10 Best YouTube Channels for Photography and Videography Lessons

The internet is a gift to humankind, by humankind. It provides many opportunities to learn and share skills and educate others online.

YouTube is one of the best sources of learning and sharing your hobbies. It has an abundance of content that is helpful for learning your favorite hobby or skills.

And due to ever-increasing content creation, photography and videography have become the most popular skill among this generation. 

You need actionable, valuable, quality content to resonate with the audience. YouTube has expert photography and videography channels to help you in your ever-evolving job. It provides helpful tutorials and lessons and even teaches you the basics of photography. 

Here, we have chosen the 10 best YouTube channels to help you expand your photography and videography skills. These channels will boost your career in photography and videography and assist you in making quality content for the audience.

Best YouTube channels for photography and videography lessons

1.  Jessica Kobeissi 

Jessica is a portrait and fashion photographer; her videos provide lessons to improve your fashion photography and how to succeed in the fashion industry.

  • The lessons have various topics, like how to use natural light, capture striking poses, and the best time to have outdoor shots.
  • She has videos on how to be creative with clothing and locations and how to promote your projects on social websites.


Aaron Nace founded PHLEARN in 2011. The channel has a studio-based creative team of photographers, photoshop, videography, and lightroom experts.

  • PHLEARN has over 2 million followers and provides lessons on the best tools in LR and PS. 
  • It is the best channel for beginners who want to pursue a photography career.
  • The channel has in-depth video lessons that teach us to remove objects, create special effects, and tricks on how to use tools. 

3. The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography is a reliable YouTube channel by award-winning filmmaker and photographer Ted Forbes.

  • It is a useful source for many pro and beginner photographers. It also offers easy-to-follow expert tips.
  • It provides videos on various topics, including history and the making of videos, composition techniques, etc.
  • It is a strong community where you can participate in social media challenges with your projects and work.

4. Mango Street 

Mango Street is known for its photography filmmaking tutorials.

  • It offers tricks and tips in short videos to get the content’s gist, which helps to limit wasting your time.
  • The channel covers a vast range of topics, including hyper-lapse videos, phone photography, and portrait shoots.
  • They also post photo challenges with photoshop and editing tips to help learners improve in respective skills.

5. Sean Tucker

Sean Tucker teaches a philosophical approach to photography that focuses on the emotional parts of photography.

  • His video tutorials teach you how to get creative and authentic to relate with the audience more.
  • You’ll also get practical tips to improve your photography skills and videos with featured photographers. Moreover, you’ll get lessons on everything from studio portraits to editing.

6. Film Riot

Film Riot is a channel for aspiring filmmakers. It is run by brothers Josh and Ryan Connolly and is dedicated to teaching you the basics and how to improve in filmmaking.

  • The channel has informative videos on tools you can use for your work and post-processing techniques.
  • You can also find product reviews on various new technologies to help you upgrade your cinematography or filmmaking skill.
  • It teaches you the pro techniques, special effects, and cinematic elements you can experiment with in your work.

7. Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon is an experienced photographer, filmmaker, and YouTuber with the most followed YouTube channel.

  • He has worked with big companies as a commercial filmmaker and photographer.
  • The channel has videos on various topics, such as product reviews and his photography journey.
  • His videos are well-informed, inspiring, and honest. Moreover, these videos are great for any photography style you want to learn.

8. Pierre Lambert

Pierre Lambert is a travel photographer and filmmaker who offers YouTube courses for aspiring photographers.

  • His lessons are mainly based on technique testing and hands-on gear in the field. And it ranges from all-day shoots to camera reviews.
  • The videos provide everything like comparison, reviews, mistakes and how to avoid them, and the editing process, which is quite helpful to sharpen your skills.
  • He also provides courses in French that will help some French photography enthusiasts.

9. B&H Photo Video

The B&H team offers videos on videography and photography that will help you perfect your art.

  • It is the best informative channel with videos on new trends and gears in photography. It also sells equipment for videographers and photographers.
  • The channels provide product reviews and tips and tricks for learners. Moreover, it has podcasts with some famous names in the industry.

10. Fstoppers

Fstoppers is a leader in online photography learning and provides everything related to photography and videography.

  • Creative professionals share their knowledge of photography with full-length tutorials, photo-editing tips, photography business tips, gear reviews, and community critiques.
  • The tutorials or lessons are helpful for those who want to broaden their skills in videography and photography. Also, if you’re a fan of travel videos, you can check out their Highlighting the World segment.


1. Which is the best Youtube channel to learn photography?

Here are some of the best Youtube channels to learn photography-

  • Mango Street
  • Evan Ranft
  • The Bite Shot
  • Peter McKinnon
  • Use the Noodles and more.

2. Who is the best photographer on Youtube?

Here are some of the best photographers on Youtube-

  • Sean Tucker
  • Jessica Kobeissi
  • Pierre Lambert
  • Film Riot and more. 

3. What are the best Youtube channels for learning photography Reddit?

  • Dave Morrow
  • Photo Genius
  • TheSnapChick
  • Ryuta Ogawa

4. Which Youtube channel is good for students?

If you are a student, these channels are a good starting point for you-

  • Magnet Brains
  • Crash Course
  • Learnohub
  • Ted Ed
  • Khan Academy and more. 

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