How to Protect Google AdSense Account From Invalid Clicks

For an ordinary blogger, Google Adsense is the most easily and the most trusted means to make money through blogging. Nowadays, getting Google Adsense approval is somewhat hard, especially in some selected countries.
And moreover, even if you get your adsense account approved, the next threat against your account is about getting banned. Your Google Adsense account may get banned for a variety of reasons, the main two reasons are that of terms and condition violation and invalid clicks.
And among the two, invalid clicks are the major threat against your Adsense. If you do not detect and report invalid click activity to Google at the early stage, then Google may ban your Google Adsense account, making you un-eligible for the amount you earn through Google Adsense.
Even if you’re facing invalid clicks issue on your blog, there is no need to worry. As there are lots of ways to discourage invalid click activity and protect your Google Adsense account from being banned.And below are some important and commonly used ways to protect Google Adsense account from invalid click activity.

1. Notice Sudden Growth In Your Google Adsense Earnings

The main point that leads to clues of invalid click activity, is your earnings itself. Therefore, in order to protect your Google Adsense account, it is your duty to notice your daily earnings.
Notice your Google Adsense analytics at least once a day, and if you see sudden growth or fluctuation in your Google Adsense clicks, earnings or CPC, then it’s time to act quickly.
If you suspect an invalid activity according to these stats, then remove Google Adsense ads from your blog for a while.

2. Notify Google If You Smell Some Kind Of Invalid Activity

If you smell some kind of invalid click activity on your blog, then the first and foremost action to do, is to notify Google Adsense team about the same. So that, they can take care of such clicks and that you do not lose your Google Adsense account.
Below is how you can notify Google Adsense team about invalid click activity on your blog:

  • First of all, navigate to the contact page for reporting invalid click activity, here [link: ].
  • Now, fill up the form and hit submit.
  • And now, your file will be viewed by the Google Adsense team, and they will contact you back, if necessary.

Basically, what this step does is that it allows Google Adsense to return the money earned at the time of invalid activity back to advertisers, thus helping you safe-proof your Google Adsense account.

3. Use Plugins To Prevent Invalid Click Activity

If you’re using WordPress as your blogging platform, then the best method to prevent invalid click activity on your blog, is by using related plugins to prevent invalid click activity on your blog.
One of the best free plugin to prevent invalid clicks is the Adsense Click Fraud Monitoring Plugin link: It is the most commonly used plugin to protect invalid clicks on your Google Adsense ads.
This plugin also monitors invalid clicks on other PPC networks. And hence, this plugin helps you protect your Google Adsense account from being banned due to invalid click issue.

Final Words

The above mentioned are some common ways to protect your Google Adsense account from invalid fraud clicks. As I said in the beginning, getting an approved Google Adsense account is getting harder nowadays. And once approved, it is our responsibility to prevent invalid clicks and safeguard our Google Adsense account.
I hope this article helped you to protect your Google Adsense account from fraud clicks. If you have some more interesting ways to protect invalid clicks activity for PPC ads, do share them below.

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