Top 10 Online Reputation Management Courses and Training Programs (Free & Paid)

When you own a business, it’s crucial to have an online presence with your website, blog, or social media accounts. Having a positive online reputation can influence the success of a business. 90% of customers would read reviews online before going into a store, and 88% of them trust what people have to say online. 

If you’re unsure if you have a good or bad reputation online, there are some things you can learn with courses found on the internet. The resources you can find can make all the difference when building a positive web presence. They’ll open your eyes to what people think about your business and areas to improve on. 

With the help of these courses and actively using the information given, your business is likely to boost sales, and you’ll have more customers, which is probably what you want. We’re going to go over the top 10 online reputation management courses and training programs that you can start today. 

First, What is Online Reputation Management?

It’s essential to have “an SEO-optimized, lightning-fast, responsive” website, blog, or social media page for your business states Today with Jay, but sometimes what people are writing is more influential. With the rise in the internet and how we use it, online comments can become critical to a company’s success. 

An online reputation management is a tool that can be used to understand what people are saying about your company. The classes will show you what to do when you get a negative comment and ways to prevent it.

Also, some courses will teach you how to get more reviews. This is important because, on average, customers will look for companies with at least 40 online reviews stating BrightLocal. 

The course will teach a variety of skills about how to communicate with clients online, put your best comments first, and make wrong opinions harder to find on the web. These classes are valuable for business owners or marketing workers. 

  1. RepCheckup

This company has made understanding your online reputation so much easier. Although it’s not a course, it processes all the information you need to know. RepCheckup is an example of review management software that gives you all the tools you need to create a significant web-based presence. 

RepCheck also provides support, where you can ask your questions directly to a representative. If you’re unclear on a statistic provided or how to improve certain areas from your results, it will give you the skills to prevent negative reviews for the future. It will also assist you in how to get more positive reviews for your pages. 

You’ll learn a lot from the data RepCheckup calculates for you. 

2. Indian Institute of Digital Education

This is a Digital Reputation course that is offered online from the Indian Institute of Digital Education. In this course, you’ll learn how to build a perfect reputation for your brand, the fundamentals of managing a positive online presence, the difference between marketing versus management, and much more. 

There are no requirements needed to enroll in the course. The class is in English, and over 5,000 students have enrolled in it. At the end of the program, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. 

3. Expert Academy 

The Expert Academy has over 100,000 students and offers 30 courses online, with one on Reputation Management. Alan Stevens, who facilitates the course, will teach you the five essential skills of reputation management. 

You’ll also learn how to maintain a positive reputation online and offline, recognize potential risks, deal with threats, and respond to comments. The only requirement is a willingness to learn. A bonus is that this course offers a lifetime of access. 

This course does cost a fee, but it’s often on sale, so you can get this content for a low price. 

4. Reputation Management with Sajal Tiwari

Sajal Tiwari is a Digital Marketing Specialist and Coach with an in-depth knowledge of search engine optimization and social media marketing. He is offering a free course to teach you about the importance of consumers’ online opinions. 

He will also show you how to do this with social media, which is an essential component of your online presence. Another feature about this course is a full tutorial on Google Alerts and how they can play a role in managing your reputation. 

Some of the reviews Tiwari has is about the quality of the content he provides and the straightforward explanation he gives during the course. This is an excellent resource because it’s free and gives you all the information you need to know. 

5. Reputation Management with Paul James

Paul James is an Internet Entrepreneur that can prove to create stellar reputations on the internet for his students. He has almost 4,000 students and offers a course that will teach you about increasing your star ratings, get more customers, and how to hide the bad reviews you might have. 

There are some requirements when signing up for this class. You’ll need to know where your bad reviews are online, a domain name with a web host, FTP software, and a text editor. 

The course is designed for business owners who have been affected by multiple bad reviews and want to change what people write about them online. Paul James doesn’t think that a few bad reviews should impact your business’s financial status, and he wants to help you. 

This course does cost a small fee, but the course’s outcome can seriously boost your sales. His students have commented that the program is easy to understand and implement. One mentioned that they feel now they have a defense tool to use for negative comments to save their business. 


ISDMMT has more than 3,200 students that are trained in Digital Marketing with over 15,000 hours of teaching experience. It’s safe to say that you’re in good hands with ISDMMT. As part of their full program, the school offers a class in online reputation management. 

This course will teach you about how to keep your brand’s reputation in good standings or help to restore it. You’ll learn about how to push unwanted comments further down the list and the positive ones to show up first with Google results. 

This part of the program will also help you understand the importance of social media, communication with clients, and which tools to use to strengthen your online customer’s opinion. 

At the end of this course, you’ll have a certification that you can use for your own business or work for others. 

7. Curtin University via edX

The course name is Reputation Management in a Digital World, and it’s being offered for free right now online. The course is in English and takes six weeks to complete. It’s designed as a self-paced class, and most students spend three to four hours a week studying. 

The course will go over how to create a sustainable online reputation, how to manage your social media accounts, and what to do if something terrible happens online. You’ll cover the importance of your business’s reputation on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. 

EdX is an online educational platform that was founded by MIT and Harvard in 2012. It has students from all around the world, with over 24 million learners and over 2650 courses. It’s impressive that these courses are offered for free. 

At the end of the course, you’ll be eligible to get a certification, but it will cost you $99. You don’t need to get this to complete the course. It’s designed for people who need the certification for a job or other reasons. 

8. Tech Library

Tech Library is one of the leading digital marketing institutes, and it focuses on training its students to bring something unique to businesses. This course is online reputation management that provides students with multiple case studies to understand how to deal with the many problems that arise. 

Tech Library uses the most up to date technology, and you can utilize their experienced mentors to assist you in your studies. The classes are interactive, and support is available 24 hours a day. 

The motive of this school is to combine advanced business strategies with the education system. You’ll learn about the importance of keywords, search engine tools, and algorithms. Also, how to check on reviews and how to beat the bad ones. 

This course does have a fee, which you can inquire about when you join. Tech Library offers many online classes, so you might want to bundle a couple together to understand better managing your online presence. 

9. Freelance Academy 

The course that Freelance Academy is one that covers many essential aspects of online reputation management. It has a unique take on a class as discussions by one of their experts facilitate it. 

The syllabus covers how to analyze a business, the importance of keywords, and how to track malicious entries. It also will go in-depth about how important social media is and how what is written there is critical to your customer’s opinions. You’ll learn how to have a conversation online with clients and how to have the best comments show up first. 

Freelancer Academy uses the latest digital marketing techniques. It sets you up to be able to work in this field from home as a freelancer. You can then apply for specific jobs to help businesses get a better position online. 

You wouldn’t be working for a specific company, but for multiple, which can create a great career path for you. This course gives you the knowledge to work internationally and domestically. Many students start earning a paycheck just weeks after they enroll with Freelance Academy. 

10. Digital Marketing Training Institute

The Digital Marketing Training Institute has a class designed to teach you the skills to be able to boost the visibility of brands and increase their reputation online. With this institute, no knowledge in this field is required, and you can start right away. 

You’ll receive over 90 hours of classroom training with a lot of hands-on experience. About 80% of the course is done with practicals on live projects. The curriculum at the Digital Marketing Training Institute will show you how to increase traffic to websites, optimize social media presence, improve search engine rankings, and digital management skills. 

At the end of the course, you’ll have a certification from DMTI. The institute will give you job assistance when you finish the class and in the future. 

How to Pick the Best Course for You

You might feel overwhelmed about the many options for an online reputation management course when considering which one to choose, and you should keep some things in mind. The first one is what your budget is. 

The courses above are as low as free, while others require a fee. Think about how much you want to invest in this type of study. The next thing to plan for is how much time each day or week you have free to dedicate to completing the course. 

Institutes or universities run many of the courses, so they won’t be a cakewalk. To be successful, you’ll have to make room in your schedule to study and learn. 

If you’re doing this course because your job requires it, you should check with them about which classes qualify. This is also true if you’re taking this class as a prerequisite for a Master’s or Doctorate program. 

The last thing you’ll want to consider is why you are taking this course. Are you a business owner that is suffering from the effects of negative comments, or are you looking to be hired by a company? Different types of classes are designed for a variety of purposes. Find one that fits your needs. 

The Bottom Line

The reputation of your business or the company you work for is vital for success and longevity. A few bad reviews or comments have the ability to make a significant impact on companies. It could even cause a business to lose so many sales that it goes under. 

Taking a course can help you understand how to cope, solve, and prevent the problems associated with this. These are our top 10 picks for online reputation management courses that all offer unique things. 

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