Top 10 Public Speakers In India For Corporate Events


Ankur Warikoo is famous for his recurring Youtube ads. From an aspiring physicist and astronaut to life as a management consultant, and then a motivational speaker in India – he has come a long way! Named one of India’s Forbes 40 Under 40. He is an active inspirational speaker and makes time to speak to an audience at least once every week.


Vivek Bindra is a famous Youtuber in India. He is mainly known for his case study videos on small businesses.

Vivek Bindra is the founder of Bada Business. He is said to have an honourary doctorate from a private university in Sri Lanka.


Chetan Bhagat is a well known motivational speaker in India, but he’s mainly an author. He has served as a popular columnist for The Times Of India and Dainik Bhaskar. many of his novels have been made into Bollywood movies.


Aperformance coach as well as a motivational speaker, Simerjeet Singh is popular among college youth; his program “Coach on campus” is a hit among them. He had no prior experience when he started as a motivational speaker. Now, he is not only the top 10 motivational speakers in India, but also renowned as an international speaker. He has inspired millions with his more than one thousand programs, keynotes, workshops, and videos.

Ujjwal Chugh

Ujjwal Chugh is the best motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and realised author. Passionate to become a fighter pilot in Indian Air Force. He qualified NDA two times. His interest was to join The Indian Air Force, however, due to 0.25 myopia defect he was declared unfit for Air Force and fit Indian Army. As his passion was to join Air Force, so he didn’t opt for Indian Army. Then, after he started he entrepreneurial journey and also fulfilled his passion of flying in his college days as Cadet Warrant Officer, flying microlith ZEN STOL 701 in Air wing for two year.

He is the Founder & CEO of ISOLS Group. Moreover, he has created an amazing eco-system at an early age and has become successful in building an empire of companies.

He believes in creating an impact and bringing a transformation to the people life and specifically youth, rather than just being an Influencer or entrepreneur running behind the number game.

He is a realised author of the top rated SSB book “How to Crack the SSB” for Indian Armed Forces Aspirants and the 1st author in the world to write a Digital Marketing Dictionary for empowering businesses and professionals. Due to his works, towards the betterment of humanity. He has received many awards such as

  • The National Gaurav Award” in 2017,
  • The Honour Of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Bravery Award”, in September 2016
  • Saraswati Ratan Samman in 2016
  • Real Sanwad Excellence Award 2016
  • Outstanding speaker for Digital marketing Award in 2014

Mr Chugh is a versatile personality who has achieved lot of successful milestones in different arenas and that makes him stand out of the people at such a young age. All his achievements at this age makes him very sorted & influential motivational speaker and his talks have touched thousands of youth in India. He is truly a youth icon and an inspiration for all of us.

Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria is one of the influential motivational speakers of India. His speeches about motivation are the background from which he has come. He had come from the entrepreneur field. His early life is full of hardships and struggle.

He worked as a toy seller at the age of 5 years. After some years in India of study, he moved to Iran for further study. However, he continues to do part-time jobs apart from study.

He is the founder of Happionaier. He has also written some bestselling books like

He has received many awards for his work like

* Techfest Award

* IIT Bombay’s E-Summit Award

* IIT Madras E-Summit Award

* TEDx UPES Leadership Award

* IIT Delhi-Tryst Award and many more awards

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