How To Secure WordPress Blog From Hackers

Security threats for blogs, mainly WordPress blog has increased since last few months. According to sources, more than 90,000 WordPress blogs were affected by the BotNet hacking attack since last April.
Therefore, the time has come to tighten the security barriers of your WordPress blog and prevent it from being hacked by someone else. And today, we will be sharing some tips with you that will surely help you to better protect or secure WordPress blog from hackers.

1. Stay Updated

The first and the foremost procedure to protect your WordPress blog from such hackers is to stay updated.By the term stay updated, I mean a variety of procedures.
The main procedure being, knowing about the latest and the most dangerous threats for WordPress blogs. You must always stay updated, about what are the latest and the most dangerous threats for WordPress blogs. But doing this, you’ll be able to take necessary actions to safeguard your WordPress blog from those known threats easily !
And the next procedure is to keep your WordPress blog up-to-date. WordPress and its hosted plugins, frequently releases stable updates for its users. Always update to these stable updates, and don’t be lazy.
Because most of these updates have bugs and security loopholes fixed, and will surely help you tighten the security of your WordPress blog.

2. Choose A Trusted Hosting Provider

There are lots of hosting providers out there, but still what makes hosting companies like Hostgator and Bluehost different from them is their advanced security systems.
This system really helps a lot in safeguarding your WordPress blog to a very large extend. And therefore, while choosing a hosting for your WordPress blog, go for the most trusted one not the cheapest one. Because the security of your WordPress blog matters, than a few extra dollars !

3. Avoid Nulled Tools

Internet Piracy is increasing daily. And as a result, you can get any Premium WodPress Themes, Scripts or Plugins for free through such online piracy sites. However, such nulled tools poses a potential security threat for your WordPress blogs.
Most of these nulled themes, scripts and plugins contains malware and other harmful codes, that might expose the security of your WordPress blog and might make it easy for hackers to break into your WordPress blog.
Therefore, always avoid such nulled tools for your WordPress blog and think twice before using such plugins or themes !

4. Use Safety Plugins

There are several plugins available for WordPress such as AntiVirus, Theme Authencity Checker etc. that are quite efficient in checking, reporting and removing any possible threats hidden in the themes and plugins of your WordPress blog.
Always install such plugin and always run these scans when you install a new theme or plugin on your WordPress blog.

5. Keep An Eye

Last but not the least, keeping an eye on your WordPress blog is crucial and important as well. Always load your WordPress blog and check the homepage and post pages thoroughly at least once a week or so.
Or make such checking when you install a new theme or plugin. I have observed many cases, where new plugins or themes installs new scripts onto WordPress blogs, and the owners of these WordPress blogs fails to keep an eye on their blog. Resulting in a possible hijacking of your WordPress blog !

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