7 Reasons for Videos in Your Blog Posts

If you’ve been writing a text based blog for a considerable amount of time, the idea of changing the way you do things may feel a bit intimidating. Don’t let that intimidation stop you from doing one of the best things you could do for your blog. Video content is very popular, and it’s easy to see why.

  1. It’s Not Hard to Create Videos

There are countless free or inexpensive tools that help content creators turn their ideas into fun videos with a high production value. Even if you can’t create the videos on your own, you can always hire someone on Gumtree to do it for you. You don’t necessarily have to film yourself – narration with images will do just fine if you’re a little camera shy.

  1. Videos Can Be Interactive

Videos are a great way to incorporate some kind of call to action. If you want someone to go somewhere or spend their money on something, it’s easy to illustrate why in a video. Bringing up talking points in a video and soliciting comments in the responses will get a conversation going.

  1. People Are Visual Learners

The majority of people are visual learners. Your big blocks of text may be very informative, but they could be lacking the elements that most people need to fully grasp a concept. Videos will allow you to incorporate visual examples of what you’re talking about, or explain statistics and facts in a way that’s easier for most of your audience to digest.

  1. You’re Varying Your Content

If your blog has been doing the same old thing day in and day out, you really need something new. Even loyal readers will appreciate a breath of fresh air once in a while, and expanding the kind of content you offer may help your audience grow. People who enjoy video content may find your blog through a video and decide to stick around.

  1. Certain Things Are Easier with Video

You have a great product or service you want to tell your readers about. What better way is there than by giving them a simulation via video? Things like tutorial posts also work better in video form. If your blog is centered on cooking, you can demonstrate techniques. If your blog focuses on software reviews, screen capture videos can highlight the best features of the software you’re showcasing. Videos are the closest thing to a real life experience you can supply for your audience.

  1. Video Will Make Your Content More Visible on Other Platforms

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are full of video content. Facebook even has a special news feed option for mobile users that will allow them to show only visual content in their news feeds. By having videos, you’re easily able to cross-promote your content. People will be able to share it with their social circles on other platforms, and you’ll be able to draw more people to your blog.

  1. Your Competitors Are Already Doing It

Everyone else is using video. Some content providers create video content almost exclusively. If you want to stay competitive, you’ll need to be able to match their strength. The longer it takes you to catch up with current trends, the larger the lead you’re handing over to your competitors.
Video content has been around for a while, and its prevalence is only increasing. It isn’t going anywhere, but you might if you don’t adopt it soon. You might even find that you find video content to be fun. It’s time to start drafting out ideas for topics.

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