An Interview with SEO, Digital Marketing Expert – Ruan Marinho Of Develomark

We recently interviewed Ruan Marinho, who is known for his SEO and Digital Marketing hacks and has over 70,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel. Ruan Marinho also teaches people how to grow their business with content. On his YouTube Channel, Ruan regularly talks about topics like how one can effectively optimize SEO for a website and the role of powerful backlinks in the success of a website. Moreover, he regularly talks about hacks one can use to optimize a WordPress website. In order to provide the best solution to his clients, he keeps himself regularly updated with the latest trends in the world of SEO and Digital Marketing.

1. Please Introduce Yourself to My Audience

My name is Ruan Marinho, I was born in Brazil and came to the United States at the age of 4 due to a recession in brazil and the thriving economy. Here I went to school and always dreamed about owning a business and running my own staff. I learned about digital marketing late in 2015 and immediately started testing different things!

2. Tell Me More About Your Business

My business is in three parts, I run a digital agency called Develomark where we provide SEO & website marketing services to contractors and I have a youtube channel where I offer a program on how to learn how to do SEO for yourself. My business has a staff of 9 and we have a wonderful physical office space in Southington

3. How to Build a Great Brand

Building a brand is all about creating trust with your viewers and buyers. When someone needs something that your brand offers do they think of you or do they just go to a search engine and look around? The ideal person would have a problem, and think of your brand. To create good branding have a message that is clear, to the point, and catchy. For example if you’re a moving company, instead of having your brand messaging be “georgia moving company”, name it something like “same day moving” which is catchy, has the value right in the name, and is easy to remember.

4. The One Thing That Keeps Your Customers Coming Back Again and Again

One thing that gets customers to come back and back again is our communication. Humans need to communicate with others and want to be updated about almost everything. With that in mind, the better we get a communication the more our company will grow and excel.

5. Why Creating Core Values for Your Company Isn’t Just a Nice Thing to Do, but a Necessity

The unfortunate reality is I can’t always be at the company… other people have to run it. So understanding our core values is what is going to give us the ability to grow without me having to be there. We have certain rules and ethics that we go by and that helps my team understand exactly what should be done when I or the leadership team is not there.

6. The Latest Interaction and Design Trends and Which Ones You Should Steer Clear Of

I would focus on search engines. Each and everyday more and more people are searching in the Google search engine to find what it is they’re looking for. In doing so, you can get free traffic from people searching in the search engines. As more and more visitors go on Facebook there is going to be more competition.

7. Why Community Is the New Brand and How to Build a Community That Boosts Your Business

The key to building a strong community of people that believe in what you do is to build value and provide people with a risky opinion and thought process. There has never been a strong leader that did not think of something out of the box and unusual. If you feel like you’re taking a risk, it is likely that you may have something good going for you. Too many people play it safe and end up never building a community

8. The Biggest Opportunity in Ecommerce Right Now

People are already searching on amazon for products, the biggest search engine in the world is readily available to list your product and start making money. Alternatively, advertising on social media is inexpensive giving you the ability to build a brand in real time without spending millions on ads

9. How to Stay Relevant in a Changing Content Marketing Landscape

Create worthy content that is out of the box and takes risks. Many people create content that sounds the same everywhere.

10. Sure-Fire Tactics for Hiring and Vetting Top Talent

Be the best leader you can. The people you hire will be just like the person that you are. So unless you’ve got your personal development on point, you’re not going to attract top talent!

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Thanks again Ruan Marinho for taking the time to share your advice and story. If you would like to learn about other bloggers and how they are finding success online, be sure to read through our blogger interview series.

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