How to Create Blog on Quora – Start Free Site

“How to create a blog on Quora” will provide step by step picture guide on how to start a free blog site on

How to create a blog on Quora – Start free site

Quora is one of the best platform to show your expertise in any niche by solving others queries. Quora is a Question & Answer platform which was started way back in 2009.
“Quora is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users.” Source
Quora also started “Quora blogs”, which will let you to create a blog on Quora. With Quora blogs, every user on Quora gets their personal space to write about anything and showcase themselves to more and more people.
Even if you have self-hosted blog you can use Quora effectively to drive a huge amount of traffic to your website. The best thing about traffic from Quora is, it is highly targeted traffic and will lead to a very low bounce rate.

Step by Step Guide to Create your Quora Blog

Follow step by step  picture guide to start your Quora blog:

  1. Visit

Click Here to visit Quora
You can create Quora blog by login to your Facebook account or Google account. Click on “Continue with Google” button to create your Quora blog with Google or click on “Continue with Facebook” button to create your Quara account with Facebook.
You can also start your Quora Blog with your email address. Click “Continue With Email” link to continue.

  1. Register with your Email ID

Sign Up to Quora site with your email id.
Click on small check box near “I’m not a robot”  to prove that you are human.
Click on “Sign Up” button to continue.

  1. Select your Topic of Interest

You need to select 10 area of your interest to continue.
Click on “Continue” button after selecting your 10 interest area.

  1. Your Area of Expertise

Provide your area of study, hobbies, skills and other interest
Click on “Continue” button to continue.
You can skip this step for now by clicking “Not now” link.

  1. Your Quora account

You had created your Quora account and now you need to click on “Blogs” to create your new blog with Quora.

  1. Create Quora Blog

You need to be Quora user in order to create your own Quora blog. If you are already using Quora then you can make your Quara Blog right-away.
Blog section” is lock for new users, so you need to answers some of the questions from your area of expertise. Since, Quora is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked and answered, you need to actively participate to unlock your Blog section.
Click on “Answer” tab to participate.
After your Blog section is unlocked, you can create your Quora Blog.
Click on “Create a Blog” tab to continue.
You need to fill in the require details and click “Create Blog” button to create your Quora Blog.
Congrats your Quora Blog is created.

  1. Creating Post on Quora Blog

Click on “Write Post” link to continue
You need to just add your blog title, add your post (write post) and click “Post” button to publish your Quora blog post.
Congrats you have publish your first post on Quora Blog.
Happy Surfing 🙂

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