Top 10 Nursing Blogs and Websites to Follow

When it comes to catching up with the top nursing trends and having a fascination towards what’s going on in the nursing industry, by following nursing blogs you can surely fulfil this interest. These blogs are mostly written by nurses, nursing associations, and other advocacy groups or nursing publications. It provides some good tips for new nurses too. It helps in evolving and expanding the knowledge.  

We’ve rounded up a list of the top nursing blogs with some useful information that one should follow and know in this digital era. 

Here are some recommended top 10 nursing blogs that you should go through for better knowledge 

Advances in Nursing Science (ANS)

This blog not only posts articles related to health but also reads comments dropped by the audience and reacts on that with some cool health and fitness hacks and suggestions.

  • In this blog readers are also allowed to publish their own articles and get some helpful reviews. 
  • The primary objective of this nursing blog is enhancing the progress of nursing knowledge and accelerate the integration of nursing notions, research and philosophies with practice.

The Nerdy Nurse

The nerdy nurse mainly focuses upon the tech and nursing writing. Tech is mostly related to the med industry and its importance in the healthcare sector.

  • Her audience circle is pretty big from nursing students, healthcare employees to the general public. Individuals from all walks of life find her blogs extremely captivating.
  • She writes about the reviews of best Medical television events and travelling nurses stories on her nursing blogs.

The Travelling Nurse

As the name implies, this is the blog of a nurse who is curious about various places and also goes to visit them. 

  • With some eye catching experiences she writes about her stories, tips, tools, tricks and interesting facts about her still going nursing journey on her nursing blog.
  • Lately, she spent some good time in India and after getting fascinated by this place she published how her experiences have evolved her both professionally and personally.

Straight a nursing 

This nursing website and a blog literally became a piece of learning material for every individual related to the nursing field or not.

  • To keep up with the nursing industry many people regularly read this blog. Some crucial medical topics like Lupus and Hypothyroidism are covered here with all the cautions and prevention.
  • Episodes related to categories like nursing school clinics, maternal newborns, pharmacology, pre-nursing, pediatrics, fundamentals of nursing and Med-surg are also written here.

Nurse Nacole

Nacole is an experienced nurse, she writes about her expertise and nursing experiences on her blog ‘Nurse Nacole’.

  • She often posts some important nursing tips for med or no-med people to follow in everyday life.
  • She is a Family nurse practitioner and an acute care specialist, due to which she encounters different types of patients in her day to day life and writes different stories on her nursing blog.

Exceptional Nurse

Exceptional Nurse blogspot writes about nurses with disabilities and how they are managing every single thing of their lives whether it’s about everyday activities or hospital work.

  • From Graduating nursing school on a wheelchair to carrying out responsibilities as a nurse with Asperger’s disorder.
  • Her writing is a unique and better way of inspiring other nurses to serve patients with the best care.

Nurse barb

Nurse barb with educational content, is creating an engaging nurse blog with all the required data on the posts.

  • Other than blogging outlets, she also has a health publishing firm named Blue Orchid Press, which mainly focuses upon better health and lifestyle information for women.
  • She is an inspiration for young women.

Gomer blog

This blog publishes funny and relatable stories of nurses with some humor in it.

  • Funny stories like ‘Hospital Executives spending $8 for Twitter blue verification for patient interaction’ and ‘Tinder accounts by specialty’ are posted here.
  • It’s interesting and fun to stay updated with posts on their page and also in their social media handles like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more entertainment.

Yoga Nurse

Yoga nurse blog generally targets the self-care routines for nurses through natural health, yoga and nutrition.

  • Her blog site is inspirational and helps in overcoming the anxiety and stress in life and the workplace.
  • Her new posts include ‘Because it is all about love’ and ‘What to do About Chaos and Despair’ which discuss being “a maternal figure to those you serve” with some Yoga Nurse Training. 

Kathy Quan of The Nursing Site

Kathy Quan is a Registered Nurse for about 35 years, and also a famous nursing blog writer.

  • She believes in providing inspiring and uplifting content for nurses and motivating them for a healthy life.
  • She often posts about hospital nurses, their health conditions and tips on her blogs.


The lives of nurses have always been hard and tough but for better health conditions and entertainment they need to follow nurse blogs, which will help them uplift their lives. 

We have covered a huge range of nursing blog topics here with some helpful suggestions and information. For staying updated follow these blogs and expand your knowledge to new horizons.


What are the best nursing blogs for freshly graduated nurses?

Here is the list of best nursing blogs for recent graduates

  • Registered nurse RN
  • The nurse speak
  • Fresh RN
  • The Resume Rx
  • Straight a Nursing
  • Nurse advocate.

How do nurse blogs generate income?

Ways of generating income as a nursing blogger are

  • Coaching and consulting
  • Sponsored content
  • Sell courses and E books
  • Subscription and membership models
  • Freelance writing.

Do nursing blogs benefit nursing students?

Some of the important benefits that nursing blogs provide to nursing students are following

  • Study tips and tricks
  • Clinical experiences
  • Exam prep
  • Valuable insights
  • Career choices
  • Advice and guidance.

What are some of the interesting humorous Nursing blogs?

Let’s take a glance at some Humorous nursing blogs

  • Gomer Blog
  • Florence nightingales
  • Confessions of a student nurse
  • Just call me nurse
  • Diary of a nursing student
  • Another student nurse.

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