100+ Donation Sites For SEO Link Building

Donation link building is a proven method to increase your SEO rankings that does not directly violate Google’s guidelines. Some sites have been able to skyrocket in Google’s rankings using this method. I can help you with this method. Just see some of the great examples below, and contact me if you’d like help. You’ll see that almost all the links here are do-follow.
There are links that are very expensive and those that are very cheap. The most expensive ones involve donating to a very well-known charity, and they will give you a dofollow backlink, sometimes with optimized anchor text. In SEO, you get what you pay for.
Below are some search strings you can use to find sites accepting donations

  • “Donation list” + “contributors”
  • “Contributors page” + “Donate”
  • “donate to us”
  • “donate to this site”
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