extensive keyword and competitor analysis is done, an on-page optimization is performed, if necessary. Any technical and content shortcomings that impair optimal Google ranking are optimized. Additional off-page measures will be taken for chosen keywords, achieving a lasting high ranking and an ideal optimization for Google.

Why SEO? Search Engine Optimization with My Favourite SEO

Our SEO company has been successfully developing concepts for search engine optimization in USA since 2003 and now provides services for NYC. The experience we’ve gained and our total know-how is put to service for our customers. We are constantly expanding our knowledge in the field of SEO. Our customers’ top rankings by all of the important search engines are our SEO company’s best references.