5 Key Metrics to Measure While Executing Guest/Paid Posting Campaigns

Guest posting, no doubt, it is a wonderful way of building links and generating high quality traffic to your blog. If done right, guest posting can be a formula for success of your blog – only if done right.
But, many people have misunderstood guest posting with just posting articles on any random blog available on the Internet. Instead, you should focus on some metrics while looking for blogs to guest post on.
So, for everyone who just do guest post without looking on metrics of the blogs – consider reading this article and get to know more about how you can get benefit through guest posting.
Here are the blog metrics, which you should look for while guest posting:

Domain & Page authority

Domain authority by moz is one of the major factor which you should consider. Already name has cleared it that this metric is telling us about how much is the authority of that domain on which we’re going to guest post on.
Moz rates a blog out of 100 in which a blog having domain authority of 100/100 is best. Always try to look for blogs having domain authority, which is more than your blog and should be DA 25+
Along with DA, you should only look for blog having page authority more than it’s domain authority. Most of the genuine blog have PA > DA.
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Trust flow

Trust flow indicates how trust worth a blog is by looking at the trustworthiness of the sites/blogs linking to it. You should only look for blog having TF(trust flow) of 15+ otherwise your all hard work may go in vain.

Citation flow

Citation flow shows how good or influential the URL is by looking at the number of links pointing towards it through other sites. Also, just like trust flow, try to get blogs having Citation flow of 15+
This is my blogs TF and CF, it is low maybe because I haven’t yet started any kind of backlinking and only attracting natural links till now. So for you, we should not be the potential blog on which you want to do guest post now. But, no doubt it can be your choice in future. 

Domain age

Domain age is one of the major ranking factor for a blog which google looks for. Also, backlinks coming from blogs having more domain age will influence your blog on a great basis when compared to simpler ones. I try to look for blogs of 3+ years of age. Although it is not necessary.

Dofollow Links Ratio

Also, you should not guest post on those blogs which have less number of dofollow links pointing towards it. Also, don’t only guest post on blogs having most of the links as dofollow pointing to them.
Try to pitch blogs who have a certain ratio of dofollow and nofollow links and aren’t spammed with links.

Rounding up

Their are many more metrics which you might check for while guest posting but believe me you can only depend on these metrics only if you are starting your guest post link building campaign.
Just get a blog having DA of 20+, TF & CF of 15+ having a domain age of 3 years+. Also consider the number of dofollow links pointing towards it and the ratio of dofollow and nofollow links.

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